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Wham Bam - Flexible Magnetic Build Plate - Ender 3 Pro


Hey, guys, welcome back to another 3d printing video. And what you’re looking at is my under 30 Perot, so I’ve really enjoyed this machine and it’s been awesome and I’ve done quite a few little upgrades to it now. One of the problems with the Ender 3 and a lot of other printers that have this magnetic flexible bed is that you’re not able to print higher temperatures for ABS and whatnot else that you want to try. So this kind of limits you to just being, you know a PLA mostly printer. But thankfully there is a solution for that and today we’re going to be looking at that solution, which is from Wham-bam, So Wham-bam is a company that builds flexible build plates. I guess for printers. Their plates are designed to withstand temperatures for the bed. So you’re not gonna have, you know issues with your magnetic bed? They have many different sizes, so the size that I got is obviously for the indoor three here here. We can kind of see what’s available And apparently even though the indoor three is a 220 it’s an actually 235 You can see here that it’s marked 235 So alright, so let’s crack this thing open and see what it looks like, all right. I say comes very well packaged. Even though my box was damaged, you can see he didn’t get to the product itself. So looks like they give you a little scrubber here. Alright, so we finally got to the product, and these guys did a really good job. Packing this thing to 35 by to 35 Let’s see what’s inside here. Wow, that’s nice, look. How nice that build plate is, that’s actually very reflective, so it appears to be a metal plate and then there’s a magnet piece underneath that. Actually, there’s a couple more pieces, so we got a magnet magnetic piece. Here that’s actually quite thick, and this looks like another piece. Here, that’s a clear sticker and on it, it says wham bam pe! X pecs, I thinking. Maybe this is the part that you print on. I can’t imagine you’d print on this, so I think what happens is. This goes on the bottom first. And then this goes on top of that, but before that, the clear piece goes on here. That’s probably how that works. So we do have a baggie here. Some instructions looks like looks like four pieces of aluminum tape strips and some wham-bam stickers very cool. They’re actually different kind. It’s more red and this cut some yellow with right, all right, and so here, we have the instructions, so the instructions are all written and you have to know how to read and most people obviously do know how to read, but what I am saying is without even looking at this. I would rather this would have been kind of like a picture if I take this and put this on here, and you know, with some description underneath there, and then, you know, like steps, maybe of pictures, but it’s okay. We can still read this and understand how to do it. Alright, so before we can install our super cool Wham-ba’m build plate. We have to take off this old one. So the cool part is is that. I’ll be able to reuse this because I do have an ender 5 and it has the exact same matte, so I’m not a total loss here, but this sticker here that I think when you’re gonna have to peel off and this obviously we’re probably going to lose, and this is obviously quite a small loss for the replacement that we’re doing now. The reason you’d want to do, This Replacement is for obvious reasons of temperature Or even. You know, you’re just not happy with the magnetic build plate. That’s already on there because it is quite fragile, and then it’s got like a softness to it a bit. It’s kind of like a matte, so if you Jam your nozzle into this a few times, you know, this gets ruined really quick, or if you print a lot on this thing, it also, you know, gets ruined pretty quick. The reason you’re changing, this is because you know, you want something more durable over time so and that’s when the wine. Bam’s coming in here to save the day for a good experience and long life. Alright, so I’m just gonna keep pulling this we’re. Leaving a little bit of residue behind. We’re gonna have to clean that up, so the stuff is coming off, but it’s, you know, definitely with some resistance. Not gonna be easy to just peel it off, but alright, so it’s finally often we definitely not going to be able to reuse this as you can see. It’s all wrinkled up, so I’m gonna try to use the matte here to pick up the little glue. That’s left behind, so I just kind of like work. It like this, and that’s actually working very well. It’s taking off all the extra residue. Alright, and that looks really clean. So if you didn’t touch this with your greasy hands too much and you just take the sticker off. It should be extremely clean. Alright, so I was reading the instructions. They’re that these little strips here are actually shims. So if your bet has like low spots, you could use these shims to fill in the low spots of the bed. So if your bed is quite dirty, and you need to clean it, then you can use this little scrubber here. You know, to get every little speck off so but because we took ours off and it’s very clean right now, so I’m not gonna touch it anymore or put anything on it. So obviously we’re just gonna leave it like it is all right, so this should be as simple as going in layers here, so our first layer is going to be our web. Bam magnetic layer. So and I think all we got to do is just peel the sticker and then paste this guy on. There shouldn’t be hard and it looks like it fits perfectly on here. So this is a 235 not a 220 even though the printer says to be 20 I guess what it prints. But the bed itself is 235 on the end or 30 here. So yeah, that looks very nice, so let’s see, lets. Peel the back here now. We can see that. This is a m30 adhesive here. I think it’s even high temperature and heat. So this is why this magnetic pad here can handle the heat and not just that the magnets have to be designed to handle the heat also so. I’m not sure how they do that, but that’s what they say, so we should be able to print anything We want with this wham-bam system, All right, so the trick here is to line it up before you stick it all together. Make sure you’re really good before you lay this thing down because you don’t want to lay this thing down cricket. Okay, so mine looks about perfect. Well, maybe not quite perfect, but close enough, there’s nothing. I can do about it now. So yeah, make sure you take a little bit. You know, more time on that, so but either way. I do it! It’s gonna be close enough. Obviously, if you just slightly a couple millimeters or millimeter off here and there, it’s not a big deal so yeah, that was quite simple. So the next part is the actual metal mat here, but I think all we got to do is just lay it on here. Oh, wow, that’s quite strong. So it sticks really good and as you can see, guys? It looks super cool now. That’s obviously not worried you’re gonna be printing because you know if you heard of printing on that, you’d mess this up real quick, but you’re going to be printed on. Is this top layer here and the bottom part here? This metal part is the flexible structure. Part of you know this top layer stuff, so one of the things. I didn’t realize that I should not be touching this here with my fingerprints. Because if I get this all nasty looking and I put this on top. All that nasty looking is going to be under there forever. So make sure this part is very clean, so I’m just gonna go over Just a little bit here to get all the finer particles off so now we can peel the sticker in the back of this PE X and apply it, and so obviously you don’t want to touch under here or get any dirt or dust under here, so I apply it as soon as possible. So hopefully you guys can see this. That would be blocking completely everything, but this part is definitely a little tricky. Alright, so I got it on there, but I don’t think I did that. Good of a job. Honestly, I wouldn’t. They do these things from the factory, and I got bubbles under there. Great, it’s nice to see this shiny metal, but you know, if I’m not gonna get my top on correctly. Yeah, it’s not as attractive looking. So yeah, guys looks like. I messed up pretty. Well, so maybe I should have went from one corner and slowly. You know, massaged it in so yeah, that’s one thing about, you know, stickers like this is that you’re going to, you know, have issues unless you’re just good at this stuff like I’m not good at this At all In any case, it is what it is. Let’s just roll with it and I’m gonna try to get these bubbles out, and then we’ll look at it a little closer so as I was trying to get all this bubbles out. I realized that there’s another top layer on the top of this. It’s like a little plastic so here. You can really see that all the places. I’ve messed up that so yeah, definitely take your time, guys. So if you’re gonna do this quick like I did it, You’re gonna mess it up and it’s gonna look like this. Oh, yeah, he goes on there really good, and there’s two tabs here where you can lift it. It’s very convenient, so yeah, overall. I would say it was pretty successful, except for sticking that top part on other than that. We’re looking pretty good, so I’m gonna go over it a little more and massage it in really good, and then we’re gonna set it up and print a few things on. Its evaluate here with how it sticks to the top here, and also how easy it is to, you know, pop off, which technically should be wrote quite easy because you know, it bends pretty good here, definitely a nice, attractive looking bed. You know, if I would have done this, right. Alright, let’s power the machine on. So we’re gonna choose to print something here, and that’s gonna be a 3d bin cheat. Alright, guys, so we got everything. Set up to print, but before we can print. We need to level the bed because since we have, you know, new thickness here, obviously it’s going to be off a bit, all right, so the beds warming up to 60 and then the nozzle to 200 all right, so let’s give it a little purge, so it looks like we had yellow there before so appears to be really good off the bed. You see how good it is on the center? All right. It looks perfect, actually, or at least it appears to be good. It might be a little bit high to be honest and to back it off just a little bit, so we’re gonna go ahead and let it print. I’m really curious to see how it’s holding up to the bed there and how easily it’ll pop off. All right, guys, so. I totally messed up So the bench II didn’t finish and I had to stop it. Thankfully, I saw it right in time but basically broke loose from the plate and the reason they did. That was because you see if I can show you here, you can see that it wasn’t close enough. It was pretty good, but it wasn’t close enough and so it warped and tore it off and plus. I forgot to do one of the most important parts, which is to clean off the bed with alcohol. So I’m gonna do that, and I’m actually gonna restart the same bench II here, and hopefully our next time around. It’ll finish like it’s supposed to alright, guys. So the Vinci is done and it looks really good. Alright, so the plates you just lift up quite easily and let’s see how good this Wham-bam flexes so I’m gonna go ahead and it selects it and it’s coming off. So here’s the thing guys. I had to use glue. And the reason for that was because the first bench II fell off well. That was kind of my fault because I didn’t clean it with alcohol before I printed plus. It was a little far off the bed, and then the second time there was no excuse because it was very good against the bed, but it wasn’t holding on that good. And so when I got to, this part knocked it off. But then I printed this third one, but I applied a little bit of glue right here. This time it stuck and it made it so. I’m not sure you know if I have to break it in a little bit or what, but it seems to stick. Okay, but it pops right off too easy, but adding just a tiny amount of glue. I mean, I barely put anything on. There held it really good. I’m thinking maybe I need to clean it better with alcohol. Maybe that’s you know what? I didn’t do so good yet. Maybe this thing is more greasy than I think just naturally, and it needs to be soaked in really good, but overall it performs very well. So and as you can see, guys, it’s quite flexible and works very well. A man, my installation of the top layer there so terrible. You can see all these. I don’t know what that white is. Maybe air or something anyways. Unfortunately, I didn’t take my time and, you know, do it right like I was supposed to. This is why I’m making this video, so you don’t make the same mistake. So if you see this, you know, not to do this, so definitely start with the corner or if not the corner like one of the sides and just go slow. I mean, you massage it? In there really cleanly, cuz. You can see this corner. Right here is actually pretty good where I started or at. Least that should be the plan. It all should look like this. They don’t look really nice, But overall, not a big deal and another thing that I realized. Is that if you wanted to? You could still use magnetic mat with this man. Bam, I mean, it’s not like a perfect fit or anything, but it sticks on there and it’s not coming off. So if you wanted to, you could use it. So that’s kind of cool, but overall, guys. I have to say that wham bam here has a really good product so you can tell the material quality is top-notch, err? I feel kind of stupid, You know, with all this stuff here, and I think. I’ve already said that a million times in this video, but kind of do things too quickly. And then, you know, have these issues here, so don’t be like me and do it right, so I’m pretty sure big prints with print very nice on here and would pop off obviously very easy with the flux that it has. So if you want to upgrade your bed to this magnetic flexible system then. I think this is one of the best options that you’ve got. So if you’re interested in the wham bam, I’m gonna lease on the links in the description. So check that out. This is not like a budget upgrade, But you know, if you want the best, you’ve got to pay for the quality so and the quality is definitely there, but if you want reliability and long life like, let’s see print like crazy. I think this thing here would definitely be the trick for you. Alright, guys, well. Hopefully you enjoyed this video. If you did then hit that like button. And if you want to click the dislike button then. I wouldn’t believe me in any case. If you want to see more videos like this, I have already a lot of videos of a lot of different kind of 3d printers. And do you have quite a few videos on this end or three? Pro, so check those out and more 3d printing unboxing videos coming soon and as always. Thanks for watching and Ill. See you on the next one peace.

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