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3d Printing Gameboy Parts!


[MUSIC] Hey, guys, how’s it going? Edit here again. In today’s video, we are going to be building and hopefully printing but probably not in the same day, but in today’s video, What am I saying a 3d printer? So this was sent to me by gearbest on Saturday or something on Friday and today’s Monday it was sent to me by DHL and the whole thing came down super quick. Oh, my god, the contents of this box looks so scary. The Axis Stepper, The left frame module, the hotbed fast enough set. So basically guys, we have a bit of a target to us, and I’m gonna be honest. I’m not gonna film this whole process. [MUSIC] Okay, so after I finished building it, which, by the way, took me probably three hours. Maybe it is now absolutely still not working. I have to calibrate it, Which basically means it needs to be set up. The software needs to match the specific details of my printer, all of it. I don’t really understand at all so. If you just put the thing together, you buy, you spend your two hundred and something dollars on it and you put it together. What can you expect so? I’m gonna try and print a battery cover. In fact, I already have printed it, and it’s in my hand right now and came out looking relatively interesting. There’s quite a lot of support material That’s still actually on the battery cover itself, but it does look like it’s pretty much the same size, and I can see how eventually wants to get that material off. It will look like the actual battery cover for a game or light, so here it is. I have actually taken all of the support material off now, and it looks pretty decent to be honest. It doesn’t look professional by any means. However, I should as I mentioned before point out that this has not fully been calibrated yet. This is literally. Just you buy it. You take it out and you put it together. The support material on the inside is still kind of present. I would probably have to Sun that out again. I think the reason why there is still support material inside there and it didn’t just come out easily. Enough is because the print is just not set up properly. Let’s take a Game Boy and see if it works. So here is our Gameboy light. I’m gonna go ahead and pop some batteries in here just to make it a fair test to see if when you print something after not calibrating the printer. Does it work here is the battery cover as I said, it’s still a little bit bumpy, but if you were to stand that down and give it a coat of spray paint, it probably wouldn’t actually look too bad to be honest, and it doesn’t look too bad it’s. Just, um, you know, obviously it’s not the right color. You’d have to get some silver filament and it wouldn’t finish the same and yeah, let’s just put it in and see if it works, so seems to be the right size. Ish quite hard to get in. Oh, okay, oh, okay, so it looks like it’s a little bit short. If you guys enjoy this video then. I will be making some more and 3d prints. I just wanted a kind of preliminary test as I said. This took three hours to do the software that I’m using is Cura and I haven’t again. How many even calibrated that up to my printer and basically, what am what a 3d printer software Does. Once you download a file off of Thingiverse, for example, Ill. Leave a file the link to this file in the description below what it does, is it? Basically, it shows a 3d virtual image of your printer beds, and then it just puts the the file into the center so you can see what it’s going to look like when it’s finished printing and what that does is, it generates the code, which tells the printer where to move how to you know where to put the plastic where to move to the height. It needs to be the speed. The temperatures. It gives all of that information, So the fact that I haven’t even moved any details at all. I pretty much just kept everything. Stock and it’s printed obviously slightly too small, probably about 5% to small 10% to small whatever printer and this guy used to all this person use to make this obviously is different to mine, but it’s printed and it looks pretty good. It feels amazing. It looks very, very similar to an official. Gameboy, like badge cover. Obviously the two, the differences being that this is an. You know, it’s a little bit taller. I think it probably would be maybe hard to get that curve, right or something or maybe when I printed the right size, It will have those right curves, but you know, it works if you wanted to, you know, just print a battery cover for your. Gameboy. It doesn’t have to be a game. We’re like there’s lots of them on there and it just keeps the batteries in. It stops them from falling out. It stops your fingers from touching the batteries and moving them. If you’re if you have slightly dirty corrosion points on your battery terminals and oh yeah. I am super happy with this. So thank you very much to gearbest for sending me this printer. If you guys want to see me, print anything specific, then let me know. I’ll definitely be doing lots of videos on 3d printing in the future, and I’m quite excited to see what the limitations of this thing once. I’ve actually got a setup properly. I reiterate the fact that all I’ve done is just built it and pressed print. So nothing is actually, you know. Nothing is exactly how it’s gonna be when it is all set up, so don’t take this as a exact judgement of what the quality is going to be like because again. I haven’t even set it up properly. You guys want to check out the three? Your friends? Are the links are all in the description. I would give gearbest a bit of love guys. Honestly, they sell so much stuff on there and it’s super cheap as well. It’s really really good prices. I’m not just saying that I actually use gearbest before they saw it asking if I want to make videos with them. So, yeah, you can get lots of nice little handhelds and stuff, which are relatively inexpensive and they also have lots of TV plug and play consoles. Which if you have any mates around or something? And you just want to get a cheap console in case beer gets spilled on it. They work. They’re actually fantastic. I’ve done lots of videos on them on my channel. Thank you very much for watching this video. I hope you guys have enjoyed. What do you think of this? A 3d printer cover. I know it’s not finished yet. So don’t judge, but I’ll catch you in the next video peace.

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