Da Vinci 1.0 Pro 3-in-1 Review | Test: Davinci Pro 3in1 : Der Alleskönner?

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Test: Davinci Pro 3in1 : Der Alleskönner?


[music] yes. Hello, everyone and warmly. Welcome to a new video today. We want to take a look at what’s. There Vinci Pro 3 1 1 from Xyz Printing. So on the box? This is not a normal 3d printer like the SLA printer from XYZ printing, but it is a 3d printer that should combine two functions. Should he say I’m a 3d printer? You can make 3d models with me. On the other hand, he should also be able to print 3d scans. Means you theoretically have a 21 solution where you can say. I can use it to make 3D scans and then even print them out immediately. The printer is also able to use an expansion module, But unfortunately I didn’t even have to carry out Laser engravings whether it is worth buying this 3d printer, which strengths and weaknesses of the 3d printer has and whether that is maybe a bit too much of it somewhere good for the price of around 700 euros. That is what we want to find out. Today have fun with the video. Let’s go as already mentioned in the intro, let’s see. Today we take a closer look at the Da Vinci Pro 3 1 1 from Xyz Printing. There is an overview on the front of the printer structured control unit, as well as the lettering of the manufacturer of the 3d printer is fully enclosed, Which is why ABS prints are also possible possible. Print space of the 3d printer is approximately 20 X 20 x 19 cm. The printer has a heated print bed. All limit switches of the 3d printer are optically designed, which enables more precise switching on the. There is a flap on top of the 3d printer through which the slot can be opened for the filaments bridges from the manufacturer can be achieved as well as small ones. Repair work can be carried out either with the help of printing. Such cartridges or its own filament. The cartridges have an intelligent chip that tells the printer. How much filament is left on the school is and which filament is used? The filament manufacturer is very expensive because the 3d printer, but the use of foreign filament last I built a little new system with help whose filament can be easily printed by someone else. The filament is used here laterally into the inside of the printer. You have to make this change. Alternatively, the filament can also open attached to the back of the printer. Also the hot and I have slightly modified for this. I have two guides printed with the help of the Biella conveyor hose directly to the hot and down because otherwise I had the problem that the filament gets stuck very easily. Also, I have the filament detection sensor kicked out and permanently activated with the help of these two small ones. Modifications can now be made absolutely easily with the foreign filament printer printing. Unfortunately, the 3d printer only has a power and USB connection, but not via an SD card interface as However. The 3d printer can be used as an alternative to the home network without any problems, embed the printing process directly via the software can be started and controlled. The 3d printer also has a some nice features, like, for example, the display of this status, the system information and the status information of the 3d printer, such as the manufacturer also offers its own slicer solution for filaments. I find this, however, relatively cumbersome and it also crashes the from time to time. I use simple in combination with this 3d printer. Another idea. Cura is not so easy to use. The printer, prints, abs and pl without any problems. The yellow one here is printed in abs and the gray here in Pila by the way. The gray is holding the coils with the help of the. The supplied software can also perform 3d scans with the 3d printer For this. The pressure plate is facing up, moved and exposed a turntable which can then be scanned later. The scanners are located on the left and right of the 3d printer. The model is captured with the help of a laser beam and later created by the computer, then a 3d model from the scanned document. However, this is more of a game 3 Maybe it would have been better. To leave out the scan function and put a little more value on the hotel. Here, as already said something had to be reworked and blocked. The price of the 3d printer is often around seven up to 800 euro, depending on the seller. The 3d models are as always on my petri at the side. So my opinion about this 3d printer this time. It was really difficult to form. I already have the 3d printer around two months. I got it from xyz printing for testing. It was difficult. The printer works with the coaches who are there. So here are these filament cartridges that the 3d printer works with is, or that is the only one I have with the worked. 3d printer, super super good plug-and-play, especially with the models that are already on the printer is stored internally. This is even abs and I have am. At the beginning, I didn’t think I was wearing PLO and only found out later that the ABS is and was totally amazed. How easy it is to print abs then. I have but found that these card chips are on the one hand relatively expensive. I think the cost is around 25 30 euros, but I think it’s only 500 grams of filament on it or even less. I don’t know that exactly, but it is relatively expensive. So I thought I would like to use this 3d printer. Use my own filament, and that’s not as easy as you might think because you have several systems of recognition that are really well meant, but this make it very difficult to use someone else’s filament, because for some reason it is there. A sensor is built into the hot and recognizes when the filament is conveyed, and then it moves more slowly and can practically tell whether filament. Is there or not? The problem is just that it is mechanically made too stupid is that I was not able to get a foreign filament without any problems promote that has somehow always jammed. That’s why I just took this plastic hose with them two brackets that I printed for myself, Just the plastic hose all the way down to the hot and led That means the sensor. I have on that is yes, a light barrier. I simply blocked with the help of that means glue and then have this hose right all. The way down led that means you have a totally smooth run of in the filament from the extruder to the hotel underneath. Then it went and then I got myself. I thought for the filament from the side because the manufacturer offers you the possibility to use the Catholic. Super beautiful is also a great solution. I have to say all in one, but the only problem is. The manufacturer wants you to attach the filament to the back of the 3d printer may now make sense with people who have the space, but I have. The 3d print is now on the table on the wall and doesn’t have any at the back. More space to then attach a lot more. So was my solution. Also insert an intermediate piece and extend the floor pull to the outside and the filament from the left side of the 3d printer to the extruder. It now works without any problems, but it took time on the other hand. The 3d printer only costs 700 euros and that for one completely closed. 3d printer is really an announcement. Print volume 200 X, 200 X 200 Mm is okay is completely okay. For the price is better than, for example, from the R & F 500 is simply a very common size for 3d printers. We also have another pressure bed, which we also do very very well seen in my blog. The car bed leveling works with the 3d printer, not so great, but can be very easily done with the help of the method, meanwhile. I think everyone knows what to do. With the sheet of paper underneath, it lays without problems and works. Really problem is since I made this change. The 3d printer is really great. I think the 3d scan function is a bit of a gag, so it works even the software. I do not know why it keeps crashing with me. Whether that is slider is or whether the software to know the 3DS is both cause problems. And you have to be aware that. I have now, for example in a computer. An Intel core i5 and the computing power is just enough just so that I can somehow convert these 3DS geese models that means it also needs an immense amount of space around this window to be able to calculate and otherwise it takes half so eternity is a well-intentioned feature. In my opinion, it would be now, but not a purchase criterion for me because it just doesn’t work that well, how it should. I checked the internet for this laser engraving solution. So this article costs. I think 140 euros this laser, and that should according to the Internet work Incredibly. Well, that means I can nothing to say myself, but apparently it works and it is great that you also have this possibility in this 3d printer. So practically one device for several things is, of course, only missing that milling machine, but all of this is not designed to be stable enough, the biggest drawback What can be seen in this 3d printer? However, is the problem with the slice? You have a supplied quiet of the far too few functions, actually, almost at all has no functions and hardly any setting options. I don’t use cake anymore. But simplify 3d simplified 3d has a plug in with the help of which you can control the 3d printer directly and can print pure does not mean that you can. You can only use the cura 3d printer to a very limited extent. The models in Cuba would have to create the code to save the jackpot in the invite Xyz printing sluizer software from there via Wlan or USB. Send the printer on, and that will be cumbersome somewhere. SD Card slot would have been great on the one hand that and on the other hand is the slice Just not really, what is there? But as I said, I use it. You another idea, meanwhile. I’m also incredibly enthusiastic about the software and with the top. Very good results can be achieved very quickly. I pressed 1 0 1 millimeter layer resolution. In my opinion, it works totally knackered to somehow Bring the whole thing to an end now me. As I said, I would like to tell you what there is happened because it also contributes to buying or not buying somewhere quality. I would give the 3d printer a good rating but as overall rating somewhere three stars deduction for the slicer and deduction for that scan. What doesn’t work really well? But it works is just not the true and also deduction for the filament use of foreign filament. Of course you have to go now. Form your own opinion about the 3d printer. I’m really happy now that it is now running without any problems, but it was a tough fight there. It was a frustrating fight there, but now that everything fits, the 3d printer is really great and makes me really fun and it stays with me at home because I like it. Recommendation in my opinion to people who have a little know how and simply want to have an all-in-one solution at home not for but scan, for example for 3d printing and laser engraving with a 3d printer. The link about the 3d printer You can find below in the video description as well as the link to the side of Xyz printing itself and the 3d models, so the spool holder and also these two small plants for this hotel. What I printed there? You can find it on my pack. Vacation Page have any questions wishes or suggestions or even this 3d own printer and share your opinion? Feel free to leave comment on it. I read that by. I worth it answer because I think that’s a printer that is discussed heard. If you liked the video now, then I would, of course as always via a positive review and a subscription to my channel happy. You already noticed that my feedbacks too? The products are really honest. I said what is good, but I also say something is bad, and that is very much due to the fact that I do not know from the manufacturers. I get money for the tests, but really only the products for the test get made available and then again must return. That means that should also be for you somewhere. Be a sign who wants to say he only wants the purchase because I don’t like it. The printer, meanwhile, that was really an uphill battle. As always, I wish you a super super relaxed weekend and we’ll see you next week with the next video then again.

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