Dremel Digilab 3d20 3d Printer Review | Dremel Digilab 3d20 (idea Builder), Unboxing And Review!!! | 3d Printing

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Dremel Digilab 3d20 (idea Builder), Unboxing And Review!!! | 3d Printing


[MUSIC] how’s it going, everybody? We are here for my. Dremel 3d 20 or idea builder, unboxing and review. I am really excited for this. I’ve done this before with my model Prize bottle that I got. You guys have to go watch that, but I use Linux and it is not good for Linux. You wanna know why there’s also beyond that on my channel? So make sure to check that out, but right now we’re going to get into the unboxing and review so as you can tell right now. I’m unboxing it. I what I’m gonna do while Unboxing is. I’m gonna go over the printer specifications. It’s the Dremel 320 It has a zero point. Four millimeter nozzle prints, plae. I think that’s all it really prints. I don’t remember. I don’t have a list of specifications up from just going off the top of my head. It’s a nice printer. It’s got a removable build plate, so you don’t want to try and get to build the build off of the plate inside the printer. You can take that out. It also pulls the filament inside the only thing about that is it only fits a certain size of spool. So you can print an external holder. If you’re using Windows, you can connect to the printer via their software. You are using Linux. I advise you’re gonna need an SD card and you’re gonna want to download Kirra and then get the three Dremel 3d xx add-on, and then it works fairly. Well, so prints here in a little bit, but yeah. It works really pretty dang well. There are some things that I will go over that. I wish was a little bit better, but yeah. I’ll let you guys go ahead and finish the unboxing and I will catch you all once. The Unboxing Stuff [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] all right, so now on to the print time-lapse, so while these are going? I want to be talking about the pros of this printer. It’s enclosed for me. I needed that because I’m inside of him. My family office candidates were just my family hangs out where all the computers arm stuff. And I have my siblings running away around, so I didn’t want a open 3d printer. The interface user interface is very user friendly, big touchscreen, big icons. You need to use the leveling system. It’s not automatic leveling but is fairly simple, so that is really nice. Just how simple it is really nice. You literally it’ll. Get it to a spot and you twist knobs on the bottom, and you slide the paper in and out underneath and until there’s a little bit of resistance, then go to the next spot. Next spot and it’s. It works really well. I haven’t really encountered much problems with the leveling system. Lid comes off, the door opens as a magnet close, so it just stays closed. Some pretty nice play and with that. I will catch you all once. The printer claps are done [Music] [Music] All right, so now we got some pictures of the Prince here and I’m gonna go over some of the cons, so we’re gonna start out with the bedsheet. It was the very first. Benjy, I did and as you can tell. It did not print well now. This is the first print. I sliced and printed the first print. I went straight off the printer and printed there test print as you can see right here. It’s the Frog on the top of the Dremel. Did you love logo with the build on on the side? Now it printed really well. I was pretty happy with it. Some of the overhangs. There’s a couple spots where it wasn’t too happy with as you can see underneath the arms just didn’t do too well other than that. I did really well. I was very impressed for the first print, but yeah, then I went and printed the bed sheet and it got worse from there. The front slope was really terrible underneath. Just they’re supposed to be text on there and it did not turn out well at all. The little circle whole thing on the back is terrible like it didn’t get in the filament or something and it’s just depressing. The overhangs on the door. Were pretty good in the holes in the front. They were pretty good, but it wasn’t very impressing. I printed that with a slicer or sliced the rear If you appear the 330 professor, I feel like that’s. What a shame on me was! I forgot, Oh, put it in the air here, but yeah. Pringles slicer And I looked up the settings on just online, and I found some settings that somebody was using and they said it worked well. I’ll post a video for the basic settings and the stuff to get this running later on, so make sure to subscribe and stay tuned for that, lets. Get back into this then. I did tweak with those settings. Didn’t do any didn’t tweak any of the settings that he said, like, no, nothing different. Just put in the stuff that he said to do, and this one came out. Now the bottom and the edges are so much better. Look extremely better, But the overhangs were terrible. It made some things better made. Something’s worse, so I was very not impressed with that, but it was getting in the right direction, so I went ahead and tweaked some more settings. I Shrunk the layer height, and I think I sped it up or slowed it down. I don’t remember, but I did that, and it turned out like this now again. The sides are nice bottoms. Nice, but the overhangs. They’re a little bit better, but they’re not that much better, so I wasn’t that happy or impressed with it. So then I went ahead and I printed this one now. This one was with Kiera with the plug-in and on the bottom. You can actually see the text for the first time, so there’s a shout out to CT 3d XYZ. But yeah, you can actually see that And the edges was they had these dots popping up on the sides, And I don’t know what that was from now again. I didn’t tweak any of these things. This we’re just straight from the cure Plugin. So yeah, and the little pipe thing on the back again was terrible like the first time, but the overhangs they were pretty good. I was happy with the overhangs there. Is that little indention on the front that I’m not too happy with, but it’s pretty dang nice, so I went ahead and I tweet some of the things myself to try and fix mainly that side. The bumpiness and I did. I think all I did was shrunk the layer height because it was at least zero point, Two or something and I did and turned out really nice. The layer, the outside turned out really nice overhang was pretty good when the holes up front the smokestack in the back. I think s would have called the smokestack out of memory, But this little pipe on the back was really good, but I was in the middle of hole and I wanted to show the people in the call. I pray that was going because I couldn’t really move my webcam too far. So I did with my printer over and I ended up unplugging the printer mid print. So yeah, it didn’t finish printing, so that’s that, but yeah, those are the all the benches. I print now that last one. The edges look nice. I think it would have been really nice if I’d finished it, so I went ahead and went on printing from there, but let’s go back. There’s this other print, the baby out of print. I did it with the slicer settings After I. I think it was with the same set like the it was the second time I tweaked it. I put in the settings on from online, and then I tweaked them and I printed that Benxi. And then I printed this overnight and it printed better than I thought it would especially on the shirt or whatever he’s wearing that printed pretty dang well on the edges, the sleeve, where the sleeve and the shirt meets, was terrible. The hands were absolutely garbage. The overhangs also garbage, the face. You can tell his so many lines and the ears underneath the ears Were terrible. The head terribles. I was not impressed so then after I got all the Cure stuff done. I went ahead and printed it again and it changed drastically so much better. The shirt again is pretty good where it connects the shirt and the sleeve it wasn’t. I wasn’t too impressed. The hands are a little bit better. Still, not the best that might just be the slicing software. Though cuz they’re very small. The face is drastically better, like barely any lines on their top. The head’s really good. It did wear the print ended. It just pulled her it up and there’s a little bump. I think I could just stay in that down. Look, it looked fine, but years worse, a whole lot better to like, insanely better, but there are still a little bit because that’s where the supports were and the sports in turn out too. Well getting those off and stuff, so that kind of stinks. But I was really happy with that compared to what I had what I had before so I went ahead. I was like, okay. I’m gonna print one more test print, and I printed this 3d printer test print, and there are parts that I was really happy with, like the wall and the side, where it says 3d printed test was really nicely. Done the little straight, just blocks. Basically, we’re done pretty well. The text on top was not readable. There’s the whole test. That’s like the only one you can read, but the stringing on little pipes that come up are terrible. The bridges were pretty good. I was pretty ok with that. The pipes that come up, Were not very impressive, but the main thing was the overhang. The overhang was terrible. And this little bridge. Well, it’s not even a bridge like a diving board with a little edge on it. That was also terrible, so it cannot print over open ground. That is for sure, but that overhang. I think it’s because it’s open ground. It’s terrible, so you want to have supports with this printer. That is for sure if you guys know anything. Any ways to get rid of some of the problems. I’m seeing though you guys can see him. Please join the discord links in the description. And let me know because I’m new to this. I have a few buddies and I watched videos on Youtube. But I’m really knew this. So you guys can put that down description. That’d be great, so yeah, let’s go back to that, baby. Yoda, though that was the best print I’ve had so far that in the original frog showing up right now, those were the best prints I’ve had, but then I put in black PLA filament that I bought from Dremel when I bought the printer. It came with the white filament, but I went ahead and bought the black filaments. I knew I wanted another roll and I put it in, and it’s just not printing well now. I put that stuff in. I did the what it said. I cut it! I cut the filament and then it. It told me to inserts was he is so I did and all that and ever since I put that in, it’s not sticking to the build plate. I mean, it is in certain spots, but it’s not, and when it starts to lay down filming, it moves like a long ways from where it should have started and then start sending it like it. It’s trying to set it out, but it’s just not sticking for so long and then just just a clump of filament and I don’t know what to do. I am really confused on why it’s doing that. I think it’s the nozzle. I’m gonna try and clean that out and see if that’s the problem. If you guys know, I can’t turn this cord, let me know because I am really confused, but hopefully I can get that running and get some more prints out. So that is my ravit. Well, let’s recap three of you unboxing. It was box very well there. You go nothing really about that print specifications. It’s got a okay. Build volume for all. I need back, so I’ve got a big one. Of course, Probably once I either get my own room or move out or something a few years, but I’ll eventually in a big one, but this will work for now. The prints they started out from the printer. The already sliced just on the printer turned out Really well getting the that same quality print and stuff like Keira and Slicer. It has been really difficult, so if you’re not gonna use their saw order if you’re on links, then you gotta be a little bit techie, but if you’re on Linux, you’re gonna be techy most likely if your own windows throw in their software and it’ll work fine for you. Just go ahead and throw that in boom. You’ll be good. This printer is I am I’m pretty impressed. I still if you’re beginner, and you are using Windows or Mac. Get the monoprice box. So that’s my recommendation, but if you want something bigger, and if you want to use the Linux, we’ll see how the Dremel does make sure to subscribe and we’ll go on a journey together because right now I’m still learning and trying to get it to work and the tips that I have. I’ll make sure to put on here, so you guys can go along with me. But overall for this printer? I like it. It’s a good printer. It is beginner friendly, Of course, like every printer has. Its things that you got to work out, but I am really enjoying this, and I hope that we can have a lot of fun with this printer. So yeah, as I said, what three times already make sure to subscribe so you can stay with me on this journey? Make sure to leave a like if you enjoyed the review if I helped you out trying to find a printer by, I also have a video on the channel about how to find a printer to buy, It’s not like all those videos where they’re like, a whole bunch of questions, it’s. I think 5 or 6 steps to easily just find a printer. Narrow it down and you’ll be good. I also have some blender tutorials and three modeling gonna have some animation’s game, Two element, 3d printing. It’s gonna be on here, so make sure you subscribe and yeah. I will catch yall the next episode, the way [Music].

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