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3d Printed Buster Sword


Hey, everybody, how’s it going, it’s? Nico, again here. And in this video, we are going to make clouds. Buster Sword from Final Fantasy 7 remake. Let’s go [Music]! Alright, guys, welcome back. Um, before we get started on this video. I’m gonna talk to you guys about a 3d printing forum. If you have ever wondered about 3d printing or if you’ve been 3d printing for a long time and you gots got some questions, you can have your make and you want to post it anything in everything 3d printing. Please go check it out. – through the quitting forum. Comm poster makes post your questions. If you’re wondering about 3d printing, go in there if you have questions about your machine, go in there, and that’s the place to be for 3d printing, so let’s move on with the video. All right, so fall. Fantasy 7 has been running my favorite games growing up with 90s kid. If you hadn’t notice yet, if all fantasy was one of the best games, I think ever written the story. The gameplay, the features just the way it was written and the Buster Sword. They found out mistaken. It was one of those like the first oversized sword and in games, right, and it was just so gaudy. It was just so enormous. I fell in love with that. It was just so cool and with the new remake coming out in March. I decided to make the Buster Sword. Basically, I wanted my childhood to come true. Does it bring it to life, right, and so we’re gonna go ahead and go to this place. I’m gonna show you guys how I sliced it. How well put it on the machine and then we’re gonna go through painting on a lush Hannigan’s. And that’s how we made this puppy. Yeah, alright, so here’s how we’re going to lay this down for the Buster Sword. This build volume area is for Cr 10s for and as you can see, the handle isn’t tall enough, so I’m actually going to put the handle on my any cubic cheer on, and that should be big enough for the entire thing. The rest of these are going to be on my CR 10 now. The best way to print These is either having them up right this way. So you have the cavity for the keys facing the build plate or you can have it on. It’s side like that. I am going to print these in this way. No particular reason. I just want to just because it is going that way. Vertically and so, yeah, and as you guys can very well see, there is the half inch. PVC pipe cavity, going through the length of the blade through the handle and the guard as we’ll put a grip and in the guard, so we are going to put this on several different machines. I’m going to put this on for. I believe I’m not if I’m not mistaken. So yeah, I’m gonna print this at 0.2 millimeter layer height and at 10% in fill because it’s going to be very long and it’s going to be very heavy. If I put it a 20% infill so 10 maybe even 5 would be sufficient. But I like 10 I want to make it still pretty strong, so that’s. What the slicing part of this is and now we’re going to put it all together. Alright, so now that all the pieces are printed as you guys can see. I already have a handle and through the guard anyway. So what I’m gonna do now is I’m going to start putting this together by on this seed, and there’s holes in the model for all You gotta do is put it together and it’ll attach what. I’m gonna be using to put this together, is JB? Well, you can get this at any home improvement store. I got this at Lowe’s and so Im. Just gonna with the two-part epoxy. You squeeze it together, you mix it up and it cures in about an hour, So I’m just gonna slather it on the adjoining pieces, and then I’m gonna start putting it all together, and that’s it, you guys so let me do that and I’ll show you guys what it look like, all right, so I put it together and I went to hit also in. Put some wood filler on it. This is a it’s gigantic. If you guys follow me in. Instagram, I showed that at clocking at about five and a half feet. So anyway, I took some wood filler. Its color change, and so you know when it’s done and when it’s dry, it’s paint one natural and would call it when it’s dry. I got this at Lowe’s as well. Cuz it’s about this hardware for me. It’s about five bucks something like that. It was super cheap wasn’t too bad and all I did was I filled in the gaps and the lines where the seams where the other pieces would attach so through this, starting about at the top of this first material from the top all the way through the tip of the blade, so about right here is a section of PVC pipe to reinforce the blade. So you can actually hold it here but here. If it wasn’t so damn heavy and it’ll, it’ll say it reinforces it. It’s pretty it’s pretty pretty strong. So yeah, after you put the wood filler in. I’m using this sixty grit sanding sponge. I just went through it once, and then I went over it again on the seams that didn’t quite get smoothed out, and then after that, I’m gonna take a 120 and then a 320 sponge to smooth everything out to make it nice and pretty after that. We’re going to paint it and let me show you guys what that looks like. After it’s all done, alright, so now we started painting the buster sword. You guys can see right here all. I’m using whoop that’s done drop. Is this, um, the rest? Oleum soft flat iron. Got this one at Lowe’s. I think was like five or six bucks, and I lay down the primer. Obviously, and I just sprayed this on. That’s going to be for majority of the sword, including the guard and then the blade is going to be a silver and the handle is gonna be a. I think some sort of a brown, so I’ll paint that and I’ll link and show everyone else What the rest of the paint is, and then we’re gonna be done with this thing. Alright, so this is the silver that I used its metallic silver and I painted The blade just taped it up. Basically, there’s a little bit of chipping from when I took off the at the tape. Samer, right here And because of the temperature outside, it’s starting to warp and so it’s you’re seeing some cracks between the individual pieces that were put together other than those. I like the colors. I like the color scheme. I’m pretty and it looks pretty accurate to me or the brown. I used this color. Max set another Brown for the handle. It came out really well. I like it so I am going to paint after this dries out. I’m gonna paint it, probably another coat or so, and I’m gonna paint this. The rest of it, also in the soft flat iron. And then this thing’s gonna be done and that’s it. You guys that’s how? I built this thing. I’m probably gonna reprint it again. You know what no I will? Yes, I will. I’m gonna probably make it again. Um, just because I want to really get it Perfect and get displayed in my shop here. But this thing is, um. I like a minute. I like the way it turned out. It turned out really, really well aside from the cracks and the seams and all that other stuff, which are I believe reminding issues that can be fixed with with the proper materials other than that. The print came out. Great, the model’s fantastic. I freaking love this thing and like. I said everything that that I use. The file is in the link down below the materials that I use the printer, The filament everything that you’re going to need. If you want to make, this is gonna be another down below and that’s it, you guys. Thanks so much for watching. I appreciate it. If you like this video, please give me a thumbs up down below. Make sure you hit subscribe and yeah. I’ll catch you guys in the next video peace.

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