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How To Find Every D&d Monster For 3d Printing (for Free)


I’m about 2 years ago before I had a 3d printer. I was running a weekly D&D game for my group, and I got this inspiration on Monday to include an encounter in Wednesday night’s game. That was gonna have cultists and an intellect of our. Which if you don’t play game D, it’s just sort of like walking brain dogs. So I wrote that encounter on Monday and I wanted to include it on my Wednesday game and I was a new DM at the time and I wanted some minis for this because I was really getting into Minis. I was really liking them at the time, and there was no way that I would have been able to to have bought some on Amazon and my local game store didn’t have any either. So I felt like I really had no options at the time I was until my friend. Giuliano, who had just recently bought a mana prize. Select mini volunteered to print me some and keep in mind. This was before. I had my own printer. He didn’t print Minis. This was just like a favor that he did for me and this was before. We knew that there was a community that was doing this. That was teaching people how to print and this was years ago, so I think our understanding of what we could do with FTM printers and the printers that we had at the time were a little more limited than what we have now and seeing the reaction. My players had the pictures they took. These pictures are from them. Made me realize that. I really wanted to do this more often. Even if the Minis weren’t the same qualities, I could get from, like a Reaper or Wizkid’s mini. I still wanted it for the customization and the specific Minis that I wanted to put on my board. So if you you don’t know about 3d printing or maybe you don’t even know how to find the models that you want. This video’s gonna show you how quick and easy it is to find whatever. Deen demon, is you want to your heart’s content? And then some, so let’s do it. [music] hi there! I’m Danny, The 3d printing DM welcome to 30 printed tabletop, a channel where we cover all things 3d printing for your tabletop games on my channel. You’ve probably seen 3d printed miniatures on like some D&D Facebook groups or maybe, but it’s one of the different gills that are there, or you’ve seen it on the Reddit, or you just seen in an image or just anywhere on the Internet. They’re really popular these days and what you’re seeing is really just a small fragment of what’s available. The entire Monster Manual and a whole bunch of other books are available right now, so many people have made this, and this is thanks to Wizards of the Coast, Pretty liberal fan art policy, a lot of it is completely free to download and in many cases, There’s even multiple versions if you want to pay for it and get maybe a different art style from a different sculptor as well so you can choose the model that you like the best. Those of you who are seasoned. 3d printers probably have already perfected finding the models that you want. Specifically, you know the modelers, you love, but if you’re new, it’s quickly overwhelming, and it’s frankly struggling to find them. All you want even on on Thingiverse or some other places like that, so this video is just meant to give some practical tips and suggestions to help you navigate that. And if you’re new to give you very specific steps of how you can do it yourself, let’s head over to my computer real quick, OK, so first, a lot of the models. I’m going to show you were made by a guy named Eagle Zavala mg42 50 I talk about him a lot on the channel because he’s really one of the pioneers of making free models just giving them to the community. He’s been doing it for four years, and so he’s made over 1500 sculpts at this point and a big reason why I can make this video is because of him. It’s pretty insane to think he’s been doing this for four years without asking for anything at this point. So yeah, so to start, we’re gonna go to Google when you search the monster name and mg42 50 let’s try something like a dhow, which is an earth genie. Basically, if you’re including a dhow in your game, it’s pretty much because you have a very specific purpose for it, so that’s why I’m using this one. As an example, there’s all sorts of Bob lens and Orcs and other kind of pretty common monsters, but there’s not that many unique ones like this one like a dowel, so some of these monsters when you type in the name of the monster and MZ forty to fifty, you’re gonna see that it’s on shapeways and others of them, for example, I’ll just do an Orc. Others of them are going to be both on Shapeways as well as on Thingiverse and part of that is because some of these monsters are like licensed for Wizards of the coast and they don’t allow them to be on other ones, according to Miguel. That was, he says he says that was the agreement that they came to with with each other. So if you see them on shapeways and thinking verse, it’s, it’s the same thing, so we’re gonna go to back to that dowel on shape place, and you’re gonna see this, okay, and it’s gonna tell you how to download it, okay, and it says not for sale, right, because this is one of those models again he he isn’t allowed to like sell for profit. When you sign in in order to download from Shapeways you have to be logged in, and then when you are, you’ll see this button that says download product, OK, and then here we’re gonna open it at this point. You can just kind of pull it in and see it, and here’s our. Dow, okay, it’s that simple. So in many cases like I mentioned with the Orc. Okay, you can just type in something like. Thingiverse it autocorrected me! There here’s an orc fighter. I show him one of my other videos. How you can get this Orc fighter and you can see it in Thingiverse as well as in shapeways just type in Orc MZ. Forty to fifty here. It is on Shapeways, and this is like a high poly version. This is a better one that he made but still free. You can download it right here. OK, he’s gone back and we done a lot of these, but you can still see all the historical ones and guys. I know that there’s a lot of like Reaper or Wizkids goblins that I have look. I’ve got something right here. This is one of the orcs, but the place where this just comes in really handy is what those monsters like the. Dow that you you don’t have an easily accessible meaning to that. You can just go to your game store and buy a mini of because they’re pretty uncommon and so a lot of the game companies don’t make them, but Miguel’s made them even if it’s been a few years right and and they’re readily available for free, which is good for us, right. Look at this pen – drone spirit. Naga garden, Naga Oni, black pudding, a pair eaten! I don’t even know if I’m pronouncing that right. Salamander and other time, this all of the slab slides slide or be pronounced that, and looks like he updated them recently to a guy. No Sphinx, very regal. Never use it in my life. Zorn a Lamia, a gourd gun. Probably get the point by now. Once you find it, you just download it. It’s super simple. You have two options, shape ways and Thingiverse. If anything always shapeways, if you’re interested in seeing like a full process of like downloading – printing and finishing and stuff, you can watch the video that I have up here and there’s more. Miguel was usually the first place That’s helped people to go looking for a very specific monster in D&D. There’s a lot of other people who have been making Minis in different styles as well going back to that story from earlier in the video when I first printed that inflective hour and that cold test that was that was two years ago. There really wasn’t that many people making it. That wasn’t a billion patreon as there wasn’t a bunch of Kickstarters for Minis, There was just a handful of people and it was pretty much. Miguel, but nowadays there’s incredible choice of miniatures that you could choose from, especially if you’re looking for a different style of mini. So I’m just going to show you few of the other places. You might look if you want to see. Maybe what else is out there. What other Minis have been made for? Dmd as well as what Miguel is made first, I want to take a moment to say. Thank you to all of my patrons on Patreon. Their support is a big part of the reason why. I’m able to make this type of video and and help people like you to get started 3d printing minis and getting excited about all the options and the cool customization and the ways that you can kind of use this technology to have more fun with your friends and at your tables. So if you’re one of those people who want to see what other free Minis are out there? I have a couple of things I can recommend for you. After looking at Miguel’s models, The first is the mini index. Let me tell you a little bit about the mini index. So the mini index is in beta, but basically, the mini index. Is this crowd-sourced repository for places it’s pretty much. Thingiverse Meyers. But I think there’s other places too. You can look for something that you specifically want. You can see I type in human fighter class, right there. It comes up and then I can search and here we go here. We have a bunch of people, So looks like a lot of these are by Ts Henry. I believe that’s TJ if I’m not mistaken and look at these models that he’s got all These are different models that he has samurai, kinetic cyst, gladiator, lizard foot warrior, and I think that he did these based off of Val and ours basic models. But you can see there’s variety here. If you want to see them. Oh, look at this once myths of earth. I like that. I think they’ve got a patreon to I. Just, you know, that’s a nice model. I got a say really nice paint job too, but you can see there’s so many options here, and if you need a very specific miniature, this is a great way to kind of search for it. You can search by by sex, you know, by air by gender, my apologies, you can search for the classes different, different types of monster, For example. Let’s say you want an. Oni, then you’d go here and you see these different. Oni, right, pretty cool. So you can see you have some different options. There let’s try looking up that dial that. I mentioned earlier now. It’s not even it’s not even in here yet. So it hasn’t even been sourced, which again is one of the issues with the mini index, but it’s in beta, and it relies on the community and I think at the more people that use it. The more likely this will have a more robust repository. If you will the next place that you saw is Thingiverse and when I go to thingy verse, it’s it’s pretty bad, So for example, if you type in Dow you, you won’t really find much if I type in 28 millimeter, I’ll get all sorts of stuff. It’s very difficult for me to find certain models because thingy versus search is not the best, you know, so let’s say I type in Orc. Okay, so here’s a bunch of orcs that come up, and that’s a pretty generic word, so it makes sense for me, but yeah, you have all these different varieties, So for example, if you wanted if you liked the more realistic proportions that Miguel has great. You’ve got an orc right there. If you want the you know, more like. Warhammer style will accuse a war chief right here if you want, and here’s the updated Orc warrior that Miguel Mio made definitely improvement in quality there, but you can see her different Orc spearmen by Val and R who I’ve talked about in the channel before has more of a Warhammer feel to him or heroic proportions, A lot easier to print, usually, but again you want to look at these things and kind of choose. That’s the good thing these are all free, and that’s part of the benefit of being able to look up up like this A lot of times doing something like Orc on. Thingiverse is gonna be a little bit easier. You can see things that are tagged that. Look at the options that I got here. That are just so much different than when I looked it up. I mean, you know, artisan guild. Look at this one, right, you can see if you wanted to work well. All that came up. Was the other works here? I’ll skate proxies. Blade grunts, Orc skeletons, orc on a beak writer. Big Mr. Tongue has all these orcs on these wolves, just a lot of other cool stuff, So a lot of times doing a Google search with a verse is gonna be better than search on. Thingiverse itself the next place I go generally or that’s. A good place is my manufacturing and my manufactory. It has a lot of paid stuff, but also has a lot of free stuff too here. Some of the menus, for example, an ogre zombie. So lets type in Orc. Okay, here you can see a whole bunch of different orcs. You see, and my mini factory has its own modelers and people that do stuff on here that don’t go on. Thingiverse which is why? I say this is another really good option and a lot of the people from thinking verse are on here, too. So this is another really good place that you can check, but, you know, look at these ogres. If you want to see this this orc. I said ogres! I’m sorry. This orc is it’s cool but definitely not scaled well for 28 millimeters. It’d be really difficult. You’d probably have to print check this out. Morgan Maury. I’ve mentioned him before on our Channel and dudes got some really pretty awesome Orcs. The proportions are really pretty challenging to print, but they’re so nice, so nice, okay, A bunch of Orcs that are definitely inspired by World of Warcraft. You have Aryan Croft, Dutch mogul? He’s made a whole bunch of Orcs for his previous one, and you can just see a whole bunch of different options here. You guys, there’s another repository that I go to. Which is Yogi and Yogi isn’t the highest quality repository. Look at that 1 million nine hundred models. But if you type in Orc, okay, you just get a wider variety of things you can see. There’s some models here that we haven’t seen like punching Orc Warhammer Quest. You got more from from this and again you can see where the website is my mini factory, and then you can see a bunch of models here that are for sale, too. So if you don’t want models that are for sale, you go to search options and you type in free, right, you just click on it and now you have a bunch of things that are excluded from this website, Of course, if you’re comfortable with the sales, then you just do all, and then you can see some other ones here, but here you can see these are. Warhammer Quest proxies punching Orc pretty cool, and yeah, in my opinion, These are probably just like the basics, the best places that I go to start outside of like being in the community and being on Facebook groups and read it and seeing what people are posting there. Because over time you’ll you’ll meet, I say meet, but you’ll get to know a lot of the other artists who are making stuff all the time, and you’ll get to know their styles, and you’ll decide which ones you kind of like the most, but that takes a while to start getting there unless you’re like, obsessed and looking at every single, Kickstarter and stuff and so on and so forth, right, alright, just sold me on the free stuff. Now, where can I find some paid files? But some really, really nice D&D Monsters, You’re probably already familiar like with Fat Dragon games because they’ve been around for so long or that had so many miniatures that they’ve made, and I’ve covered them a lot in this channel, so I want to talk about some other options. Maybe that aren’t as popular or you might not know of, and I say this because I still get comments in the Kickstarter. I still get comments on my Facebook page and stuff from people like I wanted under dark minute. I want under dark managers and terrain, and I realized that there’s just people that don’t know about some of the other Kickstarter’s that have gone on and so forth in terms of bulk value. I want to say, and just like collections of minis that I think would be good for different campaign settings. These are a lot of kick. Starters that have happened previously. Are some are going on right now. So just these are some things that I think are good and probably the best value we’ve seen up to this point in our community. So if you’re running like a CS campaign which you might be because of ghosts of Salt March, which is dropping very shortly as of filming this video, there’s a Kickstarter going on right now called depths of savage a tall and it’s by Evan Crothers cc3d who I have talked about before on this channel and it’s doing really well. It’s got 20 days to go, and he’s got so many things in here and just look at these paint ups. They’re beautiful and the minis in here. Beautiful, they’re super very and there’s every single type. He’s got so many stretch girls here That are more than just like the Seas. There’s jungle. There’s all sorts of things A swamp here, right, Merfolk City. Incredible value, definitely something to check out if you run any type of sea campaigner. If you’re interested in ghosts of salt marsh and the other thing campaign here that I think is worth checking out is the swamps of sorrow. Get that it’s a! Wow, some didn’t remember that. But there’s a Kickstarter going on by a their studios and they’ve also invested a lot there they just launched. This is their first. Kickstarter, but the models are really pretty nice, and they have covered swamps like extremely thoroughly just some beautiful projects. I’ve seen some of these paint jobs. Look, they’ve got these swamp with swamp rat Pats. But again, this is what I’m saying like. You’re not really. If you’re new to this community, You’re not gonna find out about these really quickly and so coming on these kicks. I’ve seen the free models that they’re giving away like this swamp rat pack right now, these cool. Toa these different things that they have here. It’s just a really good way for you to kind of get familiar, but it takes a while to get there just why. I’m sharing this because if you’re running a water campaign in any store, you’re by a swamp or jungle, anything like that. I think these are pretty much the best value as far as how much you can get for it. Usually 60 to 70 dollars. You get like anywhere. From 50 to 100 Minis, a bunch of terrain pieces all the time. And in this case, their specialty is printing without supports, which is which is where they come. I know a lot of people ask for more support list miniatures, and this is kind of a good place to go and I know that in depths of savage atoll, a lot of their models print without supports -, especially for resin printers. So there’s that, so if you’re running like an under dark campaign, and you want a lot of DRO and draw Minis and like Spider? Nice, pretty much any type of minute. You can get from the Underdark. The best campaign I’ve seen is sky less realms and Scylla’s. Realms has left late pledges available still, and its just incredible value like every single time. I need a drill. They have stuff here and yeah, it’s just it’s awesome. It’s pretty amazing if you want a Hel campaign, then the one that I can suggest is hell hath no fury. Keep stirring. This is by Morgan Morgan. More a 3d printed a printed obsession on my manufactory. It’s legit. Yeah, pretty much every type of demon. I would say more demons and Devils and a lot of other really clever stuff. Lots of Minis on here. – they’re gonna be fulfilling through my money factory soon. So I’m not sure if they have everything available or not, but they do, you can check out a goal. Jesse’s video. You did a review video on them, and it’s pretty awesome, so yeah, link down below the other option if you’re going to is kingdoms of Hell by ill-gotten gains and you can purchase some of these things on their store as we’ll have kind of started back a whole bunch of stuff. But if you want Minis the use of some of their options, they have here super cool, really nice sculpts. If you have an undead campaign, there’s two kick starters that come to mind, it’s this one. The dungeon works monstrous encounters on Dead, Rising late. Pledge you can see me. Use some of these minis in the video that I talk about my D&D One-shot for Game of Thrones and I show some of these bananas, and I print them and paint them. There’s a lot more variety in here in this Kickstarter and they’ll print support lists as well, so they’re. They’re pretty pretty awesome, Definitely a very particular style -. If you want more realistic proportions, it’s not gonna be the best, but if you want a printable, they’re phenomenal, and he’s got all different kinds of zombies and undead there. The other option is cross. Lances and crops. Lances did a Kickstarter called the cemetery gate. They have this like cemetery gate stuff, but there’s a whole bunch of minis here and some of them have. These like interesting poses like this one like jazz hands. This is pretty cool. Yeah, a lot of these are cool like these. Banshees are awesome. You know, and someone stretch goal is really cool, too, but just another option for you guys too that. I’ve seen as far as like a bulk goes, and we’ve also made a lot of little Minis. You’ll see them all the time on the channel from our last Kickstarter, which you can see on our shop and we’re we’re always making stuff, so check out our stores. Another cool place that you could look if you are interested and it’s a great way to get some cool models and support the channel as well if you find yourself going down that rabbit hole of looking through the 1500 menus that are available. Excellent, you’re not alone. It’s happen to all of us that are new, but really, you’ll probably enjoy this video. I tell you about ten minutes. Your modelers that I think you check out. That are worth your time. It’s a little more in-depth shows a lot more of actual prints. A bunch of models that I think are for people that are making stuff for our hobby. Don’t have video to enjoy. Thanks again for watching everybody. Happy printing and happy gaming [Music].

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