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3d Printed Star Wars: Disney Infinity Jabba The Hutt Figure


Now you may have noticed a bit of a difference in the opening for this episode, and that’s not intended to replace the usual opening. It’s rather a alternate opening that I’m going to be using for a series of features about 3d printing as it relates to Star Wars. As I mentioned in an earlier video. I recently got a 3d printer and I’ve been experimenting with all the things you can do. There’s all kinds of models and other projects that you can download and print and the first one. I looked for, of course, was Jabba the Hutt and there’s not a huge amount available out there, but I did find this model. This is the well. This is first of all a model that I found on Thingiverse, which is a site where people can upload models that they’ve made or found. And you can download them to print yourself. And basically, they’re all free this. I did not originally. I could not originally tell what it was. Because the person who had uploaded, it did not really label it as such, and they did not that they made a sort of a sample model that was very small and difficult to see the details, but as it turns out, this is the job of a Hutt from Disney Infinity 3.0 the Star Wars version. This is as far as I can tell taken directly from the game. Someone basically, you know you can rip it from the the PC version of the game and just sort of upload it for 3d printing without much changes. I was really excited to see that because you see Jabba the Hutt in the game is a non-player character. He is in the game and he’s got a fairly major role, but he’s never gonna be a character that you can control, And that means also that he will never be a character that you can buy as a figure now as you may know if you’ve played something like infinity or Skylanders or any other game like that, the games have figures that you buy in the store and then you take them home and you put them on the base of the the game and and that allows you to use that character the game and mostly just because of his size and because of other reasons. I suppose to Java is not going to get that treatment and there’s never gonna be a figure of him made. I would assume, however, because I have a 3d printer. I now have a figure of that. Java, and you know, I was really happy about that One thing, though. I noticed right away was especially when you print it big like this. He’s got a lot of facets on his body’s kind of got a geometrical computerized look to him, and you know, it looks cool. I actually really like this. This look, it looks. It looks cool, but it doesn’t really look like this in the game and the game, he looks more normal like a cartoon character, and you don’t see all these facets, and I think a large part of the reason for that is that they they cover it with textures, you know, computer graphics that obscure a lot of these these triangles and things, so what I decided to do was to use my very shaky 3d modeling skills and create a smooth out version of this model, And I did that with this right here. This is actually the version that I made with all the facets and everything removed and it came out surprisingly. Well, especially because I don’t really know what I’m doing for the most part. I’m still learning as I go, but yeah, nice and smooth. This looks a lot more like what he looks like in the game he looks. I really like this this mouth with the tongue inside and everything like that. But I find this at the highest resolution that my freighter can handle, which is 0.1 millimeters a tenth of a millimeter for each layer and it came out Really nice and smooth. You can barely tell that there’s any kind of layering and I wasn’t happy with it. It took quite a while. I can’t remember exactly how long to print, but you know, these are the kind of things where you basically have to set them overnight. So with this success. I decided to go ahead and paint It. Fact I printed off his throne as well. I sort of I did sort of mimic the color scheme from the game, but I didn’t try to make it exact or anything. I just sort of did my own thing a little bit the throne. I did not alter, but I think you came out pretty well, and you know, it was. Its already angular to begin with. So if there are any facets or anything, It’s not really that big of a deal one thing. I did notice, though, even when I printed it quite large at the scale. The rings in the gargoyle’s mouth did not print properly that they were just all sort of squiggly, and then they broke off right away. They clearly weren’t really designed to be printed that way, so what? I did was to replace these with metal rings, and then I painted it painted at all. And, of course we got Java here as well and I’m actually really impressed. At how well this turned out. I mean, especially because you know you wouldn’t. I don’t think be able to tell that this was 3d printed unless I told someone or if you looked at it really closely in certain places, maybe you’d be able to tell if you knew what you were looking for, But generally speaking, looks like, you know, a statue or a figure and here are a couple of infinity figures just to give you an idea of scale. I think in the game they show some job as being really quite large and maybe larger than he actually should be relative to humans. But I think this is a nice scale for him. I couldn’t really print it any bigger on my computer or on my printer rather so. I’m happy with this. I also printed it off. This sign that you saw in the intro and this is done with. Makerbot’s app that they have. I don’t remember what it’s called, but it just allows you to put in text and you can add a little message that way. So anyway, this is the Disney infinity 3.0 Jabba the Hutt. And as I say, I want to do a whole series of sort of projects like this, having to do with 3d printing. There are all kinds of well. Star Wars, in particular is popular with sort of 3d enthusiastic seems. Because there’s really a lot of stuff out there and models you can print and paint. There’s prop replicas. You can make, you know that come with lots of different parts that you have to assemble. There are other things I have. I have some things sort of in the works that I’ve designed myself, so I think it would be. It would be a fun thing to do, and I hope you think so too. If you have any questions about 3d printing or about well, anything to do with this really, or if you have any comments or suggestions for projects, you’d like me to tackle. I can’t guarantee that I’ll be able to do it because these are often rather time-consuming projects, But I will certainly take it under advisement. And I’d certainly like to hear what you have to say and so until next time. Thank you very much for watching.

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