Difference Between Sketchup Free And Pro | Sketchup Free Vs Shop Vs Pro – Which One Should You Choose?


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Sketchup Free Vs Shop Vs Pro - Which One Should You Choose?


What’s up, guys? Justin here with the sketch of essentials, Compaq with another sketch up quick video for you. So in this video, I wanted to talk about some of the differences between the desktop pro version and the online free version of Sketchup. Um, today’s video is brought to you by the Sketchup essentials course, the Sketchup essentials course. A course that I put together to basically help you take your Sketchup training to the next level. I get into everything from basic Sketchup tools to some advanced tools and modeling tactics, all the way into modeling for interior design modeling for layout and then some photorealistic rendering. So if that’s something you’re interested in, you want to get some more in-depth? Sketchup training. Make sure you check that out at the Sketchup essentials. Comm slash course. Now, let’s go ahead and just jump into it, so I’ve been getting more and more questions about this As time goes on, a lot of you may remember that last year. Sketchup decided to move all of their free modeling software over to a web-based app, while the pro version has remained a desktop app And pretty much everything that I teach on this channel is more centered around the pro version. But I wanted to talk through some of the differences just to give you an idea of the capabilities of each one and so to start off when you go to Sketchup S– website, what’s gonna happen? Is you’re gonna have a page? That looks kind of like this. Depending on what time you watch this video in the future, this may look a little bit different, but generally speaking, there’s gonna be a button on the front page that says, get Sketchup and so when you click the button on the front page where it gets Sketchup, it’s gonna ask you a question. And the question is if you plan to use Sketchup for professional work, personal projects or educational use, And I’m not really gonna get into the educational use section right now. I’m gonna focus on the professional work and the personal projects and which one you pick is going to determine which software you get directed to. So if you pick that use. Sketchup for professional projects What it’s gonna do is it’s gonna ask you to fill out your information and then it’s gonna take you to a download for the desktop version of Sketchup, which is Sketchup Pro and that’s gonna come with a 30-day free trial, so you can use the pro version of Sketchup for 30 days without having to pay for it. And then the other option is if you click on personal projects, then you’re gonna click. Next and that’s going to to the Web-based app version, which is the free version. And so I believe you may not need a Trimble account to download the pro version. You’re gonna need a Trimble. Connect account. I think to access the free version so basically what that’s gonna do if you select the free version is that’s going to take you to the Web app version, and so that’s that’s basically a version that lives inside an internet browser where you can actually fly around and do your modeling inside the browser itself, and so the first thing I wanted to talk about is you’ll notice that between the pro version and the online version, they look very different. So if I open up the pro version, you can see how I’ve got a series of tools at the top and at the side of my page and you can open up a bunch of different toolbars in order to access the different tools and then on the right-hand side of the page, you’ve got your tray, which is where all your information about your model basically lives and you can move that around in the desktop pro version in the Web-based version. They’ve kind of rolled everything up into these little toolbars on the side here. So it’s it’s a cleaner interface. You do have to go searching for some tools sometimes, but in this case, if you wanted to act access like, let’s say, let’s say you wanted to draw a circle, you would just click on this little square and you can see how this pops up a series of different options for the different tools. And then you click on them and then you can go in and work with your tools from there, so that’s really a personal preference thing to me and then on the other on the other side. All of your tray information is still over here and it’s a little bit different than the desktop version, so you’ll have to do a little bit of trial and error in here to really kind of understand where everything is, but the interface is just a little bit different and then at the top, you’ve got a very simplified interface that generally speaking is just for saving your model, so there’s a few other things in here like adding locations, some Trimble connect stuff, but generally speaking, you’re mostly just gonna save your model up here and so from a basic modeling standpoint. The web-based app is very similar to the Sketchup desktop version, So all the keyboard shortcuts are generally the same like you tack, tap the R key for the rectangle tool, tap the C key for the circle tool, your axis locking with the arrows when a tool is active or all still in there, so a lot of that basic stuff is in there in both the free and pro versions, and they’re working a lot of the same way. So like the follow me tool is still in there. If you wanted to create a sphere, the push-pull tool works now. Some tools like the offset tool. I found I can’t. Do the single click moving your mouse and then single clicking again to set it. You kind of have to click and drag for it to work properly and you can still type a value in while you’re holding your mouse button down, so I could type in five and hit the enter key in order to offset that five inches, but some of it works just a little bit different in the web-based version, but a lot of the basic functionality is still there things like the push-pull tool through objects. All of those are gonna be there on both the desktop and the pro version, so you do start running into some things in the free version that are different than the pro version, so things like keyboard. Modifiers seem to work about the same way. So if I use the Move tool to move this object and I tap the control key, you can see how it still operates copy mode, then I can type in, like times five or divided by five or whatever create different copies, so your keyboard shortcuts and everything like that work in a very similar way in this version, so really, where the difference comes in is there’s some functions in here that aren’t necessarily contained in the free version that are contained in the pro version so like, for example, if I was to fly around things like creating animations with scenes, You can do that in the pro version. I have not been able to find an option for saving views within the free version and that may be in there and I just haven’t been able to find it, but I have not been able to track that down So things like saving views with scenes aren’t contained in the free version. One of the big things is third-party extensions, so we do a lot of videos on the channel about third-party extensions and kind of extending sketch ups functionality. You’re not able to use those in the free. Verte, the free online version at this point. I would suspect that Sketchup is working on that functionality. But I don’t know that for sure. So one of the other things didn’t know, is you? Can you can apply different materials to objects in this version in a lot the same way, but if you were to come in here, for example, and the material library is still in here with things like asphalt and concrete and that sort of thing. But if you want to actually customize those materials, those are not available in the free version of Sketchup I will. I will note that there’s actually a third version of Sketchup that just came out called Sketchup Shop and Sketchup Shop allows you to customize materials. It also gives you access to the outliner, so the outliner is not available in the free version, but it is available in the shop version and the pro version. And so if you go to this URL Sketchup comm slash buy slash pricing, this will actually give you a pretty decent comparison between the free version, the shop version and the pro version, so the shop version is a new version that they just rolled out That basically allows you to use the Sketchup for Web version to do some like export of different files. You can import and export CAD files, vector images, raster images, so you can export images of things that you’ve modeled and you can like customize materials in here so basically, this is kind of the middle version between Sketchup free and Sketchup Pro that has some of that export functionality in case You’re doing something where you actually need to export this out of the web-based version, so the free version you get the basic modeling tools, you get some cloud storage and you do have access to the 3d warehouse. So if I was to go in here and I think the 3d warehouse. If you go to the component section on the right hand side, you can actually search the 3d warehouse and bring in models from the 3d warehouse into the web-based version. So you definitely still have that functionality in here. I’m not sure why that brought that and all the way over there, but so you can definitely bring in models from the 3d warehouse into your Sketchup free models and the other thing I’ll note is, you can also save your models by just going up and clicking on the Save button and you can save this, so I could say sketch a free example, and this will save this in the Trimble cloud and one thing that I think is confusing. A lot of people is you actually need to go inside this folder. In order to save this, so you can see how the save here button isn’t working. You need to go inside this folder and then find a place to keep this. So if I was to click on just in models, then I could save it in the folder for just in models, and I could open that up a little bit later, so that’s how you save. You can definitely save your models in the free version, and then the other thing that’s contained in the Sketchup shop version that isn’t in the free version is solid tools, which we’ve talked about a little bit in the pro version of Sketchup so and then the Sketchup pro version hasn’t really changed. You have all the Sketchup desktop tools as well as you can use third-party extensions and you get access to layout so as a general overview. Um, a lot of this depends on what you’re looking for. So Sketchup free does give you access to a lot of the core modeling functions that have always been contained in Sketchup. So if you’re just looking to do some basic drawing with like the push-pull tools and you just want to bring some things in from the 3d warehouse, it’s actually just it’s a fine choice for that kind of basic modeling, so Sketchup shop basically gives you the ability to take what you’ve made and export it in real-world formats. So if you’re doing something like woodworking or something like that, and you need to be able to print or export, then that’s probably a pretty decent option and then Sketchup Pro is what it’s always been. It has all the functions that we’ve always talked about within. Sketchup so based on that, you can kind of decide which one you want. And what’s gonna work for you. One last thing to note is if you decide that you want a free desktop version. Sketchup has left the Sketchup make free version from 2017 available for download. So if you’d rather have a desktop version, it’s a free version of the software. You’re not supposed to use it for commercial use, but if you want a desktop version, it’s got a little bit more functionality. You can go to the Sketchup comm slash, download, slash all and go down and download Sketchup make 2017 So hopefully this was helpful to you. I wanted this video to be kind of a reference for people that are trying to decide which version of Sketchup they want to use if they want to spend money on the pro version. That sort of thing, but leave a comment. Let me know what you thought about the video. What you think about the differences? I just love having that. Sketchup conversation with you guys. If you like this video, please remember to click that, like button down below. If you’re new around here, remember to click that subscribe button for New Sketchup content every week. If you like what I’m doing in this channel, please consider supporting me on patreon every little bit helps, even if it’s only a dollar a month. So make sure you check out that link in the notes down below, but in any case. Thank you so much for taking the time to watch this. I really appreciate it not will catch you in the next video. Thanks, guys.

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