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Diy 3d Printer Build Your Own - Part 1 The Frame (step By Step Guide)


Today, in part 1 of maker Mashup Printer Build Series today we. Starting a DIY series of 3D printers. We will make each Week Different parts of our 3D printer. Until we are done. Many of these Will run from From Thingiverse and you will be able to print 3D Like those or the actual hardware parts, You will be able to like aluminum parts. Will be able to find the link in the description for this. So come with us and you Will be able to make your own 3D printer, and if You need any help. Join our discussion area. Where you will find other people who are Similar projects and other people who can help you? In making of 3D printer. So make sure you subscribe To all our videos. That we make in this series and lets. Start work! So let’s see if we. What are we going to do today? First we will see what we need. And then we Cut the angle bracket to make. After that, we will add our basic Dhancha and at the end, we will add Printers floor and these are some The parts we will need to complete it for 0: 01: 21.630,0: 01: 26.939, so lets. Repeat our list once. I will include the complete list of ingredients. For today’s video, Come to the description below. Quickly, check it out. We have some. We will need 4040 parts after that we will. Parts of 2040 will also be needed and then after that We will need the 2020 part. You will see that there are some odd shapes. Here we will need two 220 mm, long section. And then we will need two. Which will be 190 mm, long Non-standard size, then let us! We have to cut ourselves and then 2020 standard size Portions that will be 400 mm in size. My suggestion for all this parts is Ordering it from a place like Misumi. You can order them for a very good price. Work can also be done from Amazoncom. You may have other places to buy, but missumi Will cut to your desired length. So that you get exactly the right length portions. So that we will need to make the right thing 12 edge plates for all 12 corners. We will make them ourselves. I have given a link. In the details from where you buy them. But I think making them. Metal is very economical. Went to the shop nearby. Which are very big shops all over the country. There are many shops so that you can get everything. Any hardware store? But from there But also or we will meet and They will need two 2020 corner brackets. I ordered from Amazoncom and We have a lot of 5 mm. I want to screw again. I will give a link to these in the description. In the end, we will need fried and fried That spring and screw also Amazon and links to Let’s get started in the details. Today is our first step. Get started and build all Plates. We will need Description of their link, too Linked to other videos, which states these things Essentially. I made everyone in detail. You can make plates for this printer. Buy them on Amazon, and I Included a link to purchase them. They are enough in the details. Buy them from amazon. Make almost all of them for about $ 6 and they come to $ 14 for about four. Once you have all on Amazoncom. Then you go to the next step. Here we have to use our 5 millimeters. Screw tea in nuts and whole To add plates. So first of all, We will measure its midpoint 4040 on either side of the load. We say we are exactly where we are. And that’s where we Will add Screw 2040 and it will connect 2040 In the middle of that middle line. Here you can see the middle of the track. Is just above that line now. We Edge plates that will use. Ur put them in the outer part. You might want to tighten it up. One thing I want to give here. If you head one end. Whether the top or bottom, So it will help you. That they have the right meeting as if you are watching. My nephew is getting upset because of this. But in the end, he gets it, right. One thing to keep in mind. Do it quickly while you’re traveling. When you do this, you will find that. The nut rotates right Nut if you slow it down. Remains only in its place. So to start a jerky rocker? Will put that T nut in the right place. And when he sits down, I suggest tightening them to the end. Only then tighten. Remember, do not over tighten. Because they are made of aluminum, and if they do, they are made of steel nuts. The ones who are stronger. Remember when you change aluminum To tighten them up but not so much. So that the aluminum becomes crooked. If both of your parts are connected, then It should look like an inverted T. You will see that I have these plates. Are connected in such a way that. It is very important that both of them are looking in the same direction. That these plates are in the same direction. Look at us because we Steppe motor is to be installed here. Once we have completed this for the z-axi’s, We will add the 24 T part. At the ends of our frame, you are watching. Using the same bonding plate that we Used to lift. Use this 24t to connect to the front And on the back of the frame when you If everything is seated, then make sure 0: 06: 16.680,0: 06: 21.060 all the things 0: 06: 18.510,0: 06: 23.340 Come right over here. Would like to make sure. That both the plate and the outer part. Hold each other, right. So that you maintain your tolerance. Once we print everything on the printer Front and rear are in one place. Now we are ready to move on Top Crossbar Crossbar In 2020 angle bracket. And you just screw them And put both sides with nuts. And then they connect with 2040 and Top 2020 Would you like That he is sitting properly? So that they can be mixed properly. You are just going to include them and Then tighten them once. Once you have the extrusion. Tighten them with a screwdriver. Would you like to tighten them? From Allen Rench to make them perfect To be tightened and this process. Repeat on the other side as well. Then it looks like this needed. So, at this point, you should have Full frame as you can see here. We have used all our corner brackets. We built ourselves. We used m5 We screw it all together. Here is our top bar. And we use 4040 under 2040 Up and then crossbar here. It’s 2020 and as you can see, it’s a Solid printer is very different. Printers you find there, acrylic? Or otherwise, I can guarantee you that you. Give this kind of stress. To get a solid frame like this. We will continue our next step. The next step is to do 190 Mm portion is to be taken. Which sits within 220 mm. And once again, You will add it here. With corner bracket and with m5 Screw, We want to have Print bed, and then you’re going to need. Use a pencil with absolutely no sign where each? One of these screw holes is in the line. And then what we are going to do is. We are taking it to our drill press. And we’ll go ahead and do some drill. Holes every hole must be drilled. Right in the middle. Sorry, every point. I forgot to drill the real drill video. But as you can see, Holes are in the middle of the whole beach. And we are just using the printer. Screw board! In the description below that the fried should be applied here And it is meant to be installed temporarily. Here we are going to add some washers. In another phase of the video, but it. Our basic printer gets ready to work. So now we should have our own printer bed. Complete as you see here. Here we have only used screws. May we become beds? So that it can work. We will also put a little screw on it. But I wanted to make it first. Because up to this point, you could see that we have a 3D Printer bed and for this someone. No special cutting required. We have our 2020 arms and 20 220 x 220 beds. We only need. Used drill press to apply some screw. And once tightened, we will have Tier beds for use. So we put it aside now. But I want to show you now. That we still have. Some main parts Are connected to our printer and next. In the video series, we? To work on its motion system. Motion system few sticks Is gonna use and we Will use some DryLin bearings. We will not use any hair bearings. Different people have different opinions for this. Some like one and some others Special case. I think it makes it. Project Easier and Less Composite, Dryline bearing cost or no use And a bearing mount that connects The 2020 Part That I Made myself and it will be all mine. In the next video, we will meet you next week And we will start working on our speed system. And put it together. Thank you for watching the video if you bring it. Please click to subscribe. So that you know when our new Video or have been and if you If you want to help Subscribe to our letter or Purchase the following link as below Shopping done on Amazon. Directly supports the channel, thank you. We will see you again next week to see.

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