Dual Z Axis Ender 3 | How To Install Dual Z Axis On Creality Ender 3 Pro

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How To Install Dual Z Axis On Creality Ender 3 Pro


In this video, I’m going to install a dual z-axi’s on the Ender 3 Pro coming up on Zachary’s 3d prints, hello. I’m Zachary. And this channel is about 3d printing with tips, tricks, tutorials, how to review news, anything 3d printing or 3d printer related. You can find right here on this channel. If you’re new here and not subscribed yet, please consider subscribing and hit the notification button to get the latest news and updates right in your Youtube alerts and thanks for being here So like mentioned in the intro. Today I’m going to install a dual Z-axi’s upgrade kit on my ender3 pro. If you have an Ender 3 or a Android 3 version 2 or any other 3d printer from creativity that has a single lead Screw for the z-axi’s. Then this kind of upgrades you can also do as well. Gearbest hooked me up with the dual Z axis kit. No money was exchanged for a better review. This is a fair and honest review about this product. So the kit came in a few weeks ago in this kit. There is the Stepper Motor, a coupler elite screw the brackets, some fasteners, some nuts and also a cable and an instruction manual for the cable, one end goes onto the controller board and the other two are going to each Stepper motor. If you have a stock energy board or a normal stock reality board with a single connector for the Z-axis, it’s no problem because this cable is going to attach on both sides of the Z-axi’s So on both of these Stepper Motors and also in the kit is a little bracket for your power supply unit to move away from the Z Axis frame on this side or else you cannot attach the lead screw and the stepper motor on that side. So the first thing that we need to do is take away the power supply unit from the right hand side to be able to install the upgrade kit, so then we are going to attach the bracket for the Stepper motor to the stopper motor and we are going to install the Stepper motor to the aluminum extrusion on the back side. Make sure that the Stepper motor is touching the base of the ender 3 frame. At this stage, you can also choose to attach your coupler to the Stepper motor, and then we are going to loosen the screws from the bracket. That is already there, so you have two screws here and one in the aluminum extrusion. You can get there with your Allen Key on the back side. You take a little wrench and you keep the lock nut tight so that you can unscrew all the screws so and then we are going to attach the back plate and so we need to take the three long screws That came with the kit, and we put the two spacers and the wheels on the outer side and put the other spacers in there as well. Make sure that everything is loose enough so to help yourself a little bit more in this process on the back side. There are two black screws with some t-nuts in the 2020 aluminum extrusion. So you have more room to get both brackets onto the long screws. If done, you’re going to tighten everything. Also the black screws and make sure that the bracket is running smoothly over the 2040 aluminum extrusion. So after we’ve done that we are going to flip the 3d printer over and then we are loosing the screws to get the cover from the control box and we are going to disconnect the Z Stepper Motor Cable that is already there, and then we take the cable from the kit and we put the one connector into the Free Z-axi’s Connector, Then we lead one end to the left side of the 3d printer and make sure that every cable is well enough routed and that you have nice airflow within your controller box and the other cable goes to your brand New Stepper Motor. So after we’ve done that we close the controller box with the cover. Make sure that everything is well enough clear and that the fan can spin freely. Then we flap the 3d printer back on its legs and we are going to attach the Stepper Motor Cables to the Stepper Motors, but be aware. If you have some issues, check your cable. The original cable from Creality that is on the Stepper motor already attached. It’s flipped on the middle sides. Those two cables are flipped. Check the cable from your kit. If those two in the middle are flipped or not, if not, then you take a little screwdriver, you put it in one of the little holes and take the connector out. Switch the two and then put it back in and then connect it to your stepper motor because I have my power supply unit installed underneath my y axis. I don’t have to do this step, but if you have your power supply unit on the side, then you need to have the brackets. You’re going to install the brackets next to each other on the case from the power supply unit and install it on the side of the base from your ender tree or your endertree pro. So now we are going to install or attach the lead screw for that. It’s very simple. Take the lead screw, put it into the lead, screw nut on the back side of the bracket and let the lead screw to the rest itself once it is in the coupler. Just tighten it and make sure that it is tight enough. So then we move the gantry all the way up, and then we are going to attach the lead screw holders for the top. Make sure if you do that that they are straight and that they don’t move that much anymore. Before you’re going to use the 3d printer, make sure that you are putting some grease on the lead screw. So as you can see, it runs very smoothly. It’s very silent as well. So why do a dual Z-axi’s upgrade Well, in case in this case for body-style extruder? You have less swag here on this side, so you don’t notice it, but sometimes you need to level this side of the bed more than than that side every time I have to those problems. Why because the Stepper motor on one side is pushing and pulling on the whole gantry and to avoid that it’s better to have a dual Z-axi’s upgrade. This kit was sended to me by gearbest. I will put the affiliate link in the description of this video, but in general, what do I think about this kit well? The kit is normal to install. With some little instruction, you get some black and white instruction. I think it’s it’s terrible. You will see on the instruction what you have to do, but not all pictures are very clear because it is in black and white. I hope this video will help you with installing a dual z-axi’s. Lead screw kit in this kit. Everything what you will need is included a stepper motor, a coupler. The lead screw the holders, the bracket screws spaces. Everything everything you will need. You will find here in this kit. Also a cable with one connector for your main board and two connectors for both Z-axis Stepper Motors in case. If you have a big three tech SKR MINI e3 version two board, there are two connectors for the z-axis for a dual z-axi’s support. So and that is the installation. I’m very happy with it. There are some other things coming in the near future. But I won’t spoil anything else. I think the end result it’s looking amazing, right. This video is supported by these patreon supporters, Tony Shannon, lawyer, Moses and Michael. Thank you for your awesome support. You can also join them by supporting this channel. The patreon link I’ll put in the description of this video. If you’re still watching this video, thank you. You are amazing on the end card. There are some recommended videos worth watching and while you are there. Check out our merch store to support this channel. Please, like this video. Share this video with other people. And, hey, let’s make some fun. With 3d printing zuckery 3d prints, bye-bye [Music].

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