Ember Celica 3d Model | 3d Printing Yang’s Ember Celica From Rwby

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3d Printing Yang's Ember Celica From Rwby


Hello, my name is. Freddie, and this is my first attempt at starting a 3d printing Youtube channel. Today I’m going to print Yangs and Basilica from the roosterteeth show Ruby or Rawabi. But you can probably tell that from the title of this video. I decided to print this model because I have already done it. Once here it is, and because I just ordered a new filament from Amazon or link in the description. It is MG chemicals. Gold, It’s quite cheap. I’m here are here is something I made in it earlier. It is a large. D 20 model. However, somehow I managed to this up as well because I also printed this. Which is why you should always pay attention to scaling anyway. It all goes well, you’re about to see a time-lapse of the print of the first part of it or possibly all parts of it. I don’t really know how long the time-lapse is. I haven’t actually worked that out yet. [MUSIC] Ah, hello and welcome back. Hopefully provided all this gone. Well, you will just to watch the time-lapse and I will have printed this piece piece number one, and so I have referred to it next. I’ll be obviously printing A piece number two. That will be the slider mechanism, which will slide the top here, which we can’t see on this piece as being this bit here. Genki to be honest itself there. We are Okusama! Please, thank you, okay, So cue the time-lapse [Music] [Music]. Hello, if all that’s gone to plan, you will just have watched the time-lapse in which I printed over the printed these two slider pieces. They have these two little blocks. That are not some kind of clever assembly mechanism. I just have them so I can line the two pieces up. I would have liked to have passed, thought it through a little bit more and have some kind of a system that goes through with a little pin. Perhaps, but unfortunately, that would have obscured the actual slider mechanism so now we’re on to printing the final piece, which you can see on this original model is the gun barrel section. I’m sorry the gun barrel section with the little shock and attachment. I’ve actually modified my STL file so that you don’t get this big gun section here, So you could perhaps get a hand through it. [MUSIC] [Music] welcome back! You’ll just have watched the last of the time lapses and I’ve done the final 3d printed piece. You can see that this one. Is it a much steeper angle lot? Steeper angle is got more of a curve to it than the original, which makes it fit an awful lot better to this main body section. Just get that in shot. Yeah, next we come to assembly. I’ve actually, uh, sanded the bottoms of all the pieces and tried my level best to take off any bits around the edge of the bottom layer. I will admit I did actually do that on camera, but unfortunately, I got the pieces framed so poorly that it just wasn’t worth watching [Music] [Music] and there we have it one fully 3d printed M Basilica with a moving slide. Thank you very much for watching if you have any suggestions of what I should 3d print next. Please leave it in the comments, please do subscribe. I currently have zero subscribers. That’s at the time of filming this, so I would love to have more than that. Goodbye.

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