Ender 3 Set Home Offsets | Adjusting Home Offsets – Marlin M428 / M206 | Reclaim Lost Build Volume

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Adjusting Home Offsets - Marlin M428 / M206 | Reclaim Lost Build Volume


In today’s maker mashup quick tip, we will use the Marlin’s m428 to adjust the origin offset, So in today’s quick tip, we will focus on Marlin’s m428 command, which allows you to set The origin of the 3d printer is offset. To do this quickly and very easily, so the reason we have to continue Yes, if you build a new 3d printer, then x301 is a good example , And if you don’t see it, there will be a card at the top to check out x301, or you have upgraded the firmware on products such as ender 3. a lot of The configuration is not copied correctly, or you have never set it in the new settings of the 3d printer The origin is offset, if the renderer 3 has been reset, or you have seen such a situation, so The location means that we are returning to our place, and the house has actually been eliminated, what we are going to do today Just use the marlin m428 command very quickly to set up our 3D printer bed The real location of the house is why this house needs to be offset very important, when you have When the bed is 3D printed, the total surface area of ​​the bed can already be printed on it, and if you want to leave the Bed or not near the actual printing surface to be printed, then what happened Yes, you are wasting the printing area most of the time now, and most people do not print out the full volume of the printing bed , So if you have a 300 x 300 bed, most people won’t print all the time To these edges, but in some cases, you may need more space on the 3D printing bed Place to print something, and in some cases, you will find that if you try to print and nothing Set up the house correctly, it will be to make the nozzle directly off the bed, you will not get Desired printout, so adjusting this is very simple, we What we have to do today is to continue and set what we actually want The position where the print head starts, so the 0 0 position in Cartesian coordinates, and then there are z-axis, so if you frequently change the build service and there is no automatic bed leveling , This is also a super useful command, because now you can precisely control The offset required for a specific build surface, that is to say, let’s get to work, So now we are going to make an article, the first thing we have to do is to now g28 to take home, in some cases we are going to enter the negative space, so we Want to move on and close the software eventually stop, and what we have to do is with m211s0 Now our next step here is very simple, what we have to do is move the print head Place, we want the exact position position to be zero, so we want to move it to the x4 y10 position , For me, this will be the beginning of my print bed, and I don’t need to adjust the z value, So please refer to the original chart here. What you will see is that we will put The print head is moved to d itself, you can also use the front panel To adjust where the print head needs to start printing, now this only takes effect when you actually print , So when you go home, it can still go home from under the bed, but it will happen Once printing starts, it will use this offset to know the print bed Actual location, and your other limitation is that you must be in the actual original location Within 10 mm, otherwise Malone will say that the offset is too far from the origin, so You can see here that I have precisely navigated to the desired starting position of my print bed, So in the procter interface, we will enter m428 and set it to Zero zero position, then we will use m 500 to store it, once it is stored, our The printer will remember this position every time as the zero position to start any 3d printing, Now our printer will still return to its original position, but when we continue to operate and tell it to move to zero zero zero position, it will move on and move it to the one we just configured New locations, if you know where these locations are, you can also use the marlin m206 command, But I found that for novices, this process is quite easy to 3D printing, So you can see that setting this offset is very simple, I thought it was a very simple process, When I found this command, I used it for all operations, so if I want to change the build surface , You can use it often, just to know the difference in the thickness of my build area, So if I use a piece of glass, I can say that the thickness of the glass is three millimeters, Replace the build surface and then navigate directly to that location to change this offset , And then use m428, and then reset it, I just need to subtract these values , And then use m428 again when my print head happens to be on the billboard itself, If you want to do this in today’s video, like the quick tips, make sure you mix and match the “like” button Together, don’t forget to share and subscribe, so if you want to help support the channel, Please don’t miss another great quick tip, please consider checking out what our customers get Access a lot of content on the patreon page as early as possible, especially our 3d printer version and many Other very useful information, so please check if you want to help support this channel, So I hereby thank you again for watching and we will see you next time you

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