Heroes Of The Storm 3d Models | Extracting 3d Models For Templates – Heroes (hots) Edition (outdated But Blender Part Usefull)

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Extracting 3d Models For Templates - Heroes (hots) Edition (outdated But Blender Part Usefull)


Hey, what’s going on, everybody? Wayne’s workshop here and today. I’m going to show you how to extract three models from your favorite games in this edition. I’m going to cover heroes of the storm. It’s pretty easy, and once you have those models extracted, you can load them up into something like Pepakura, and you can unfold them into templates, which you can then use on your cosplay again, so let’s get to it, alright? Extracting heroes of the storm 3d models to use as templates, you can load these into something like pepakura and unfold these three models to serve as your templates, so you can build your prop. Your will costume a helmet or whatever it is. You’re working on, you’ll need three things for that, and I’ll show you here on the screen. So the first thing you’ll need is Gus Q. And that is a tool that opens up Blizzard games and allows us to access all their files is pretty big in the modding community for the games, so they can extract skins or adapt them or whatever, but it serves as well as we want these 3d models to load up into pepakura or something similar and unfold it into templates, so you’ll need that you’ll need. The latest version of blender Blender is a 3d modeling tool, it’s free its open source, so no worries there and for blender, we need a plugin and that’s the blend m3 master, and you load this plugin into blender. It’s really easy, and this will allow you to open up the Blizzard m3 file extension because that’s the extension Blizzard gives to their 3d models, so these three items are all you need so install blender like any other piece of software you normally would. I haven’t already installed. Just click next couple times. Choose where you want to install it and go. Then we open up co’s pew to open that up. You’ll be prompted by this screen. You’ll select open storage and then go to where you installed heroes of the storm for me. It’s right there, and then you choose heroes data and then click. OK, now it will load up all the files and play some all in the left-hand screen right here, so these are only four folders, but if you open one up, it’s a total maze of folders, but I’ll show you where to go. You first. Click on Mods, then Heroes Storm Mod. Then you go to base storm assets, then again assets, then units and then heroes and here are all the skins of every character and all their variations of heroes of the storm, so for the example. I’ll just have to pick one. Let’s see we’ll go for the Ana. One and era her latest skin, one thing, though, the plug in the m3 plugin, its kind of old heroes of the storm and these skins are new. Sometimes the plugin for blender doesn’t on a load a skin, but I found a workaround for that. If it doesn’t want to load, for example, this one, it will load the variation of it called death ragdoll. I don’t know why we’re just gonna extract both of them and we’ll see which one works. You click on a folder and you’ll see here. The m3 format, the extension that Blizzard uses for their 3d models And this one is, of course for the Anna Skin. Right, click extract now. It will always give this default folder, but you can click the three dots and choose wherever you want and then hit. OK, and we’re going to do the same thing with the rag doll version, right, click extract and, okay, that’s it for cask. Phew, we don’t need it anymore and close that. Then once you’ve installed blender, you’re open blender. You’re prompted by this screen to get rid of his inter skin. You can click anywhere in in the rest of the field. Blender always loads up a startup file. We don’t need this one so right-click it hit, delete and click and also this is a light source. We don’t need that so you can believe that. And this is a viewport. Delete boom. Now it’s all empty now. We need to load in that blend m3 master, so you can actually import that on a skin model that we just extracted into blender blender by itself does not recognize m3 models, so that’s where the plugin comes in, so we have to load that one first into blender and to do that you go to file user preferences and then hit the add on button and then install add-on from file. And then you navigate to where you have, and then you navigate to where you have downloaded the file and it’s okay. If it’s a zip file, you can install it from that file. It will unzip it automatically and place it where it needs to go. So you select it install add-on from file and then in the search bar, you type in m3 this is the add-on we just insult installed importer and exporter for Blizzard Starcraft 2 model files, point m3 zone not only foresaw Starcraft, Of course, this works also for heroes, so check the check box, save yours of settings and you can close this window now. Go back to file, go to import. And now this is by default. What blender can do? This is what we added. Starcraft 2 model point m3 So select that I’ll go to your folder where you downloaded where you extracted the model. She’s just extracted using cask view. The folder does make does create all the folders and was in so the Mod’s storm assets all that he extracts the full extension. So wherever you extract it to, it will put those folders into place. Also, it’s kind of annoying, but that’s what the program does. So you go there If Mods here with Storm assets farm. Sss’s you and adds heroes. There we go here. We see the normal one and the death rag doll. So try this one first import m3 doesn’t load anything just as I thought this one does not work so and that’s why we took the other one death ragdoll one, so we’ll go its import again, point m3 go up one select death rag doll, and it works there. We go the Anna Shrike or shriek. However, you pronounce it. She does do this pose. We do not want this pose because we need it kind of static, so we can edit it more easily and that’s. What this thing does right here? You can see the outline right now. I have her model selected and right now. I have this weird do that selected and this is what keeps her in this position. So if I click that one hit, delete and press delete, it removes the animation, and now she is a static model. She’s kind of red now, and if you want to edit this more, it’s easier to have kind of a plain color so right-click the model again. We’ll go to the right-hand screen and to this color dot here and there we see the material. See all red so to change this, We click on this one and just drag it to kind of whitish neutral. Now it’s much easier to spot we can export this to a wavefront obj format. We go to file Export Obj and then navigate to the folder where you want it. Where do you want to export it and we’ll do that here and then extract obj. It’ll load some, and then it’s done now if we were to open Pepakura. Yeah, where we extracted it. I extracted as untitled, but you could give it it every name, of course that you want it and we load it in and there we go. No flip. Finish okay there. We have the whole model, and now from here you can unfold it, and then you can start cutting it up into workable templates now to have this whole model in. There is kind of a mess. It would be easier to split some of this, like separate the gun from the rest of the body or just the arm, take that off the body because it will provide you with well more of a separation and not so big of a file to load at once into pepakura. So you can kind of spread your work around. This does involve that. You have to edit this model into blender now. I can show you some really basic stuff. It’s not all that hard. We’re just going to separate the gun from the rest of the model, so we just have to this sniper rifle in Papakura. So we close Pepakura don’t save well. Go back here, you see, it’s all selected. This is all one part so just in case it’s not selected, right, Click the whole model. Go down here, it says object mode. If you click that you select edit mode now, it becomes this whole wiry frame mesh kind of thing. Now we can start separating stuff. We go down here. We select the face select now. Everything gets a nice little dot and we’ll zoom to the gun. If you want to move the model around like this, you hold the middle mouse button. If you want to change orientation, you hold shift and move it with the middle mouse button. See, now we’re gonna focus around the gun now. I want only this gun. I want to separate this gun from the rest of the bodies. So I right, click this little face right here, and I hit L now. He selected everything that was connected to the part. I just clicked, but we want the rest of the gun. Also, so we have to manually Do what I just did for this piece for the rest. So you hold down shift, right. Click one of these faces again. Let go of everything and hit. L know we have the barrel. Hold shift, right, Click press L. I got the end of the barrel. Hold shift, right, click. L hold shift, right, click L! You keep doing this for the whole gun. Sometimes it’s easier because everything is connected. Sometimes it’s not, for example with this gun, but it won’t take that much of your time. We’re almost done. Oh, let’s check. The other side missed a spot, right click. I’ll shift click L. There we go now. We got this whole gun selected. Yeah, then you hit. P and click selection. See now. It’s separated from the rest of the body because we’re still in edit mode and we can still edit this, but we cannot. We cannot influence this one to do that. You go clicking on edit mode. We’re going back to object mode, and now we can differentiate the Queen these to see right-click the sniper rifle. It has the yellow outline right-click the body. Now it’s this one selected so to separate the sniper rifle we right-click the sniper rifle. Hold ctrl and C, So we copy it. We open another iteration of blender and just remove all this stuff again. Control V. Now we have just a gun in air and now we’re going to just go to file export obj. Go back to the folder where we want to extract it, we say. Sniper export obj, go back and drag that into Pepakura. And there we have it. Just the sniper rifle hit unfold and you can get to work on unfolding your model. Now if you don’t know how to unfold your 3d models not to worry. I will cover that in my next video. This is just to show you how you can extract, so if you have problems, drawing templates like me, then this works perfectly for you. And especially now. With heroes of the storm, also implementing a lot of new overwatch heroes, they have these unique skins of overwatch, unique to heroes of the storm. So you can’t get those even from overwatch, so this is a really helpful tool to do that with, so try it out. It’s super easy next video. I will cover how to unfold this into workable templates that you can print out on your regular old printer and then cut those. And then you have your blueprint slash template to draw out on your foam and then glue it back together. And then you got yourself a nice space gun or whatever so. I hope you found this video useful. Try it out! I will provide a link with blender cask view and that plug-in in the description below will lead to my drop box. Try this out! Leave something down below in the comments to see if work. If you need some help, you can pose your questions. There don’t forget to hit that subscribe button and that. Bell, if you want to get notified and I’ll see you next week for a Pepakura unfolding 101 And I’ll see you there, man. Yeah, you’re on camera. Catnip goes crazy. [MUSIC].

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