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I’m the sugar, not be sundaes with Jesse. I’m Jesse. And just about every other Sunday or every few Sundays or any given Sunday. I like to just randomly chat with you guys about stuff that. I’m working on, We’re just general updates of stuff That’s going on with me. So hope you guys are doing well one thing. I wanted to let you know, is I’m very excited. I’m gonna be attempting to learn something new, and that is ZBrush. So this is a CAD design tool that’s sort of like digital sculpting for anybody. That’s not familiar with what that is. Typically, that is a pretty expensive entry point to get into the software it’s typically. I think eight hundred plus dollars to jump in on that software, and I’ve always been interested in it, but that’s that’s a huge price to pay, but thankfully, just recently, they’ve announced a subscription model that you can pay under month-to-month or every six months, or I think once a year I can’t quite remember, so I’ve just signed up for their six month plan, and I’m gonna be testing it out here over the next few months and trying to design some of my own stuff, so I’m gonna be doing a lot of online tutorials and watching videos online just to better familiarize myself with how to use this software application also very excited that I will hopefully having tested that out just yet, but I should be able to stream this application from my Macbook to my iPad using Astro Pad, which will allow me to use my Apple pencil to then design with a pencil on my iPad on like a touch display versus a mouse and keyboard type setup, so this should be really cool very excited about this. I will see what I can do with this. I’ll probably be posting stuff over on social media, probably on Instagram and Twitter and all other stuff. So follow me there If you’re not already because I’m sure I’ll be sharing some of the horrible things that I try to design there. It’ll be a little scary at first. I’m sure the other thing I want to let you know is. I’m working on a really cool 3d printed action figure with 3d zip guide. This is a zip-tie action figure, and I’m super excited. I printed almost all the parts on the in a cubic photon, which is a resin 3d printer, And I getting some seriously nice results off of that machine. Yeah, I’m kind of blown away. I was having a lot of issues with that printer. Originally after I rly got it and had issues with resin curing on this screen. I was able to finally get all of this resolved and cleaned up and have been just and have just been plugging away on these prints so again over the next handful of weeks. I’ll probably be working on this behind the scenes and then putting out a full video on this. I’ll have links down below to 3d zip guys Youtube channel along some of his social media links as well as to his Gumroad account. I think is where he’s actually selling. These so very excited about this on if you guys aren’t aware. I huge toy junkie nerd, so yeah. This is right up my alley. My new Black Panther mug great. It’s like a $3 score. I think not a bad haul, so I really want to talk with. You guys about like the title said in the video is. I’m seriously addicted to three printing as I’m sure. Quite a bit of you are or a number of you. Are that watching these videos That are also 3d printing? However, This is more specific to 3d printing projects, starting a project and never finishing it and I just wanted to share with. You guys the absurd number of projects that I’ve started with the intentions of actually completing and sharing with you guys are just completing and putting on display for myself in my collection, But for whatever reason have just shelved the project. And you know, something sparkly has caught my eye and I’ve moved on to something else, so I just wanted to go and give you guys a run-through of some of the things that you’ve might have seen in the background of some of my videos or maybe it’s in my workshop or here even and just cover some of those projects, so you guys can get a glimpse into the madness of what goes on here at my little workshop, also for anybody out there that does not have a 3d printer and is thinking about getting a 3d printer be warned it is highly addictive. Once you start printing projects, you want to continue to print projects until you’ve run out of space for all of the projects that you’re printing or your bank accounts have gone so low that you can no longer afford filament to print with so before. I run off to the workshop room and grab on less stuff, yeah? I figured I’d just go behind me here. Typically what I have in frame. Is, you know, stuff that I finished and I’ve worked on it? Maybe a video of and shared it with you guys, but below the shelf stuff that has not been finished. Let me grab the camera and show this to you guys. All right, so first up here is a bunch of red hood helmets. That’s the do do 3d helmet. This is from Colonias the black one here, and that’s the broken neurons, and then the mask there that was gonna be a red hood facemask. That’s also from Colonia there. Yeah, just never got around to finishing these guys. If you look closely behind this red hood element, you’ll see the blaster from Blade Runner 2099 That’s a 3d workbench special there. Sorry, Yuri. That’s one more to add to the the collection. The let’s see we’ve got the fortnight mask here. There’s a pepakura helmet. Ironman here is a Roman gladiator helmet that I’ve started. Here is a 1 million plus view. Deadpool, helmet, facial mask. That’s just on the floor, not even on display. And it actually has a little bit of a crack there on the side. This was let’s see an Iron. Man helmet that I was working on. That was from the DA Gama dogma 3d printer, And I was gonna show you guys how you could actually weld pieces together. Use a smaller printer to make full-size props, actually. I think that’s all that’s on the back. And, of course, here’s cables. BFG from deadpool to actually just recently broke this again. Not anywhere that I used 3d glue to weld the pieces together, it was just. Pl a piece parts that snapped. So I need to reglue that attached, actually. I think that happened when I was doing something with this helmet. Maybe or a face mask. I also have this national shotgun from Gears of War that I never got around finishing and essentially I do think I broke that recently. I also have an external helmet that I started to finish. It’s all sanded for the most part. I just need to actually finish putting on the carbon fiber. Wrap which again I did a video on and never returned to. I also have this awesome Shadow Hawk helmet from the broken nerd that he modeled for me and I’ve again Never gotten around to finishing and there is. Its counterpart here that I also printed on another machine still supports on. There haven’t even removed those yet soon. Soon, my friends. Hey, do you like? Captain America. There’s a Captain America helmet that I started and never finished that put it horribly. Hey, remember in Bacchus mask? Well, here’s two challahs that again. It still has all that supports on it eventually. I’ll get to finishing this one here. I’m the juggernaut, just hope zero. Wait, wait! This is a scorpion scorpion mask so on the workbench, which is an absolute disaster. We have another 2099 blaster! There is a Zelda sword that I believe this just needs to be a lightly sanded at this point. Actually, you know what, it’s the lighting and it here is horrible. Let me grab all the stuff and bring it in the other room. Here’s one that I honestly can’t believe. I haven’t finished already. Storm breaker from Infinity War. This is from the broken nerd. Great file, Absolutely great file, huge, huge print. Put it in wood here for the handle its. Lovely, it’s absolutely still smells like wood as well got the manhole covers. This was a video. I did a good while ago and surprised I haven’t gone back and actually painted. This would be a great display piece and easy enough to finish, but just haven’t gotten around to it. Thor’s swords from Thor Ragnarok. That is hard for me to say Red X from Teen Titans here are parts of Lokis omit from Thor Ragnarok might be hard to tell from this break here, but this is a really large black panther statue that I’ve fully printed and scaled up, actually printed this smaller as well and resin, and I just never got around to assembling it and painting it. Go figure pistols from villainous props. I think these were for tonight, but what’s really cool Is they have screw on suppressors that you can add to them. Oh, man, this is an awesome prop! I actually forgot that I was putting this all together. This is again by the broken nerd. This is one of his earlier files. This is something that he was sharing on. Rpf forums And I think it’s still up on Thingiverse it. I believe it is. Yeah, never got around to finishing this and I just found it in a box in my workshop. I completely forgot. I had put this together. I think I have three or four. Thor Ragnarok helmets floating around, remember? I was talking about Captain. America helmets. I have easily like six different Captain. America helmets. All right, These are parts of killed mongers. Mask from Black Panther. Winter soldiers armed. I forgot how sharp this was on the inside. Oh, my God, here’s cap shields from infinity war. These were from Neko Industries. These might still be free on his website. Actually, here’s one of the junk collector’s masks from Thor Ragnarok, from that scene where he first lands on. Skaar it’s a car. It’s a car. Stark came around the process of plant. I have a fairly large box filled with prints. This is the Batman from Justice League movie where he had the armored tactical suit. These are all of the parts at costume. I printed everything from that and just haven’t done anything with them. Here’s the mask from that costume as well. Actually, here’s the neck piece from that entire costume, and I had this idea that I was gonna after I printed this. Get it all cleaned up and pieced together and then make a mold out of it so that I could make it out of a flexible rubber, just flexible, printable, not printable moldable materials. They’re from smooth on and never got around with that. I think this would be really cool. Just as a generic neck piece for other costumes. Kill longer’s helmet from black panther, man. This came out really great, but it’s look at it failed on the top. I think I have a fully printed version here but again. It was just a little too small for me to get my head in was the problem. All right, might be hard to tell from this one print here, but I have again a box full of bb-8 head parts. This was a replica full-size bb-8 heads that I printed. Oh, man, I can’t believe I never finished this. This was raised blaster. I still have these Deadpool parts from that last bill that I did last really big build. This is from the Great Carmelo Nazario and yeah, this is one of these that I have been meaning to redo for a very long time because I would love to have one of these on display in my collection. Sneaky, sneaky yalls, Wolverine. Are you guys familiar with taskmaster from the Marvel? Comics, here’s the alternate costume version of this and last, but not least is Doctor Doom himself. I have printed easily a dozen of these. This was the original test file that I would use for a lot of my printers just because it was something that I could print in about a day or more and I always loved how it looked. And I’ve never gotten around to actually finishing one of these. I really really should just take a little bit of time and finish this, actually. I think this was a file that I modified and added some some loops here for straps so that you could actually wear this and have it stick to your head. Obviously alright, everything as best. I could in one clear view. I guess you could say what’s crazy to me. Is that still a ton that I did not show you? That’s just small printed projects that are just in multiple pieces and that there are boxes that I can’t get to this storage area. Yeah, what’s crazy is? This is what happens. We have a 3d printer. You start working on one project. See something sparkly. I just want to say thanks again for watching you guys. Hopefully usually checking out a large majority of what? I have back workshop area that hopefully I’ve finished a small percentage of this at some point in time, but it’s time to say thanks again for watching you guys, and I will see yall next time. Bye now! [MUSIC] Oh, my god, now! I remember why this is scale a little bit too. Small [Music].

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