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Ender 5 Vs Creality Ender 3 Comparison And Review


On today’s episode, I’m gonna look at the Ender Five. I’ll compare it to the Ender Three. And then I’ll give you my final thoughts on today’s. Filment Friday. This episode of Filament Friday was brought to you by these patreon supporters. Full disclosure, this machine was sent to me by Creality, not from Banggood or Gearbest or some affiliate Link. Creality sent me this machine because they wanted to get my opinion on the Ender Five, so that’s. What this video is all about? Now the price of this machine is more than an Ender three. It retails for $319 at the Creality site. This guy is like one hundred and seventy nine dollars at gearbest or banggood, so even cheaper. Then you can get it on the Creality site. The retail price is actually cheaper than what they’re selling at the affiliates, which is very interesting. The Ender Five comes as a kit similar to the Ender Three, but actually easier to assemble. It’s got a top section and a bottom section already put together and then the back section here with the two rods that’s also fully assembled. All you have to do is attach the bed to it. Now the bed took four screws, but there’s actually slots for six screws. The manual said to only install four. So that’s what I did. I think in the future. I may add those extra screws. The assembly itself took maybe thirty minutes, and it comes with a very good manual step-by-step pictures and description to help guide you through it. It’s probably the best manual. I’ve seen Creality put out. I did have a couple problems in the process of assembling this. They were really really minor, but right here. There’s a screw in the back here on both sides that would not line up. I could not shoot the screw in. Well, it turns out. When this was assembled, it was not assembled flat or at least it shifted during shipping. So I had to loosen the screw on both sides and then push everything down and then these brackets lined up and I could put the screw in Placethe. Big difference between these two printers is how they work. This one is closer to a core X Y Now core XY, which the Ender four was has two motors at the back and it controls everything through belts. Now the Ender Four had like an h-bridge type setup and so everything is controlled by those belts. Ender five has the motor on the side here. So it’s really not a true core XY printer. The idea with the belts is everything is lighter, so it can print faster, but with this motor here you’ve now got weight, so it’s not quite the same thing. The main difference between these two is the build area. Now the X and Y are the same between the two, But the Ender Five has a taller build area. In fact, it’s 300 millimeters tall, which is the same as my CR 10 mini back here. So what does that give you? Bigger prints. This was printed on the Ender five. This was printed on the Ender three. You can see the height difference. It’s that extra fifty millimeters. What I did is just up sized this vase. This is 120 percent. This is 140 percent. So you can go just the same. X&Y on both these guys, but you can go Fifty millimeters taller on the Ender five. So I did print those vases in vase mode. Both printed fine. Both this one, which is the latest. Ender, three that I did a review on in a previous video. And this is as far as I know the latest because Creality sent it to me. And I printed a few things. I printed the dog. Which was the standard print. That’s the Ender. Three sample print. It’s on here, – printed fine, no issues. I also printed this lion sample print that they had on there. I think this is for the smaller. Cr 100 which I’m gonna be reviewing very soon. And then I printed my CHEP cube up size 150%. The print quality was really good. I’m not seeing any ringing at all on the sides. Maybe just a slight amount and it would probably be from the weight of this carriage moving. But it measured exactly thirty millimeters by thirty millimeters. It’s a little bit shorter in a Z, But that’s because of how I had it set up. Now there is question about core. XY type printers. Can they print circles? The Ender four had that problem that it didn’t print circles very well. So my Patreon supporters who knew I was reviewing, this said. Can you test it for printing circles? So I printed my chest pawn and this thing. It’s actually one of the best chess pawns I’ve printed in awhile And it’s perfectly round, so this thing does circles beautifully. But again, it’s not a true core XY, but it prints circles just fine. This is the latest printer and it has an anti backslash nut on the threaded rod, which is supposed to stop the bed from falling, although this one. I think it needs another turn. I’m gonna have to take it off and give it another turn because it’s not tight enough because this bed actually falls down a little bit when it’s just sitting. Another thing is the electronics. I know Some people have reviewed this and said it’s got a mean well power supply. Well, let me show you what’s inside this box. Which is where the electronics are. But to access them, you got to flip the printer over and take a cover off and there you can see. The power supply and the Circuit Board and the power supply on some early machines was an actual Meanwell power supply. This one has a Landy power supply. I don’t know how good that is. I don’t know how it compares to a meanwell, but it’s not a meanwell power supply. Another thing, it is a one point, one point, four control board. But it’s not the one point. One point four that Creality was selling separately that has TMC drivers a bootloader and supposedly a working thermal runaway protection. This particular one point, one point four is the same one That’s on my Ender Three. It’s got the 4988 drivers, and I took a heatsink off just to prove it. Here’s a picture of the chip itself. You can see the number on it, and it doesn’t have a bootloader and it doesn’t have working thermal runaway protection. At least not a properly working thermal runaway protection. So it’s not the one point. One point four. They were selling separately. Another question I got asked by my patreon. Supporters was print speed because the core XY true core XY, which doesn’t have this weight, should be able to print faster. So what I did is I actually printed a benchy on both these guys: the Ender, Three and the Ender, five at a hundred millimeters per second. And so I printed on both, and I’ve got to tell you there’s no difference. I really can’t tell the difference between these two. I would say neither one is a beautiful print, but for 100 millimeters per second, it’s not bad. But they both are showing the zebra stripes. The you know that the TL smoothers would take away. And that just proves it’s got the 4988 drivers on it. But overall, I wouldn’t say this prints any faster than the Ender Three. As far as print quality, it’s basically the same thing. But the one thing that really bothered me about this is it’s got the magnetic bed. The same as the Ender, three pro And the magnets themselves really don’t hold beyond 85 degrees C. So at the price of $319 I don’t understand why they didn’t put a glass bed on this guy. They’ve got their own creality glass bed. It could clip on. The CR 10 mini comes with a glass bed. Why couldn’t they put one on here and clip it on? This bed isn’t moving back and forth, so the weight of this is not a big deal and as long as that backlash nut is held properly, It shouldn’t sink the bed at all. But when I do put this on, it is heavier and it will drop a little bit. But that should have been included for this price in my opinion, and at that point, you could print up to 100 degrees C on the bed, which is good for ABS. I mean, you could enclose it and put a cover and make it somewhat of a put the Capricorn tubing out and you could easily make this into an ABS machine. Overall, I like this. Ender Five. It’s actually a decent printer. It’s been printing really good for me right out of the box. But the price is the only thing I question. I mean, 319 dollars for this. It’s still not a bad price, but when you compare it to the Ender three, it seems a bit expensive And there’s a few things that they should have done is not change the power supply. You should have left the meanwell. You should have put on a glass bed. In my opinion, those two should be there and then install that new one point. One point four board with the TMC.

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