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Caleb Fairres

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3d Printed Halo Odst Helmet Plog #3


[APPLAUSE] [Applause] [Music] [Music] making the queues that I’ve ever seen. Bring me making the cutesy? Bring me making the cutesy. Bring me making the queues that I’ve ever seen [Music]. Oh, [Music]. Oh, whoa, the moon! [MUSIC] What is up Youtube? Why did I sound so angry? Earth, right, what’s up, Youtube? Welcome back to the fog. The somewhat regular print vlog. This one is for the ODST helmet bills that I’m working on you saw in the first video that I had a good portion of the bottom half of the helmet. Done you saw in the second video? I got two more pieces of the back of the helmet done. And at that point at the end of video number three, I had only three pieces left to finish the bottom half of the helmet and it’s not quite half of the helmet, but it is like kind of the bottom half, according to how I how I slice it into pieces to fit on my Orion. I showed a cool time-lapse video of the three pieces being printed at the beginning of the at the top of the show, getting the hour in intro in the intro in the intro went ahead and went over to Brett’s house again. I have my own workspace here. I’ve got a garage. I swear I just go over to Brett’s house. A lot were good. Friends got the parts finished, Got a flute on and everything and right now what I have to show You is the finished bottom half of helmet exciting without further ado bam bam bam plan bottom half. The helmet finished done. Whoo, it’s really bright, kinda hard to see. Don’t quite know what to do about that. I will get into more a little bit in-depth. Look of the helmet here in a second. This is a quick little overview. These are the three pieces that were finished. I have the back right and left pieces of the helmet and then the centerpiece in the back that kind of mirrors the centerpiece. That’s the chin in the front. I’ll go ahead while I have. Oh, I just spilled water all over my carpet. I think it’ll be okay. I hope it’ll be okay. I got a little too excited. It is big enough on the bottom, remember? I said that I was a little worried about the scale. I am no longer worried about the scale. Check this out plenty of room also through and push it forward. Push it back! I’m happy this is what it looks like from the front from the side. Kind of from the back. I can even like, put it on like this. If I want to. It’s like Little House on the Prairie Prairie, It’s like Little House on the Prairie stuff. Mom, haha, I do declare. Yeah, that’s a Lego plate with the progress that I have so far on this thing. I am 41 0.38% finished. I have printed exactly one point. Six pounds of filament. This only weighs one pound. This only weighs one pound. It almost feels lighter than that that makes about 0.7 Three spools of filament about 3/4 of a spool of filament total cost that. I’m holding in my hand right now. Is twenty dollars and eighty-eight cents in 3d printing material. I printed this in white PLA from Simi C&C, 205 hours and five minutes print time so far. I’m doing pretty good so far. So yeah, let’s go ahead and get a little bit. More of an in-depth look around the parts and pieces of this helmet and some of the quality that. I’m getting out of the printing. Some of the problems that I’ve had with printing lets. Just jump into it. Give you a quick turnaround. You can kind of see the lines from the separate chunks of pieces that I printed has some nice, detailed pieces here and here. Some nice stripy pieces? This like ear chunk has a lot of cool detail to it with these panels on the side. I love how this whole like. Vent scoop goes around the ear here. I think this is a really cool design feature on the back here. You can see the beginning of the dome like the beginning of the helmet. That’s kind of coming around here. It starts here in these stripes will actually follow through all. The way across the top. Here are the new pieces that were finished just before this video. I still got quite a bit of like sanding and cleanup to do nice lines going across here. I just I love the look of these ODST helmets. I think they’re really, really cool, obviously because I’m printing one. Just all sorts of cool features and details. Everything on this side is mirrored from the other side. You can kind of see the inside there. Nothing really to see in there, though. Other than some super glue drip edge lines, Here’s a view of the bottom, really, a really nice matching of the kind of bottom edge here all the way around a few issues that I had while printing for some reason when I started printing some of these bigger pieces. I don’t know if you can see that in the light or not, but there’s a little bit of material missing here. It’s like I was either under in strict, extruding or my fan was cooling too fast or something, but I did lose a little bit of material. You can kind of see it here to just kind of, like some stripes of missing material. Thankfully, it printed. It finished the print, perfectly fine and prints like these were like 48-hour prints because I am printing a pretty dense layer height as long as they finish the print fine. I wasn’t worried about it because I can fill that. In with Bondo later, similar issue back here on the center of the back of the neck. You can see there’s one line going down here. There’s another one kind of going down up here for the most part. I got it pretty smooth across the top. It should be pretty easy to start adding more pieces to the top. I’m really happy with how this is looking so far, unfortunately. I’m running pretty low. Hang on, I’ll show you Oh, man! I just stepped in ice cold water now. I not only have wet sock, but I also have wet, cold sock. This is what I have left of my white PLA. So far I might have enough here to print one more part, but I need to buy more white. Pla and I don’t know what I’m going to get around doing that. The OD SC Helmet Project will be going on hold for a few weeks until I purchase more filament in the meantime. I’m going to start working on other videos that I’ve really wanted to do. I will post more of the ODST helmet when I get around to working on it more. Stay tuned! Subscribe like all that whatever junk or don’t do any of it anyways. Thanks for watching and Ill. See you guys in the next video. [MUSIC] I don’t give a crap about myself, But that’s not as catchy. Everything’s black. I can’t see a thing and also I can’t feel I can either [Music].

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