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Digital Light Processing Dlp 3d Printing Process


Hi, everyone, welcome back to another very often. Jeunesse Academy. So why is in our previous video? We have seen the processors of the 3d printing such as the stereolithography FD L. And SLS. So, in this particular video, we will learn another neutral, including technology, which is very much similar to the previous one that is signal lithography. So in this video, we have a children about the process, which is called as the DLT process that is nothing with a digital light processing so as the name itself indicates that so we or the light is required that is the processing will be carried out or as 3d manufacturing, rapid prototyping will be manufactured by using the light processing so in this particular. Dlp process the laser, which we have used in the studio lithography, is replaced by the arc lamp or as the source of light. So is if you’re new to my educational Channel Engineers Academy. Kindly consider your subscribing because your subscription really motivates me to make more of such educational videos and guys, please do share all of my videos to your friend’s family social networks, so let’s begin with our today’s topic that is of DLP digital light processing, so in order to understand today’s concept of DLP first, you have to watch that previous video of serial lithography because the equipment and the actual process of the curing and manufacturing of the 3d object is the same over here in the case of DLP, so DLP is very much equivalent to the stereo lithography. Except there is one deviation that is in case of studio lithography. We have used the laser, which will ultimately like project a 3d replica of the object on that surface of the white polymer and this particularly syn’s laser creates a layer on layer and it will like, prepare a 3d model or you will get a 3d prototype in the case of DLP. The laser is replaced by the arc lamp, basically a source of light, so this particular light gets projected in the form of the desired shape on the surface of the liquid black polymer and that particular liquid polymer gets hardened so very easily like they’re time-consuming in the laser to carry out a shape that particular time gets saved over here in the DLT, so DLP. We can say that this is the much faster process than studio lithography, but overall, the process and the equipment which are used with. These are everything so lets. Please watch my video of this streaming lithography. You can click here on a top right corner. Okay, and I’m not watching that video. You can continue watching this video of DLP so guys. I hope you have watched the previous video of the studio at the Brophy. Let’s continue with the DLT process. So now we are in the DLP process, the equipments which are used. I am wearing one same, so that is nothing other. Firstly, a computer is required. A liquid back polymer is required a tank is required and also that arrangement we can call it as a table, which is having the arrangement of the vertical lifting like it will move vertically upwards and downwards, so that also another that is also required and our clamp, which is with the LCD monitor so this was also required. So these are the equipments which are required in the DLP process, so the first process first stage in any rapid prototyping, or any 3d manufacturing process is to create the 3d model So now that particular 3d model or we can call it as a CAD 3d model gets extracted into the STL file thing so that I still file type is nothing but the standard dissolution language, which is nothing but the geometry of the required object. So this particular geometry consists of the different layers layers by layers. So this particular file will be an input to the 3d printer, and the 3d printer can only understand this still for a time so that the 3d printer can understand the instructions, which are there in the STL file. So when your this particular computer is connected to the source of fro light, we can call it as the arc lamp. This particular Arc lamp project, a different pre-requisite shape on the surface of the black liquid polymer. So when that particular light gets projected on the surface of the liquid polymer, the surface on the liquid polymer hardens to very much rapidly and the first layer gets created, so for the second layer, this particular team will move upwards so that the another layer gets formed earlier and then the process one gets repeated, though, like the light gets projected on the surface of the liquid bed polymer and the second layer gets created, so so as to move on, the table will move upwards, and it will create the layers on layers on each other. This layers will fuse together with your like with the consecutive layers, and the 3d model gets extracted or as the 3d model gets extruded in that particular liquid polymer resin. So this is how the DLP process actually works. So willya? The main parameter is nothing, but the time is saved. We are in the DLV process rather than in the case of the studio lithography as in case of studio lithography. We have used the lasers, which will take time to draw the 2d shape on the surface of the liquid polygon. The metals, which are used, are mainly nylon. ABS and most other materials are the like thermoplastics so in the liquid form, a lot of the integrate shapes or as we can call it as the irregular shapes can be manufactured very easily by this particular process, but other like the overhangs and the undercut also required some sort of supports such as in the case of Syria lithography. In that case, we also need some sort of the external support, but OEO, also in this particular process, we also need some sort of the external support because the process is very much similar. The arrangement of the in this particular process can be of the table, which will move vertically upwards and downwards. This is the first arrangement. The second arrangement can be of the side moving table, so in this particular side moving table, that particular table gets slides upon the surface of the liquid polymer to create another layer on layer object, so it will slide on the surface and simultaneously it will move upwards, so this arrangement is very common and nowadays most of the printers. These are using this kind of arrangement now this. Dlp 3d print technology is much faster and this type of the printers can produce the can bring the objects with higher resolution in very much less time. There are some sort of the DLP printers such as envision fake ultra miecraft high resolution 3d printer and Luna Wast XG2. So these are the some sort of the examples of winters, which are available in the market right now, so moving ahead towards the application of this particular. Dlp printers, such as like DLV printers, can be very much useful in the prototyping or all as we can call it as the master pattern making in the different investment casting processes. Also the most of the functional prototype testing equipments can be very much easily manufactured with this particular. Dlp process, the complicated shapes, which are required in the jewelry design, can be easily manufactured by using this type of 3d printing technology. So this kind of DLP printers are used in the low volume limited edition products, which are used in manufacturing industry, which which will have the some sort of the complex geometries. So this type of technology can be useful in the circuit designing the circuit can be directly 3d printed on the required object and it will give you the flexibility of the design, so if you talk about the like the further processing like when the part gets 3d printed from the particular printer, there are the further processing that we require like removing the extra plastic material, Okay, that will add act as a support, basically in the process of curing and some sort of the oil painting or we can call it as the adding on primer coating to anything so this type of the finishing operations, which are carried out on that particular 3d printer object to improve the surface finish and the aesthetic looks so base as we have seen that this. DLP process is very much similar to the stevia lithography process. Except the laser is replaced by the arc lamp. So this particular apply arc lamp projects The cross-sections. Basically, we can call you can see over here. This arc lamp projects the cross-section and this particular different cross sections produce different layers and the total the 3d model gets extracted. We can call it as the 3d model gets extruded from the liquid polymer. So this is how this? Blp process actually works so guys. In this particular video, we have seen the process of BLP. It’s some equipment. It’s the actual process, its applications. So if you’re having any doubts any queries, please leave a comment and please do subscribe to my education channel engineers. Akari, thank you. So much guys for watching this educational video [Music].

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