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Creality Ender 3 Vs Cr-10 Mini 3d Printers


Are you thinking about getting a low-cost printer? But here’s two good ones. This is the Cree allottee CR 10 mini just under $300 This is their new under 3 just under $200 I’m going to talk about the differences and which one I recommend. On today’s filament Friday [Music] filament Friday is brought to you every week by the generous donations of these patrons supporters and they get special access to chap club comm. So join us so the first major difference is. This is just under three hundred dollars. Two hundred eighty nine ninety nine through the link in the description below, it’s through banggoodcom and that is shipped from a US warehouse. Which means you can get it in like, five days. This exact machine. I bought this one was donated to the Channel by banggood for me to do a review. This came out of China right now. It’s a hundred and seventy nine. Ninety nine through the link in the description below that that comes out of China and they’re sold out. So what you’re doing is actually a pre-sale you’re buying ahead of time. Because normally it was a $199.99 at their site. The ender three is smaller. It’s got a 220 by 220 by 220 tall building, where the CR 10 mini has a 300 millimeter by 220 by 300 millimeters, so it’s wider and taller, a lot more build area, another difference. This one is a kit. I mean, literally a kit, there’s a lot of pieces that have to be put together, and when you do, there’s a lot of things you have to adjust. I actually had to take this apart twice to fix some things, and I still got a little bit of a rocking. There’s a problem with these. If you don’t put it together, exactly right, you can get some twisting in the frame. I’ve got it printing really good. I’ve got everything squared up as best I could. I still got a little bit of rocky. That’s a kit. The kit you’re gonna tweak. You’re gonna play with if you like to do that and save a hundred dollars by all means. This is the kit for you. The CR 10 Mini. It’s a little different. It’s mostly assembled. There’s four bolts to bolt the top to the bottom and on a side bracket and in connect the wires and you’re ready to start printing. It took me about 15 minutes to put together the co 10 Mini. It took me about an hour to put together. The under three one. Other major difference between these two is the heated bed. They’re both 220 watts, but this one has the same type of CR 10 the full-size seer 10 connection where its two wires soldered to the bed and in a separate wire for the temperature sensor. They do have strain relief on here. I don’t think it’s the best, but it’s something that someone designed and 3d printed and they’ve copied it and put it on this machine where this one the CR 10 mini is unique amongst the CR text. It’s got a solid connector with two solder joints per white so two for positive two for negative and two for the temperature sensor because the temperature sensor wiring is actually built into the circuit board for the bed, so this makes it much more reliable than this Another feature that some people like, or don’t like is the electronics. The electronics are separate in a separate box for this guy to see are too many where the Ender 3 has the power supply exposed right here on the side. It does have a fuse and everything which is good. The electronics are built into the base. Now this makes it completely portable, so you can just pick it up and go where the CR 10 mini? I actually have to take the power supply. Wrap the wires around, bring on to the front like this and then. I can carry it off now, you’ll notice. I don’t have the spool holder on here. I instead put it on the back and I’ll show you how to put it there. And it works so much better and that frees up the electronics. I can put a box over this and now put the box over your electronics electronics. Don’t like heat. So keeping that separate is an advantage where this one? I put a box over and try to pretty be as I’m heating the electronics. That’s not a good thing for reliability. The under 3 is a spool holder mount on top of the machine. This is fine, but it’s a little bit short on the CR 10 minute a suggest you put it on top of the power supply, but there’s a little trick. You drill out the holes on the bracket and then use the spare bolt and t-nuts that they include in the box for the CR 10 mini. And you can do this. You use two of the T nuts. As Spacers and then two on the bottom to connect. And then you can mount the spool holder right at the back of the machine. It works really, really well. I use that on my fully modified machine. That’s part of my print farm. Another difference is the bed material. They both have an aluminum bed, but the under three has a build tech material on top. It seems to work really. Well, where the? Cr ten has a glass top that you can actually remove. I prefer the glass a little glue on glass. You get a nice, smooth finish, but if you don’t want that, you can unclip it. Take it off, and then you can put build tech material on top of the aluminum bed. So you have two options. You just have to buy the build tech like. I said I prefer the glass. It works well for me. Another potential is sure. I found one t under three as the cabling is not long enough. When the beam was all the way to the top, it pulled the wires tight and then the bed would rub against it now. You can strap this down to the side, But then I found that made. The wire is even tighter and limited the movement of the carriage, so the wires. Just frankly, just aren’t long enough. They both use a micro. SD card. They come with sample files and I printed them out. This is the first print on the Ender Three. It’s a little dog, and it actually printed quite good. I’m impressed with how smooth it is. Now there’s a little bit of ghosting on it, but it’s a still a very good print, but I really like to compare apples to apples, and it comes with a sample set of filament in a little bag, Not nearly enough to do anything. I don’t even know if this is enough to print the dog. So what I did is used a spool, which is the same school that comes with the CR. Ten mini, you get an actual spool of filament. Which is. I don’t know, It’s not a full spool, but it’s a lot more than a little sample. You get here so you can actually print some stuff. So the first print I ever did on the CR 10 Mini? Was this guy right here? The cat, and this is a prynt very smooth. I got a little bit of ghosting on the front, but overall, this thing almost looks injected molded, so I used that same filament and printed it on the under three and Ill. Show you close up with these guys. This is a very good print, but not nearly as good as this one. It’s a little bit rougher, a little bit crisper on the edges, so I could improve some things. Maybe four, you know, settings the stuff to slice it, but these are both the same g-code that came from pre allottee the same one that’s on here if printed in the center of the bed, it printed slightly offset on this one because of a smaller bed but overall. I would say in my experience. The CR 10 mini out-of-the-box printed better than the under three. The fact is either. One of these is a very good printer for the price for under $300 You are getting an incredible set of equipment the hot end. I love the way it works. It’s a Bowden setup with a very good extruder and frankly, it’s just a very solid printer in both cases, Even with this little bit of wobbliness. You put something underneath there. It’s fine, but between the two. I personally would spend the extra hundred dollars and get the bigger build area. Get the solid frame. Get a machine, that’s really ready to go out of the box, and I just think there’s more you could do with this than you can. With the under three. If you’re limiting a budget, you can only afford $200 This is a far better choice than a lot of the $200 printers out there so. I’m not knocking it at all. I think it’s a good printer. I personally don’t like the exposed power supply like this. I wanted inside a metal box, but overall that’s fine, it’s safe. I’m sure it’s grounded and it’s screwed to the frame, so the whole frame is grounded, But I just like this printer better, and if I had to recommend something to a friend family member, some are getting started. I would say save the extra hundred dollars. Get a CR 10 mini. It’s well worth the extra hundred dollars. I use this printer and a lot of the project videos that are popping up right over here, and if you want to help support the channel, a dollar amount, the patreon get you access to check club where I have more formation and a lot of the files that I do on Filament Friday, and if nothing else click on that check logo and subscribe. It really helps the channel. That’s it for this week. I’ll see you next time right here at filmer Friday.

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