Business Card Holder 3d Print | How To // 3d Printed Business Cards + Simple Card Holder

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How To // 3d Printed Business Cards + Simple Card Holder


This week. I decided I’m gonna make business cards. A little less boring. Hey, there, everybody my name is. Adrian, welcome to my channel. If you’re new here, I’d love to have you subscribe, so make sure to hit that. Subscribe Button, see awesome new content every single week, So I just bought my tickets Workbench Con, which is a convention being held in Atlanta, Georgia for makers and brands to go to and interact with each other. It’s also got some great speakers attending who are gonna be hosting talks about different topics on being a maker and/or influencer in the maker space. So all around just a great time and a great place to go if you are a maker. I wanted to bring some business cards that I could hand out to people, But frankly, normal business cards are flimsy and pretty boring and most people end up throwing them away or stashing them away in a pile that they never look at again. So I decided to 3d print some. I started by taking my logo and placing it as a canvas infusion 360 [Music] then I just use the line tool to trace it if you want a more detailed look at how to design using fusion 360 I’ll have a link to the video in the top right hand corner of the screen. Then I extruded my sketch into the shape of a business card since I don’t have a multi filament printer, I would need to hot solve the filaments in the middle of the print. To make this easier, you can create a script in Kirra that pauses the print at a designated height. You just have to go to extensions and then post-processing and you can create a script. If you’ve done it correctly, you should have a wrench next year. Prepare button. I have the print pause halfway through, so I could swap the filament to white filament for the face of the business cards [Music]. I cleaned up the edges of the cards using a deburring tool. You can pick these up for ninety cents on eBay. You’ll just have to wait a month to get it my first business card holder. I made using a board of one by four poplar, and I just cut some 45 degree. Miter cuts into it and assemble those pieces together. I used a quick trick that I learned from Brad Over at fix this build that using masking tape to hold the edges of the pieces together to make glue up easier. [MUSIC] After the glue has dried, I removed the masking tape and took the business card holder over to the disk, Sander to flush up the edges then. I applied some clear polyurethane, so give it a nice, subtle finish [Music] to make the second business card holder. I just chopped off a section of a nice 2×4 Then I took it over to the descender to square up the edges. [MUSIC] Then I just drew the profile of my shape on the side of the block using the Bandsaw. I carefully cut along those lines [Music] [Music] Then I applied polyurethane to this one as well. [MUSIC] Let me know down in the comments. Which one you like better. I’m kind of torn between the two. That’s it for this week’s video. If you guys enjoyed it, make sure to hit that, like button and the subscribe button, so you don’t miss out on new videos every single week. If you guys want to see more behind the scenes of these videos, make sure to go Check out my Instagram. I’ll have it linked in the description. Thank you guys so much for watching this week’s video. I will see you guys next week.

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