Cr-10 Fan Upgrade | Creality Cr-10 – Changing 3 Control Box Fans | Mini | Quieter


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Creality Cr-10 - Changing 3 Control Box Fans | Mini | Quieter


Hi, this is the reality. CR 10 mini 3d printer. I’m very happy with this to defeat Ravana! I have used it many hours without any faults whatsoever. It came out of the box quite assembled. You can watch my unboxing videos link up in the corner or down in the description of this video, as I said, I’m very happy with this 3d printer. The only thing I have to complain about is the noise of the fans inside the power box, the control box and also the fan on the Extruder. There is also some noise from the Stepper Motors. But I don’t think that is so annoying. Let me turn it off. Yeah, as you can hear, it’s quite noisy when it’s turned on and lately when I have powered up my 3d printer, I also hear that one of the fans inside the control box has a faulty bearing as I’m sure you can hear on this video clip, so I have to shake the box so much to get the bearing noise to disappear, but this makes the 3d printer even noisier, and since I usually have this inside my apartment and printing at night, I don’t want it to make that much noise, so I surfed through the interwebs and I found out that people are changing out the fans for more silent fans. So that’s what I’m doing today. I have all both all the fans I need. I had to buy this on Amazoncom Because no Chinese websites has these fans. I will leave a link or at least a description of what kinds of fans these are, so let’s start to change these fans [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] okay, so after changing all the fans in the control box? The control box itself is a lot quieter. The thing that makes the most noise now. Is this fan on the Extruder? And, of course, the Stepper Motors when the machine is running. I was thinking about installing some stepper motor dampeners, But on disc reality CR 10 meaning. It was a bit of a hassle installing them, so I did not do that at this time. Maybe I will make a video in the future where I change this fan for an October fan, and I also put on some dampeners on the Stepper Motors, But for now I’m happy with having changed all the fans in this control box. It’s much quieter, and since all, the fans are new now it’s going to fold a long time before. I have to change them again. Yeah, as always if you have any questions about this project or any other project. I have please leave a comments down below, subscribe for more videos and visit me on my website, Instagram or Facebook. Thank you for now. Goodbye [Music] you [Music]!

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