Elegoo Mars Vs Anycubic Photon | First Time 3d Printing! | Elegoo Mars Vs Anycubic Photon S – Quality Comparison

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First Time 3d Printing! | Elegoo Mars Vs Anycubic Photon S - Quality Comparison


Hello, and welcome to the crafts. Man, show my name. Is your host? The craft’s man. Today we’ve been talk about 3d printer. Craft me go crazy! Yo, craft man had never used a 3d printer in my life until just the other day and now. I don’t gone crazy with there. In this episode, we’re going to talk about 3d printer resin base. How that you can get the finest details that you probably cannot believe but might be able to, and you can do affordably. In addition, we’re going to be seeing how. Well the illah goomars goes up against the inner qubit photon. Yes, today’s episode is brought to you by synthesizer. [MUSIC] Therefore, I ask me. Oh, crab man. Why don’t you get a 3d printer And honestly, I just never got one cause? There’s a whole new technology for me and then. I said you know I might do this to make figurine. This is not something that I would be using for production because I need to give just one good print of a character. Then from there, I can make Mos up and from there mode, then I could churn out me. Some love plastic cocktails out of a durable plastic resin had resin base 3d printing work. Is it magic? What happens this right time is a screen is an LCD screen. There is going to flash up different images. So right now, this liquid, but if you expose it to. UV is going to cure, all right, so, you know, let’s say you got you a little thing that you’re going to be a 3d print, so when it’s going to print the earth feet that screen in my show to circle like that right on, alright? And it’s going to work up up and then when it gets to that body, it might just be flashing a light. There’s just a circle in the middle, you name. I get to this part and it might be a shape like there. I thought this last up and down. The first couple few layers is going to stick to the bottom of this. It’s going to move up, you know? I’ll say, and it’s going to basically pull the object up half of this. If you thinking about 3d printing, probably what you’re picturing is FD m ake. A fusion deposition modeling. They take a roll of what it looks like to me. We did a string and then feeds it through a tip And that tip moves it around in 3d three. X’s melts it out and a layers, and then it builds up a 3d model And this is the biggest free-range chicken. I got thanks to my buddy. Ron, for sending me this one of his, Uh, awfully big, 3d pro resin based works by using a UV light to cure very thin layers or slices of resin. At a time, so here we go. We’ve got to set things up. This is the in a qubit photon. If the very first 3d printed. I ever have touched in my life. I ordered this one off Amazon, and this was not my first choice. It was my second choice. The one I wanted to get to begin with was out of stock, but it’s very, very interesting. What happened about that? With the rares on 3d printing, you got to level the be a plate. That’s the bigger player the first time I did. I didn’t want this truck in a manual and use a piece of paper like they say, so it’s really important that the beer plate is parallel to the little screen at the bottom of the vent run. Yall probably already noticed it. I got gloves. I want to take gloves going to be real rare in partner. We’re handling this. This is not something that you want to be contacting your skin. All right, it’s trust. I say to feel the vet about a third of the way with resin. So I kind of did that. I installed a little software that came with the thumb, drive the USB drive, but it gave me a black screen and have a kind of restraint, but I did some little reading up on it and learned about the little tank. How cheap to bucks am. I saying that right, cheap tooth box anyway. Cheap to box is free and it can also export right out to in a cubicle time. Yes, format as well is a other. Laforest good model right here was scammed by our layer of 3d print. And that’s my buddy. Benjamin, up in Kentucky. And he sent this to me. STL format stereo lithography. So I scared it down to a smile, sass and I said, you know what if this thing can print thing Is this smile and keep that smoothness the tip of details. Then that means they come for a big thing. He’s just better even good too, so I saved it to a USB and this came with the 3d printer. By the way you’ve got to do it one way and then do it the other way then. I waited at this point in the program. Craft man was excited to be making a smile town of Latinas, a free-range chicken. My excitement will gradually turned into not. It’s like it’s a very disappointing right here as you can see. There is no the free-range chicken stuck to the bottom of the beer plate. So what I can see there? We got part of the motto step to the the fep the film. So what I’m going to do is to take a little screen. There’s a filter that came with it and then filtered this back so as you can see. We got the free-range chicken legs sticking up over there. Yeah, so what I want to do is take this. And by the way I’m using. Did 99% Isopropyl alcohol? You know, yeah. I got my gloves on yall. I already know that, so I’m going to take and you can go around and take this opportunity to clean up hardest, and then we can see the Def. Con be kind of stuck to it. That’s all right, yes, see? I’m going to take my other hand here and see. Can I pop this thing up? Just a little bit there we go. Yeah, see depth and their path, though without having to get in our scraper, keep that thing flat, and I like that, not like that. You don’t want to jab a hole at the bare minimum? You would want to keep your little fingers up underneath this for support, but we get that off of there, but man, they ever gonna be pretty near. I thought you know, hey, we’re gonna learn some things do enough instead of, uh, edits and I just had him to go. Leave it in here and show yall did the craft man messed up on this one, and let’s see what we can do to maybe fix this. So I posted on Facebook looking for sausage S Just some help and several people reached out to me, and I’ll learn some things on how to deal with that, but anyway, posting O-line led to a really really big thing. Kyle Ellegua sent me a message craft man. We got the elegant Mars in stock. We want to see and you won. I said that’s interesting, but Kyle, that’s the company I originally we’re going to go with the reason why because it is cheaper, and I was very grateful that they was going to send that to me for free. All right while I was waiting on the Louella Gumar to arrive. I continued to die in my sentence on the inner Cuba. Photon, yes! Let’s talk about how Candy’s not a failure writer. I think the bottom line is. The fees was not enough surface area to stick to the build plate while it’s going up and down, it printed it for a while, printed it. And then he got to that big air in the middle of dodging that bill Oh. I had Areata, an assist and me in is to doing it in this state at the Parliament of him and I continue to learn they instead to share that with yall and crab. Mama saw me getting discouraged up after, and did some studying on my behalf and she come about that. She learned about this thing called the Flint Real Ever Method. We can come up. One two three, my machine set on solid, so it’s not beeping. He always will probably be when you do this. I had a little cheat to. Bach made me a raft. Alright, that’s what their car and CI wired that surface areas, right, though, that gives something real good to stick to the beer plate while it’s moving up and down, so it could be a combination of that and also craft fiber coming out here doing that. Uh, that level technique on a Flint Lockwood level technique that they did. Now they say that you can go ahead and snap these things off before you do your post cure pathway as I post cure. Well, that’s when you want to take and put your object out in the sunlight or either if you got your low. UV lamp like your lady’s like Ill. Do your nails and things where that you can. Ha, you can do that so. I’m probably gonna put a little chicken out in a Sun. Life, a little wine. And maybe clarify my. Let me get a little curing lamp or something, let’s see. What do yall think about this? [MUSIC] We’ve got to do a here to here test. The settings is the same for both of these. The lay aside on the height that is supposed to times around. It is really just going to be to look at the final print and see what the quality is if they any difference between them, but there isn’t. I want to use the reason that I’ve been using a couple of things happen to really. Are they’re really really surprised me on this? Telugu Amara completed quickly. How come you that Crabman went into this thinking that they were gonna be no difference in speed because I you the same settings on their same set is on there every layer the same side, the same thing that’s on the layer. You know, I used point. Oh, five layer millimeter. And I said, you know, a second UV exposure per layer, So I said well, logically, they’re going to complete at the same time. What I did not take into account, though. Yeah, the Z-axi’s apparently Telugu Mars moves up and down more quickly, so even though it’s down here exposing for eight seconds and this one down exposing for eight seconds in the time, just one moving back up, and they’re coming back down this one. Just gonna leave it. Be quicker before I get these two things confused. I’m going to take one, scrape it off, Pop it off and then put that in of ultrasonic cleaner right on, see they the way I plan on using, This is just for cleaning or isn’t. Print something. Now if you was going to you this with say our jewelry and things like it’s probably intended for then what you might consider is instead of just pouring alcohol into this and putting your, you know, putting your little resin pieces down into it instead. You might want to put water up into this then. Take your little Ziploc bag. Fill that bag with alcohol and put your apart inside that. Close that bag up, put it in there. And then the little ultrasonic actions could still get through the bag so to speak. I know I’m all are going to be using this for cleaning up pieces like that. I thought so under gonna do me some alcohol straight up to it. Oh, excuse me, there’s something happening here and what it is ain’t exactly there. Go ultrasonic, all right. I’m a little rubbing alcohol of that breed off the tip. They the pretty good, probably different between the two units worth died because of death. I expect that there would be some difference in quality of the final prints, so I was very surprised. They’re not all it Did this one professor. I also had you look to me. Look, the same had. I gone with that one to begin with. I would have saved money, but then I also had. I gone with that one. What if I had just a perfect print right at the get-go? And then I would not be able to make a video showing how some of the different issues that you might run into, and by the way the issue that I encounter with this, whata is not just because of that particular unit. That’s a good unit. If you got that one hanging with it’s a good unit, I thought a photon is what I ran into. You could run into it in a 3d printer. Also, if I get to having some more problems with a sticking, I’m going to try to. I thought [Music] [Laughter] [Music] [Laughter]. You know, in a town. Somebody seeing you something for free. I think it’s your human nature that you naturally will want to say good things about, but also I got to be objective with yall and to be a hundred percent honest. My opinion is that you know. I will go with the elegant Mars. Take that little extra money and buy me or you know. I’ll just sign it cleaner. Buy some extra resin. Maybe some little thing like that. This far is one advantage that. I have noticed with the photon. This one right, there is definitely a lot quieter being that machine right there, and then for cleaning out the beer plate. A scrap mama for a little. Tupperware container. I’m looking and look what she gave me right here. And so she gave me the most catawampus wonder she could find which you know is okay, cuz. I’m gonna be putting, you know, bangs in. It did ain’t gonna be food for later. You don’t need to be the best. How long your premium’s going to take on? A 3d resin based printer is only determined by the height. All right, so whatever the height this, that’s how long it’s gonna take if I print one of these, It’s going to be the same as if I did 10 a teeth, all right. Does that make sense? I’m going to try something. I’m going to be a craft mama to zoom in. That’s the best we can other way, Okay, Focus on, Dad. Please, thank you, craft mama and also crab. Mama, why you out here? Thank you for the low catawampus just a Tupperware container don’t ever have seen. I like it. Let’s see that’s good for most of this video. I have been using the green red as a retro and to me. The color don’t really matter because I go here and be priming my artists, you know? I’m just trying to make a little prototype. Then I make a mold of it and then make casts and do all that kind of thing like that. So for me to find out or look at the thing, it really just don’t matter what color it is in my case, but if you try to make your object that you would like the resin to be a particular color and somewhat resin also may have different strengths, Something like that, you know, there’s something to consider just for reference in this video. The settings did I use for their green resident right, though the status right here. If our that don’t make sense to you, don’t worry about it here. We amazing it’s real quick. When you start messing with you 3d printer, if you ever get you a resin 3d printer, Here’s some things that you can do better help. You have success right out the gate. Consider using you some rafts for your prints. All right, don’t do like. I did just stick it straight on the B. You use some supports to connect the RAF to your object and try to Orient that thing for the five-degree now. If you still get pancakes, things sticking to your film and then bottom you off that then consider using you some, uh, PTFE lubricants. And if thanks Da like working for you, didn’t you might want to do a little sanding trick? I have not done this yet, but all you basically do is take you some sandpaper. I wouldn’t go numb or coarser than 220 grits. Lay it down on a flat surface. Plate, glass would be good sandpaper, face book and to even a distribution is saying that Bank for just a couple minutes. Keep that thing flat as you can. [MUSIC] Thank you so much for looking at this video. And if somebody, if you up step, then do not let the Sun go down on yall. Thank You book, go to them and yall split a sandwich and drink something good. I love ya, thank you. Steady Crab [Music]!

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