Groot 3d Model Download | Groot! 3d Printing A Life-size Model

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Groot! 3d Printing A Life-size Model


All right, so, as usual, this epic app to component resin glue, it is perfect for a gluing. Pla, and if you wanted to get it like super super strong and durable and as you can see here, this is why I really like this epic. FC boxy. It is a perfect gap filler as it says in the name. But you can see here. There’s quite a big a large gap and you can just fill it up with this stuff. It will expand a little bit, but eventually you’re not going to see anything of the malt line and here. I’m working with sculpt a mold. My printer had some issues during the print, but this were such a long prints of 40 to 50 hours per piece and all the gaps that the printer left open. I decided to fill it up and fix him. With a sculpt the mold. And as you can see here, the sculpt, the mold is perfect to do mold, so you can just follow the veins, recreate them and I do mix in some PVA glue in the scalp, Tamal. So it attaches itself more to the PLA [Music] [Music] [Music] then we were going over to priming and I will having the dark parts primed chaos black from Citadel and then we’re going over to some chaotic red from the army painter, combined with some brown leather from the army painter, highlighting some spots with some necrotic flesh, It’s a little bit of a green ish color, even highlighting it more with some more brown leather pen skeleton bone army painter Spray Paints [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music]. So as you can see with the painting, we are not really dry brushing. We are using the effects of dry brushing, but do it with wet paint, so it all blends in more together and you can go back and forth as much as you want and as you like and just keep on going until you are receiving the right color scheme, The right connections that you want and don’t be afraid to use many many colors. It is going to end up to be a natural-looking object, so yeah, more colors more natural, and that’s always good so. I bought this model of CG trader. So unfortunately, I cannot share it with you because it’s not a royalty-free model, but you can find it there. It is, of course, scaled up quite a lot. In total, the statue of Groot is reaching 230 centimeters, so it just barely fits. It cannot fit in a door straight up. You have to Vivat it! Oh yeah. This is quite a huge, huge group so as it should be eventually we have chopped it up into 12 pieces, and we have printed it on the shire on printer. I got some help from my friend. Yuri and he has also printed some of the pieces on his printers just to speed up time infill zero percent single wall extrusion. Some of the pieces do have some infill but could not be without, but most of them are are hollow, so it’s quite light as well and they’re worth like around three kilos of PLA in this project. So if you’re up to it, prepare for using some really [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] and here we are going over to some airbrushing to just highlight some some areas and to downtown some of the flocking areas, so after this airbrushing and the flocking is done, the whole project is will be finished this in total, it was over 550 hours of printing. It’s with a zero infill, so it is completely. Hollow, many pieces have been printed with a one millimeter nozzle to just speed up the printing process painting and flocking the. I do this in my my my spare time, but it took me around three weeks. I have no idea I have no clue how much time I spend ahead, but it was enough, but eventually we got a cool statue, A little bit of grooved one of my favorite characters from the Marvel Universe. Anyway, so quite happy with it. Hope you guys enjoyed it. Maybe it will get you into doing some of these things yourself. Any questions any help? Just write it in the comments or give me an email well. Try to help you out as much as you can. Alright, see you next project. Bye bye! [MUSIC] [Music]!

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