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How To Build 3d Printed Dremel Cnc


[MUSIC] As you can see, I have all of the parts to build the Dremel CNC second drummer CNC to be precise. So I got to make one let’s do this. You may ask me why I am building another drum machine, see? I already have one. I don’t really need one, but there is this spindle that I bought quite a long time ago and I wanted to make a test of it and I thought it will be way cooler to have to CNC machines, one with dremel and one with the spindle to really test in depth. If this spindle is better than drama, It’s a little bit more expensive. It’s a little bit more powerful, but the biggest advantage of the spindle. Is this collet? You can mount all the different bits with dremel. You can use only beats with 1/8 of an inch shank, and with this thing, you can change the color and use pretty much everything after I think 6 millimeters or something like this in. This is how I’m not going to make an in-depth test of the spindle. That will be one of my next videos because today. I wanted to just quickly assemble the CNC and show you the spindle, but I thought that maybe it’s a good idea to assemble the CNC again and show you the whole process very precisely. So instead of 4 videos that I previously made about drama CNC, I will make just one and I will connect the frame assembly a 22 assembly. Arduino programming pretty much everything in one single video to make it easy for you to build your own remote CNC. I will also try to explain better. Things like are doing a program and electronics connection. Because all of you face problem with them. I already have all of the parts prepared. Maybe you need to prepare some of them, like, for example, those rods. You probably need to cut them. I already bought the proper length of them online. I just found the service that cut them for me, so I don’t have to do this, but I had. I had to cut those aluminum profiles. This one is 60 centimeters long, and I also think four of them. There are 30 centimeters long, So I just cut two of those in half, and now I have the aluminum profiles already cut it, And also I need to come. Do it screws but I’m not sure about the proper land, so I will measure and cut them later. Once we have all of the parts, you can start assembling the drum machine. See the second dremel? Since the very first thing to do is to create fret in this coal and hole on the other end in those short aluminum profiles in just two of them, we need to create, frets with a tab that m6 up. It’s also a good idea to pre-drill those calls with five-minute a little bit and while making while making a fret with this tab, you should apply a little bit of wd-40 to make it easier. [MUSIC] [Music] after making threats in smaller mean profiles, we have to drill holes in longer aluminum profiles and for that there are two super useful things. First one is a drill press, even the simplest, the cheapest one and second thing is. Frida printed tool. You can find this thing on my fingers on the fingers of Dremel CNC project. What does it do? You can put it at the end of aluminum profile like this, and now it’s super easy to do a hole perfectly where it should be. [MUSIC] Now we could start assembling different, but before assembling the frame, I prefer to put all the bearings inside 3d printed parts, and now a few words about 3d printed parts. This call for the bring. The dela matter of the skull is 21 millimeters. The outside diameter of this bearing is 22 millimeters, so this hole is under sized for this bearing, but that’s not a design error. Actually done it on purpose depends on your printer and settings dimensions may vary a little bit. If I would make this call perfectly for the size of the bearing, you may end up with slightly bigger hole, so that way you need to some kind of glue or other unprofessional methods to fix the brink in place, that’s why. I made them slightly smaller so that you can easily stand them down with a file and basically don’t have to change anything in the 3d printed parts. They works perfectly the same for everyone also be very gentle while putting the bearings in place because it’s quite easy to break those pretty little parts and just think because a lot of people are confused. Yes, you need 12 linear bearings for this project. You need two of them for this part. Two of them for this cut four for this part and four for the Spindle Courage [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music]. I think about half of the CNC is ready because I broke the couplers. I had to print them again and the only color the only element I have right here is black, so those are black right now, and now I need to measure how long the screw for the x-axis should be because I bought it slightly too long, so I put it in place And just roughly measure that, okay. You can cut this thing with basically anything you can use even hand saw, but because this is pretty hard, Still the best way to cut, It is to use an angle grinder. [MUSIC] If you are building a CNC with exactly the same dimensions as I do, you don’t have to buy two separate lead screws for dessert and x-axi’s. You can just buy one That is 40 centimeters round measure and cut a piece for the x-axis and what’s left is almost perfect for deserve axis. I just have to cut, like, five millimeters of that and do a be perfect at the table. CNC, I will second plywood in the first CNC. I will stand the meter thick plywood and this time I will try with six millimeters that way. I would have four millimeter smaller of the workspace on the z-axis and to cut this plywood because anything jigsaw head so but I use table saw because it’s the easiest thing for me to [Music] [Applause] for drilling holes in this plywood, I designed other Frida printer tool. You can also find on my fingers and with this, you can put it on the edge of the plywood and just mark where the hole should be so that way you have a perfect distance from the edge of the plywood to easily fix it to the CNC machine. At this point, we have to disassemble the front part of the CNC. We have to take out the screws. Take out this part. Put the table in place and the sample that again. I know we could do that before we could put the table in place before, but I think it’s actually easier to do that way. [music] [Music] we are done with the mechanical assembly. Defriend is pretty much ready now. We can upload the code to the Arduino the GPL, and there was a lot of problems with that because all those questions about how to upload the GI Bill to Arduino. So I will show you step by step, but for that, I need an internet connection, so I have to get out for a moment. Of course, First thing to do is to download the GL BL and to do that. We have to type JBL in the browser. The first thing is to the Github. Go to this one, and because there is a new version of Grbl called 1.1 We have to click right here here. You can find the source code that zip download this one. Now we can move the download link on the desktop and in the finder, go to the documents. Arduino libraries. And then I already have the GRE out here. So let me do it that open the thing that you just downloaded right here. There is Grbl folder so copied up to the library folder and that’s pretty much it now we can open the Arduino IDE connect the Arduino to the computer. Now go to file examples, find GRBL and choose GRBL upload as you can see. There is almost nothing There is just one includ and all the comments, but that’s fine, click upload, and once it is done, You can check if everything is fine. Open the serial monitor and type two dollar signs. Everything is fine as you can see, and that’s it’s pretty simple to do. There is really not all the things you have to do to upload the GL to the Arduino. Now we can go back and connect the electronics connect, the CNC showed and test. If it works here is a fitting sematic pretty simple to use and read. If you need more info on how to connect all that you can find it in the instructor. Building is in the description, and now I should use some jumpers to enable micro stepping on these stepper drivers, But because I don’t have any jumpers. I think I would just simply solder them on the other side of this field. [MUSIC] [Music] power supply for this? Pinto is quite a big and bulky, so I wanted. I designed is very simple, holder. You can take the power supply like so right here. Here is the place for this potentiometer. It controls the speed of the spindle, and then you can attach this cover to the side of the CNC machine, just like the electronics box, and I also think I will drill a hole in the aluminum profile right here, and on the other side to connect the power supply to the spindle and to put this cable together with the other cables. [MUSIC] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] and the little brother of the original dremel C&C is ready as you can see. I think the cable management with this cable wrap. It looks really nice. It’s basically the same machine with different spindle already connected to the computer and as you can see. It works fine without any problems. I didn’t test the meeting yet, but I think it should be fine. I’m not going to do this in this video because it’s probably already really long. I have over 100 gigabytes of footage on my SD card. I decided to replace the couplers on the y-axis. I just recently got them. It took all the time to ship them from China to me, but I finally have them and I’m also going to replace them on the X and Z axis, but just not yet. There is also the cable for the Z probe that I have already made a video about. You can find it right here and the zip report already tested. Everything seems to be fine. Let me show you how to control the spindle right here right here. There is not as you can see. And if this knob, you can simply turn on the spindle like so you can increase the air. Pns of this motor at max speed. This motor is quite loud [Music]. But if you go like only half of the potentiometer, it’s really quite compared to drama. I almost forgot about one’s really important thing that you have to do in. CNC is in the console as you can see. There is all of different values, and we need to change the XY and Z Axis Trevor resolution. And right here you have to type the value in my case. That’s 400 for X and Z axis and for Y Axis, This is 800 and just click enter. And that if you have to do that for X Y and Z Axis depends on the elite schools, abuse and microstepping of your motors, you can also change. Write your acceleration, travel speed and everything just like this with door Number equals number. That’s it for this video. I’m really sorry that I didn’t show you any meaning on this new machine. I would probably in the next video. We will test this spindle a little bit more. I hope that this video will be helpful for all the people that want to do drama since I already made four or even more with us about Dremel CNC. So definitely check them out. There is also linked to Instructables, where everything is quite detailed and described, so it’s pretty easy to build emergency. There is Facebook group where you can ask questions and that’s it. Thank you very much for watching happy making bye.

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