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Elite Dangerous 3d Printing The Mamba


Hi Ricardo and welcome back elite dangerous beyond I’m here to talk for a large ship that was introduced to the game not so long ago and has really two in the gentleman racer of Mamba by Zorgon Peterson now Mamba is typical of some elements that we know are many powerful ship, once we engineered it we know in fact it’s really fast we have a speed that is luxurious a good looking ship really has this the level of design and we have to say finesse, but how is it in reality the world with the modern achievements of 3D printing and the fact that I have A 3D printer and those of you who watch the channel know you are printing Vincent of the Black Hole is well aware that 3D printing is our new passion from my well go to certain sites on the internet you can download and they are all included in the Creative Terms and Conditions and license for it is issued the boundary of the models some ships of any dangerous and. t most of them are there, if not all of them are now on the site I’m talking about That’s why Thingiverse is now Thingiverse is a great site for all models from any junior, whether you want to print a cup or whether you are printing ship of amber from the elite dangerous this particular model here from this The creator is a really good example of the ship has included some screenshots from the game and he puts all three segments of the ship for which it will be easier printing is now a pretty good model the 3D printer I have is this reality CR 10 s for which there are 400 by 400 of 400 plate build now that means me I could print this huge ship, but I’m not going to print it yet I will print it out as allowed defined and see how what I say now happens the creator of this file has placed it three convenient form modules that will reducing the amount of maintenance and the measures used in its creation we see what it represents from the middle to the back where the engines live and we have four small needles that will help you keep everything aligned and when we glue it together and put it that way when you receive the file if you want to print those files larger and individually you have to put them in a program like 3d builder and in their segment this is not the case it will be too difficult to do if You are interested in sending me a line via email or in the comments section and me it can go through you or maybe even make a video on it if you are interested so these ships here or just that ship here very detailed nice detail around the engines as you can see the detail seems to be there from the basic pattern and when I glue it together or whatever is printed and then glue it together, I’m sure it will be great addition i don’t know where i’m going to calm him down, but that’s where you went let’s deal with it, then Cherie let’s print this huge accelerator Elite member dangerous and let’s print it out so i will put a little picture and picture in the upper right side on the screen, like I said I use Cree ality CR 10s for the mascara I only use orange thread I have Aliexpress really cheap I am with a six millimeter head, which is a pretty good idea to shave the amount of printed time attitude to detail I think is quite good compromise largely 3d printers come with a four millimeter footprint of such Now we know mambas design draws inspiration really from Zorgon The famous Peterson farmer you can see that not only with the colors that resemble the Turin border of Starski and Hutch the fact that you know it doesn’t look like millions of miles and you always can see that there is a heavy firepower speed, so it is to make the job a hit they are hard and can’t come out now supplied by both devices Mamba have similar costs and abilities and basic solution which one to buy is up to yours I mean your personal preferences further lands to be perfectly included – I think it’s great, I mean Mambo has become capable of class of class weapons and mounting this and that. t Beluga and later Lance have six utility slots that aren’t that bad really I think you know there is an edge in addition to the only huge head however, there is a point and the man’s bar has two big heads and two small ones hard points and it’s quite an arsenal I think – here, now here it is the marble printed just above me I think six hours to really do it and finally put the picture in the picture the timeout on the screen is already so you can see the details of the process quite well what we will do now Take it all together and put a few pictures and we will talk about these in a minute and then I’ll review the picture The process gives it a layer of padding and see what it looks like so I have elements of the hard copy and the details felt pretty good given the fact that it was six millimeter novel not four millimeter, as I said, so am I. some great things were printed the spiral is executed quite well You know there aren’t many strings, there are no layers that you know the pattern is what it is, I think this model will be printable a a little bigger than that I’m happy with the engine details too stage of the game do not think The orange pigment of the mascara is really you make the model who looks some justice back a little too Shrink around their knees a little a little cleaner, but awfully much the details are gone and I am quite happy with that as well detail about engines that sort something you know if you look the reverse side, and to have these engine details around fuel spoons or air intakes or. Whatever aerial it is spaceship anyway, so looking at the cabin is again a bit clean around the cabin a little digging around the edges give quickly sanding a small piece with a screwdriver and I think we will be quite a bit in business, so a lot of details come out given the size a novel at the speed I reprinted in just six hours of printing all good things now, if you offer something we can actually see how it is will look and there is there Mamba realized in 3D print glory so what we will do now is that we will do it Take them together took out some glue I said I would stick it to the table it’s always a wise thing to do some hard plastic glue it took from cheap shop who is interested i will put a little glue on it just to keep it on the spot you won’t need a lot of glue this thing connects a lot anyway in the middle of the incision a little on both sides and Around the pins and then we will offer the front of the cab of the cab it and when it dries, then I will think about adding engines so using this, using a little gravity I can then put it all together pins as well as where the pin is located and then I will put it in the base and offer it slowly, gently soothe it on the spot and even though there is sewing line there you know a little paint will probably fill it problem and they have the front part of the man, but when it dries let’s make the engines so the glue on the front there is now gone is pretty hard this one line can eat a little stuffing there also a little more extra cleaning, but now it’s in one piece you can certainly understand why it’s all now to connect the engine section to the back of the ship are now pins and so big that I think they are big enough to fit in the holes they are provided only to provide a little of also all they enter there is no problem and all the detailed lines just have to be careful on this rear fin, so we’ll move on take some glue and then think how are we going to use gravity to keep it in place I mean the exit time the set time for this is quite short, so you will just hold it until it happens slippery and then turn it so that we have a little glue on the pieces and it goes and I keep it in place fortunately the front of the ship has not fallen is always wise something and I put the other part in and the whole model that bent and got little using there of the glue clearly that for the sofa quite satisfied for fast printing using a little engineer tea and spray tips so I will find another Mamba so that it does not fall and the glue goes and dries as often if the plastic you have to knock get rid of this and now it’s time to give him a coat of undercoat now with pattern completely together you can definitely see it starting to take shape and with very little undercoat helped to bring out some details but all three beautiful Briggs merge in the middle of the model I think some of this model will take to be printed larger and maybe in two parts, as opposed to three small wood refills filler I think our light sanding will get rid of maybe on many of this seam even some screeds, some of which just put as well, but with red, you know you can definitely tell what it is this seam is definitely something you need to get a little filling and then light grinding anyway to go there i print on mumba zorg’s Peterson Mantha from the elite dangerous for my CR 10s because it’s not as bad as I say it will take bigger and bigger print too, that seems like a bit of a problem though I did it just by clicking on the like and the subscribe button as well notification icon and you never know i can put a few more videos on 3d print elite dangerous ships Thanks to YouTube for watching Calm down and go see if you can find someone to make the elite dangerous it’s hard to see you these days soon you

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