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Custom 3d Printed Raspberry Pi 3 Case


What is up, guys? Welcome back to mad. DIY is your boy day. Today we’re gonna make a nice little case for the Raspberry Pi 3 I showed you guys in in the other video where I give you step-by-step tutorial on how to get all your retro gaming? I wanted to create a tutorial. That was going to be very simple, straightforward to the point for those that may not be tech. Savvy, you get a lot of these tutorials. They they don’t really break down what you need to do so. I gave step-by-step tutorial with screenshots on where to click where it grabbed the data and information in order to get your retro gaming systems on you can low the SNES NES Sega all the Atari Systems. This gaming device is amazing and you can do your own for only 35 bucks. So what I wanted to do today was to actually create a case. I don’t want the component just sitting on the floor. I want it to look really nice. So this is what I’m gonna make. Oh, by the way, hey, check that out. That’s actually for one of our other channels. This is actually really cool. I made this as well on this channel. So why am I explaining this? If you want to see how to make your own Youtube subscriber counter and you want to do that for less than 30 bucks instead of spending $500 Make sure you check out that tutorial as well but really, really cool. Anyway, This is what I’m gonna make. This is what your boy’s gonna make. I’m gonna grab this device. This was actually created and uploaded on Thingiverse the user that created. This is zero One, ten dash, M Dash P. That’s this username, really, really cool device. I mean, look at the details. It’s really nice and so that’s what I’m gonna go with and see right now. I just have this sitting kind of on the floor or on a counter or probably scratch up my nice Ikea Entertainment Center. We don’t want that to happen so gonna create a nice little case, and I may even painted a different color. I’m not sure right now. I’m going to use my monoprice mini select 3d printer, And I’m gonna use the black filament that I have in there. So who knows I may keep it the same? It may look really nice at a dark black midnight color. That might be really cool, but I thought I would finalize the process from the video that I showed you before with a nice 3d printed case, so I simply download the g-code and I’m gonna get that guy loaded into my printer and begin printing, not sure how long it’s gonna take my only issue and concern that I have. I’ve been printing so much that the layer here on the platform is starting to peel so things aren’t really sticking. Have any more here? I’m gonna have to order some a lot of folks so you could just use masking tape. I don’t even have any masking tape. Hurry to warehouse. I got duct tape, but I’m just gonna try to see if I can make it possible to make this happen, so I can get this video up for you guys. If not, I may have to order this in this video might be delayed or I may have to. Just go buy me some masking tape really quick at a Home Depot and try that. Give that a shot. But that’s my only concern right now. I’m gonna go ahead and get this process started. Let’s get a case for the Raspberry Pi. That means I have a meeting coming up. I can only start this process. Let’s get it, lets. Get it started. I just simply set my temperature to 220 because what the monoprice select for some reason, it never really stays consistent. It’s actually dropping on me. Platform is at 60 I did have this one increase, so I’m gonna go. Take this guy back. Up just seems like it flows a lot better. 220 Is my extruder temperature. My platform temperature is gonna be 60 usually it. It’ll stay around that temperature frame there. We go speed, always starting off. I use it at the default settings at 1:00 But I always hike it up to like 1.5 We’ll see what happens there. All I need for you to do is stick stick stick, and it looks like it’s gonna stick. Why does that look smaller? I’m hoping this is gonna be the right size. It looks a little smaller than the actual device, haha. I thought it was gonna be the size of the pipe would have been nice if I would have brought it here to determine that. Right, tell you what? I’m gonna have to call my wife to have her measure it so I can measure this before. I go through this whole printing spill, but it might work, so we’ll see. [MUSIC] Looks like my bottom piece is done. It’s looking really nice, you know? I just went home. I had to go pick up. Some groceries takes my wife and I looked at the device there. I kept telling myself I was gonna bring it back up here to the warehouse, so I can pop it in there to see if it fits, But I guess somewhat out the wait till I get back home. But as you see, it looks really, really nice. Took a total of three hours in one minute. I’m actually not gonna be here for another three hours, so I’m gonna wait till tomorrow to print the other piece, but it does look really nice now. Let the model price it gives you this little device to kind of scrape your print off of there. This is why all this is messed up here trying to get it off, but I just used my her Shaw knife, and it kind of just angle it and just pry it off, and that seems to do the trick really well. It always sounds like it’s gonna break in half. I do worry about the sides because it could possibly happen, but we’ll check that out and that was that one area, but I was a little worried about right there, but of course it’s not that bad and that happened because of this right there. So I’m gonna try to fix it a little bit before I do that next. Print tomorrow. Just simply pull this out and flatten it out, but yeah. It looks really nice. Looks really good can’t. Wait to get the other piece and pop this guy in there, but I’m going to take this home first that way before tomorrow before I print the other. I want to make sure it is gonna sit in there. We’ll, see what happens, you know what? I said screw it! I’m just gonna go ahead and print the top it’s. It took about three hours last time. I’ll try to speed it up a little bit two and a half hours. I can stretch out my time here at the warehouse A little bit longer. Let’s go ahead and get this guy started gonna set The extruder temperature again to 220 degrees. Celsius also gonna have the platform set to 60 degrees Celsius. Right now I always start to speed off until at least the bottom foundation is in place And then I’ll go ahead and I’ll speed it up. I had the other one going at 1.5 I’ll probably take it up to 1.8 or so. I pushed that down a little bit. I think we’re gonna be okay that way. We’ll have our cover done, guys? [MUSIC] Alright, guys that took three hours as well, but the bottom part is complete. Finally, actually, Im. Sorry, this is the top, the top bottom top bottom. Whatever, so we’re gonna do the same thing. I’m gonna take my trusty Kershaw knife here. He’s simply mover it up there. We have it now. I don’t know if it was for me maneuvering that part up. It doesn’t matter reason why it doesn’t matter is because when you screw it in, it’s gonna lock in a place. Where was it at right here? That part did disconnect a little bit on me but like. I said it doesn’t matter, cuz. When I run the screw at the rule to the other part of the case is gonna lock in anyway. So overall that’s fantastic. Let’s compare it with the other piece. Here’s the bottom portion. Here’s the top, so let’s get home and drop this guy in there and see what it looks like fantastic. Hey, guys! I’m back at the house now. I wanted to show you the finished product. Would you look at that? The case came out perfect, of course. I have to add my screws in there. To secure it, it’s still not secured, but it fit perfectly that’s amazing. So each area has its own respective cutout for the devices. So you got your USB or Ethernet. I think that’s an audio on the side there. Your HDMI. That’s where you’re gonna plug your power in your micro USB. Of course, you can access your SD card there, your little Sims. But it came out really nice. You can even mount a little fan in there. If you need to keep it cool bottom portion. Oh, this is really cool. I thought these were nice. Because what this particular current, it actually has an area. I’m thinking about mounting this guy onto something solid and put in some little neons around it and kind of pimping out my Raspberry Pi 3 But overall that came out really nice. Gotta give it two thumbs up. You can’t see the other thumb. Well, thank you guys so much for tuning in to Matt. DIY, make sure you stay tuned. We got a lot of cool things coming your way. A lot of a lot of cool. Things came out perfect. I like that a lot gonna do some more 3d printing here soon been really busy with the other projects and other businesses that we run. But I got to give a shout out to this guy here. He did a great job. I’ll put the link in the description on where you can actually download yours from Thingiverse. Thank you guys again for tuning in, stay tuned like comment. Subscribe mad. DIY peace, you [Music]!

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