Destiny Ghost 3d Model | Destiny Ghost 3d Printed Model


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Destiny Ghost 3d Printed Model


All the way out of the edge of the darkness. Last place for my touches. Hi, everybody, and welcome back to another episode of architect’s 3d printing today. I’m gonna show you something that I’ve printed in 3d and I think it looks so cool. And is this ghost from the Destiny? PD opinion with a loaded a 3d model from think averse by the name of Destiny Ghost first print snapped fear and the author is Lanie Zero, eight one five. I will let you the links in the description. In case you wanna download it and print it for yourself? We decided to print it in PLA, using different colors since the model is divided in different parts. And for that, we used bread, white, grey grass and yellow for the logo. This model has an option to put an LED in the interior, but we are not going to. Since this fluorescent yellow PLA will kind that glow in the middle. Okay, so after some hours of printing, I’m gonna show you the pieces that came out of the printer. First we have this fluorescent yellow part that I was talking about the two halves of the external shell, which we printed the white PLA as well as the logo in the nice support that was included in the model in Red PLA, we printed they support itself and also the colored extremes of the star and finally using grey PLA, we printed the sphere of the nucleus with the two separators the fourth clips necessary for the snug fit, as well as the main logo that will cover the floors. And you know, peace as you can see. I used brings to print all the pieces and I have not removed them yet. So what, what? I’m gonna do now real quick using a cutter [Music] once all the pieces are clean well. Put them in place and we will start with the assembly. We’ll stick the pieces with each other using a bit of superglue notice that I had to model again, The four square pins that attached all the parts together in the middle since they were designed with a tolerance of 0.06 something crazy and I remodeled them with a tolerance of 0.3 millimeters fitting my 3d printer quality and now printing them in lighter range to start. We’re going to assemble everything together without using super glue to check. If all the pieces are fitting in place, so we will take both halves of this sphere, and we will hold them together while we insert the separators from both sides as you can see here. [APPLAUSE] Then we will take help of the white star and we will insert the square pins in the holes meant for it, and after that we will take the correct parts we assembled before, and we are going to insert the square pins through the holes in the separators, finally closing it with the other half of the white star. As you can see, everything fits perfectly, so we are going to assemble everything again, but this time using Super [Music] and once we have the body assembled. We are going to install the final details, so we will start with the red corners and we are gonna stick them in place using superglue. Remember to only put this man drop each time and wait 10 seconds, applying some pressure, so it will stick after a couple minutes here. We have the body assemble. It looks pretty good, isn’t it now? We are going to blue. The logo understand, and we will do the same than before using some superglue getting these amazing results. [MUSIC] Finally we are going to install the main logo in the eye of the device. The model includes two different sizes to choose from, but we are going to install both of them in the top of each other. Because you know why not we’re gonna glue first? The floors in yellow to the ring in the great semi-sphere. And then we will stick the local cutouts in the top of that, all right, so these are the final pieces for the assembly and this is the final result. It looks quite good, isn’t it? [MUSIC] [Applause] Finally I want to say thanks to high doTERRA for being our first Patreon supporter. If you also want to support the channel, you can do it. Visiting our Patreon page at Patreoncom Slash Architects 3DP or you can also click in the link in the description. Alright, so that was everything for this video. I hope you liked it and please hit the like button. Share the video, subscribe to the Youtube channel and follow us on Instagram or Twitter at architectural EP2. Stay tuned with our future projects. See you in the Next Baby [Music] [Applause] [Music].

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