Green Lantern Ring 3d Print | Making 3d Printed Green Lantern Rings – Part 1

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Making 3d Printed Green Lantern Rings - Part 1


In brightest day in blackest night, No evil shall escape my sight. Let those who worship evils might beware my power. Green Lantern’s, light. Hey, guys, dancing fool, aka. Randy Cavanaugh from the armored garage? Here, uh, so I make these green lantern rings from time to time, and I thought it might be interesting to kind of go over my process on creating them, printing them and finishing them for any of you guys that are doing 3d printing at home. You might find it useful to follow along to help with the finishing of your projects. Okay, Let’s start from the beginning, which is inside 3d studio. Max, where I have the ring modeled. So let’s take a look there, so I created this model a few years ago as the first item from my Etsy store, so you can see that I have all the different ring sizes laid out for quick export So every time I create a ring that I don’t have a size 4 I just kind of move it into place, so that the next time I have to Pring of that size and just quickly export it and it’s ready to go. I also have simplest model for most the different courts. So yeah, I can do all sorts of different colors of the Rings. So the next thing I do is take this model, export it out and send it out to the printer, so let’s take a look at the Ring printing out on the 3d printer. You so this is what the rings look like when they’re straight out of the printer and see that the the symbol is is printed separately. So this little okay right here? Pick that up the reason for printing out the symbols. Separately is that I wind up with a cleaner outline. If I were to print it as a part of the Ring, you would wind up with layer lines and it’d be a lot harder to get a nice clean outline for the ring. So the first thing I’m going to do is send the outside of the symbols, so they can fit them into place a little easier if it’s too snug of a fit, then it’s really hard to adjust the rotation of symbol when I’m placing it inside the ring, so I just take a little sand paper and sand that down. Now just try it, see how it fits there. We go, that’s pretty good fit enough that I can still kind of adjust that in there so I can get it exactly where I want it when I glue it in place smaller. One was a little tighter, so pick that one. There is perfect now. I’ll just put a little dab of glue on the back of this symbol. You really don’t need very much. The stuff sets really fast, so you won’t have much work time. Um, it’s a crazy glue gel. It’s my favorite kind of glue to use when I’m working with 3d prints. I try to get the symbol as close to the right orientation as I can, and then just make a small adjustment before the glue sets there. We go pretty happy with both of those came out quite nice, so the next step is to try and clean up some of the lines that the printer leaves probably can’t pick this up because they’re quite small, but essentially the way the printer works is, it builds up each layer plastic one line at a time, so we want to try and send this to get rid of that. Suppose to show you that even something as small as a ring still takes a lot of work to get it to a finished product, really with 3d printing. It’s it’s not as simple as just, you know, hitting a button and you get a finished product. What a work goes into to making these these prime getting these final results. Okay, so that’s about enough for the first round of sanding now, we can move on to the next step, so once it starts to feel smooth enough, what I like to do is take some wood filler and mix it with a little bit of water just to thin it out, and then I just work it into the ring to fill any remaining gaps to keep the to keep the symbol clean. What I like to do is just use a tiny little flathead screwdriver, and I just use it to remove any excess filler. All righty, you can see that. The wood filler is filling in some of the gaps that were in the top of the Ring there. Yeah, it doesn’t tell it doesn’t take long and again you. You don’t really need to use a lot of the wood filler. You just need a little bit. Just kind of fill any of those remaining gaps, especially on the sides here where the supports were so yeah. I just kind of keep working it until I sculpt something that I’m I’m happy with. There’s definitely a bit of an art to it. It’s something that you just kind of build up over time. Once you’ve done a few of these. You start to know what you want you’re looking for. Okay, that should be pretty good for the first round so now we’re just going to have to leave this to set for 24 hours, and then we’ll come back and take a look at what the next step is. Okay, so I think that’s where we’ll leave it. For part. One next time, we’ll go over the priming and finishing process for the Rings. So if you liked the video, make sure to hit the subscribe button. And if you want to check out. Some of my other projects hit me up on my Facebook page at WWDC book. Comm Slash the Umrah garage. Thanks for watching you.

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