Ender 3 Z Axis Limit Switch | How To Adjust The Z Limit Switch Creality Ender 3

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How To Adjust The Z Limit Switch Creality Ender 3


When you bought one of these, you had the same issue that I had when I was installing this one. I skipped a part, but here is the adjustment of my and not repro coming up on Zachary 3e prince [Music]. Hello, this is a grapefruit, sorry. Trini brings bringing you how to reuse and other things about 3d printing. If you are new to this channel, consider subscribing. Thank you so last time. I did an installation of this glass plate from reality. It’s a wonderful thing to use with 3d printing, But however, I got this little thing that I didn’t mention quite well. – video on the insulation. I did say something that I’ve done. My on my hand stopped, but I didn’t show anything about it. What I did. So thank you, Ma, for pointing it out, So here is the video how you can adjust your hand stone to use this plastic, so as you can see, there is a difference between the two printing services, the stork print that and the magnetic path. It’s it’s quite lower than the glass plate. I can use the caliper and it would say that my print pad is just one millimeter thick. But, however, the glass plate, it’s almost four millimeters. So there is a difference for three two millimeters. Yeah, so last time in the video. I try to adjust the bed by using the thumb screws and it didn’t work. I had to do something with the end so now. I’m going to cut the chitchat. I’m going to show you how exactly you can do the same thing. I have adjusted the camera so that you can clearly see the hand stop and as you can see? I just put it on the stock level here. I’m going to use that part of the chopstick. That is something like the same height as my glass bed. So as you can see, it’s now like that. And now we are going to adjust the height of my Bennett. So now we are going to develop the back. This is the way that I used to do this. But if you have some other ways, then feel free to do that. So just going to the first corner. It’s not the way you want it, so a little bit down. You know, we take this piece of paper. It’s always what I use for this. Sneak needs to grab it. I tested you can also see it. Here’s too much pressure. So you need to do it a little bit down. Oh, too much down. Put the camera a little bit backwards so that you can see what? I’m doing it’s hitting again. Be careful not to scratch. The back here is just. I still had a calibration kill on my SD card. I leave it printing now so that I can see where are the flaws in Latin in the bed, but it’s re-watching. I did turn the dial a little bit backwards, so it had to take some time to get the filament out of the hole. Thanks, and now it’s it’s it’s printing, and it looks pretty nice making adjustments on your hand. Stop when you’re elder tree or your and the play pro or your CRM is not that difficult, just a little bit higher, and then you’ve got enough space to make that level that being said thanks for watching. If you’re new to this channel, please subscribe to my channel. It will help you quite a lot with your 3d printer or 3d prints for other things. Let us do with 3d printing and please like this video. Thanks for watching, and I will see you next time. Happy, 3d printing, Zachry 3d prints, life [Music] [Music].

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