Dva Gun 3d Model | 3d Printed D.va / Overwatch


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3d Printed D.va / Overwatch


Hi, everyone, it’s Kevin. And today I’m going to 3d print diva from overwatch. I’m on my mini factory. The model is from printed obsession. There is a lot of work to do, so lets. Jump into it, okay, so here. I have the top part of the mac. The reason I have the whole part together, is I? Just assemble the make in CH2 box first. So you just have all the parts. You just drag them around until you’re satisfied and then you save as STL. Basically, so it’s really simple, and I like to do it in g2 Box because t2 box is really easy to move like 3d model around. It’s not really laggy. My computer is really slow. So if I do it in Gtbox, it’s really easy for me. You just have to make sure all the piece they connect somewhere. At least you don’t want anything floating around, So I assembled the top part the bottom part here. I’m doing the support quite a lot of support going around, but it’s not the end of the world here. I’m using the new functionality of t2 box. I’m trying to branch the support. It’s really nice, really helpful. If you don’t use it, I recommend trying and here I’m finishing on diva. Okay, so I have all my part printed the make and diva. Everything came out pretty straightforward. The way I was expecting. The cleanup was the usual cleanup behind sending some of the support beats who were left on the back. I’ve glued the make together. I’ve primed the little highlighted. Everything is ready for painting. The result is pretty nice. I have my diva on the side as well. Everything is pretty easy a bit tiny. It’s gonna be a bit rough to paint. There’s a lot of bright color. The pink. So the zenith highlight is really gonna help and I still have the base printing, but it’s gonna be done soon. So yeah, let’s go, okay, so let’s start with some of the base coats. Um, here. I started with the gray. I don’t remember why exactly I just picked one color, and I started with this one. It was not the best idea because I knew later on. I was gonna mess around with the pink, mostly, but maybe I wanted to define first some strong color. So I use one of the pink that I have the the Vallejo. It’s pretty nice, one nice color and it fit really well for the make and the color of the figure here the cover is not too bad here. I’ve put a couple of coats. I think maybe two coats before. I started dry brushing and that’s. What my that was my idea so I was like, okay. I’m just gonna have my pink base coat. I’m gonna dry brush a bit lighter. It’s really hard to see like the I’m dry brushing, but the color is really like slightly higher in terms of brightness, so a bit tough to see on the camera, and I’m gonna go a bit brighter over and over and the point here. I was like, okay. I’m just gonna try like this, see? What kind of effect I’m gonna get? This whole painting process was a lot of trial and error and tried to find out even dry brushing, trying to find the right amount of paint and moisture on the brush is a bit hard, so it’s like a test product. [MUSIC] Here I’m going brighter, trying to get more edge and the center of some parts to give like kind of reflection on the middle and here. So you’re seeing me doing a bit of the white? Um, I spent you so much time off camera like I started with an off-white The bone color, and then I had like maybe three coat of bone in each color. Then three coats of white and I was. I was still not happy with it because you can still see the black under. So it was a pain here. I’m like, okay, lets. Do the other color. The the kind of really like Magenta, really bright purple and here I’m dry brushing again. So what I got here is I think I’m on white or bone. I’m not sure I don’t remember exactly, but my idea behind it was like, okay. I still have a lot of white to cover all the white part. They need to be covered and all the volume. They’re kind of they’re not good enough. They don’t have enough contrast, so I went over with a really hard coat of dry brushing and try to give some just some effect just to see what I can go with it here. I’m switching on diva. I applied my base coat. I’m doing the same thing I’m like. Okay, I’m gonna keep the style in between the same. I could have went this the same route like, uh. If you’re painting a miniature just glazing over the the volume. But I thought okay if she’s gonna sit on top of the mech, let’s just try the same technique, and it’s gonna be interesting to see. If there is any difference here, I’m cleaning up a bit of the mess. Everything is a bit dusty, not really clean, so I’m going over. I’m using the same base coat and with a lot of water and just trying to smooth out the particle of the dry brushing and here, I’m even going with a brighter color so on the blue party of the suit, I’m trying to repaint over trying to clean even more and I’m doing the same on the Mac now. So obviously everything is really whitish and kind of dusty, so I’m taking the base coat again and I’m going over trying to clean and at this point, I’m still not sure what kind of result I’m going to get, but I just want to put one coat and see what happens. It’s fine to experiment trying to learn stuff. If you don’t do it, you’re never gonna learn so and as you can see here, you can still see the the hedge highlight under, but it’s not perfect. I’m going quickly on the base here. Nothing special. So after a lot of hours struggling on this one, Let’s see what I’ve got. It’s not too bad if you look at it from the distance, that’s okay, but up close, it’s a bit weird. Technically, there is nothing going on. The paint is a bit bleeding. Sometimes nothing is super straight. I just had to hard coat the thing over and over dry brush base coat again. So it was just a long, long time for me. I didn’t show everything when I was painting, but like I said, I should have prime white and try to to save just a lot of hours, but that’s okay, Sometimes it’s okay to let the frustration just go away. I want the painting to be fun. I want to enjoy myself when I do this. So when you get mad. Sometimes it’s like, okay, I’m just going to try to finish up the stuff. Cut it down and move on to the next one. So if you want to see me struggle even more. Follow me on the channel and see you next time. Bye, uh.

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