Corvo Mask 3d Print | Dishonored, Accurate 3d Printed Corvo’s Mask


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Dishonored, Accurate 3d Printed Corvo's Mask


[MUSIC] This is Corvo’s mask. It looks freaking awesome, but it’s a badass mask, and this is how? I made it so go to the Thingiverse and find the Cobra mask made by this guy, so you’re gonna want to print it and I use this printer and I also use this other printer. It doesn’t really matter. I also use blue black and white PLA. The printing process is actually kind of long. Each eye for the mask was about eight hours, so it’s a kind of a long project. [MUSIC] Okay, so after you print the parts, just gather them in a bag or something, so they don’t get lost. You have all these really small pieces. You’re gonna want to get sand paper and you want to sand the outside until you can’t see it shy anymore. And if it does, it’s not much. [MUSIC] So set yourself up, so you can spray all angles and then spray it with the first coat. This is after I’ve done the denatured alcohol. Look pretty good. Yeah, so, after that first spray. I went back and I standed in the areas that needed a little bit more work, and I spray it again until the smooth as I wanted it to be after your sanding process is done and you haven’t a point that you’d like it spray. The flat blackness will be the base color for the whole mass. I used a very old airbrush and various mixtures of matte gray metal, gray water and acetone, which can actually dissolve some spray paints, so watch out and also this process is largely up to you because I can’t really tell you exactly what color I used and where I put it. And plus this is only the second time. I’ve ever used an airbrush. So I’m not really an expert. I made lots of mistakes and I had a reference pictures on the Internet to get the right color. But I can’t tell you what I generally tried to do. I would add highlights with the matte gray and highlight that over again with the metal gray. I actually made the mistake of prematurely painting. The gold or gold areas don’t don’t do that. It’s a real pain to covering and try to spray-paint those small sections of metal. I found this cool effect that simulated metal. I would take the metal, gray and spraying spurts at a distance. Watch out for what’s behind it because I was accidentally spraying my dad’s gun. [MUSIC] The metal gray mixed with I think he was acetone or maybe his water not really sure it would make a really cool spatter effect right here, and it would make it look like a combined mixture of metals also matching all. The pieces together was a real issue like the halves of the mask wouldn’t match or the jaws wouldn’t match each other or to the mask, and it took a real artist’s eye to see and correct that so. I enlisted my dad that helped me. We talked things over and how to fix them or make them more closely related to each other. The last part of painting here, these two spots that gave me that were really actually really hard to paint because I couldn’t figure out what color they were. I thought it was really light at first, but then if you go back and you checked online pictures or you look at the cover of the game on whatever console you’re playing, it’s not a light color. It’s just a reflection, so I was talking to my dad, and he convinced me that you use a glossy, dark grey. And that is the color of these two spots. That’s what I chose. And this is the final product. I’m actually pretty proud of it. It looks like it does in the pictures so cut the red felt, according to the pattern. It gives you on. Thingiverse and you’ll notice it doesn’t fit and you can see. This is where the line used to be, And I added this little triangle and I cut this to match the shape of would be a bit late inside, but this was fine. I just made it a little bit more round, so you use as a template, but don’t actually use that exact shape. Test it with the paper on one half of your mask just to see if it fits and then cut it how you want to fit? [MUSIC] I cut the burlap over the mouth and neck area great jacket to give more of a worn look and snip the extra and hanging strands after these two pieces were cut for glue to put them together. I just use a generic fabric glue and I pressed them together. The red felt and the burlap and put them under a school textbook. I wasn’t using like biology or chemistry and let sit for overnight and then it was perfect. Okay, for something the inside, I wouldn’t recommend Spray-paint gold first. I just did it to see if this was the gold I wanted. I would recommend actually building the inside first. So what you do is get the Dremel first pieces I welded with these little pieces, which should have actually just been printed on as a full piece that weren’t white pieces to the gold, it’s okay. I’m just well done, No Biggie, second one. These kind of go into place. You don’t actually have to Lowell to me. Just snap them in. You might have to file the holes down, but look at these pieces. This is how the assembly is supposed to go. So first. Second third put little tiny pieces at the top on both sides and then keep looking at this. This is what you can see inside to what, and I’m just starting at the eyes except the focal point, the center, and then I’ll radiate, probably up and out up here, and then I’ll go to the ear parts [Music] the areas near the temples where the corner glasses would be our super. Fuji lay. I had to add support so didn’t break and I just use extra filament that I had. So here is the complete at the left side. If you notice the design of the inside is only connected by two points at the top, these overarching parts. That’s black right there and so the half swing. So I connected it on the bridge in the nose and that kids, it’s more support. I’ve seen people use copper wire. I use gold. I think it’s like a 1 to 1.5 millimeters. These are the only parts of wire that can be poked around and don’t need any welding. This is a complicated part. There are three connections that connect the mask over the fabric and the wire frame so to get those three holes. You have to melt the wire and burn it through one half of the mask and use glue to keep it there. The other side of the mask has have pre burned holes and glue on the wire. Ready so that we put them together, they will fit and stay together. There’s extra fabric on the forehead. So what I did to accommodate that is I cut three slits so that the fabric could slide over each other [Music] for the job pieces. I reference pictures back on the Internet of the mask. I found an angle that I like to just weld them straight on the gold wiring. I broke up into pieces so that I could easily put them down, but make it look coherent. Here’s the core of a mask done looking frickin glorious. It doesn’t have any weathering on it. It’s very pristine, and I kind of like it like that. I also built a stand for it because you have to display his beauty. It’s nothing you know, extraordinary. It’s just some wood, but I propped it up in a way that I thought was nice. [MUSIC] So without further ado, I proudly present the Korver mask in this nice demonstration. Thanks for watching. If you got to this point, it took me like half a year because I’m in college and I left it at home, but it looks really nice for a 3d print. I hope to be more like this. Maybe a little bit more fun. I don’t know it was hard to make this video because I’m very shy about my voice or at me. So that’s why I’m not really in it, but there it is, thank you [Music] what is Rob [Music]?

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