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How To 3d Printed Mandalorian Helmet: Boba Fett


Are you a Boba Fett fan interested in making his helm? Join me today as we 3d print his helmet. See you guys inside. Hello, and welcome. Today’s video. Today’s video. We are going to make Boba Fett’s helmet. This was a really good print. Uh, the filemaker makes an awesome file and I couldn’t not turn it away. Especially after the last episode of the Mandalorian at the end cut scene and seeing that there’s going to be a book of Boba Fett. I had to step in and, uh, add it to my collection and this filemaker did a really awesome thing. He made two versions of the helmet. One with the dent one without the dent. So kind of really cool. It’s a great fit, all the part. Everything here is 3d printed the stock, all of it and I discussed some of the things that you need to keep attention to the stock here later on in the video, So let’s hop over to the computer and get this thing sliced and get this thing up on the printer, so I did have some failures with this one. Um, due to power failure and trying some different filament. I went going back to my usual inland PLA plus and got it done nice and smoothly. But the helmet main piece was printed on a cr-10 v2 the rest of the parts ear parts, the stock. All that stuff was printed on an ender three. So let’s hop over to the computer. Get this done and before we do that. Though, if you’re liking the content, you see you like seeing this kind of stuff on the channel hit that subscribe button, join the crew here as we keep going through, making news finding new models to print and teaching you how to get them printed and get them out there on your printer. Leave a comment down below. If you got any questions about 3d printing making models, any kinds of stuff leave those comments down below and it would really help me out. If you share this with your friend’s family, also, anybody, you know? Doing 3d printing helped grow the channel. I really appreciate it, so lets. Get this thing sliced, all right so here. We are Boba Fett. So I love the mandalorian helmet. I love the differences in Boba Fett’s helmet as well between Denjaros and Bobas so especially some of the iconic details and this file did a really good job of showing. These is. I love the dent. The Dent was a big deal for me because he actually has a file in here to make it without the dent too. But the Dent was a big deal and he did such a great job, Chris. The prop guy made this file. He did such a great job in making it. I just loved looking at it. Getting it ready to print was so simple, making the parts. Everything fits together. You can 3d print the entire helmet, which is just awesome and that’s. What exactly we’re going to do? You can see? He added it without the helmet is without the dent. But I mean, come on. That comes goes all the way back to the to the attack of the clones movie where we see that den. So awesome, One great, just really super simple model. I did have some tweaks that I had to make in the model, but we’ll get into that here in a second once we pop over to Kira. I did the main helmet on the cr10 Just because I could print it in one nice print, so let’s get. So here’s the files. Quick, simple, not a lot of files, but everything you need to make. The helmet is here so first thing, Of course, you know, the most important thing is the helmet now. I did do some adjustment. I wanted to kind of limit. How much support I was using so I did tilt it back. Hello, there we go, So when I tilted it back, it throws off the the way it sits, but then I did lay flat and it’s going to take a second because it’s calculating the best way to get that to sit flat. And there we go so what I can do now is come up here. Zero it out all the way around. Now, look at there. It fits now. I did turn mine. There’s a reason why I turned mine. Is I wanted it to face the camera and it gives it more room, so that’s a lot of build space in there right now when I do it, it’s going to put a pillar here of support so just to kind of give it a little bit more. I did do this because I wanted to. Connect the raft. That’s the only reason why I did it. So same print settings I always use. This is inland. PLA black. That I use this time. I tried to use the Duramax filament and unfortunately due to weather related issues, power related issues. I had several fails in this model, and I had one fail caused by a clog, which we all know and love happens in any 3d print that you do, so that’s always the risk you run and big projects like this always have big gambles so infill. Oh, I went Lu Lu Lu on this one. I did two percent. I wanted to keep it light. I wanted to keep this thing comfortable to go on my head 100 This thing was perfect to go on my head now. If you’re wanting to do this with an ender 3 it’s not going to fit, but go check out my mesh mixer video on how to do a plain cut that way you can cut it into smaller pieces and get this to fit on your on your printer, but this is just kind of the start where we’re seeing the helmet, so let’s get that sliced, so you can kind of see how the support fits in. I’m doing support at 80 really, the key pieces that need support Here are right here. This brim needs support and you’ll see that build up now. You could flip this over and print it upside down. There’s a reason I don’t do that because it’s going to put support onto the outside of the helmet, and if that support pulls away and damages any of this, you got a lot of sanding and cleaning where if the supports in here and yeah, I use a little bit more material, but I don’t have to do a bunch of cleanup. That’s worth it to me to not have that clean up. I’ll be totally honest about it, but that’s just me other people. They may not want to waste the filament so four day print. I think mine was actually right about six. In total, um, with the multitude of two to three day four fails. But you’ll see it puts in the support right there to keep that brim safe. I added the column so that it would connect this. So if the printer wouldn’t knock it off. That pillar is not very full on there. So the helmet I know we’re talking a lot about the helmet, but you can see there’s not a ton of infill actually being wasted in there so and I accidentally hit support button. So ignore that, but I went with the dent because that’s Boba Fett to me growing up. You know I was. I know I was around. When the return jet, I’m pretty sure I was born when turned Jedi came out, but that’s kind of one of those things. That’s kind of dating me a little bit. I think I was around. When the Empire Sharks back may come out right before I was born, so that’s kind of dating me a little bit there, but that’s okay, but so ignore those sticking up because those were our boo-boos where we touched it, but that’s not all that we have here, so I’m going to clear the build plate. We’re going to bring in the rest of it, so we got the left ear piece. Then we got a connector, a camera lens cover that goes onto the eyepiece. Then we’ve got a full just eyepiece piece. Got one that’s hollow, so basically, the hollow that slips in there now. If you’re going to do this piece recommendation of what I wound up doing with a little bit of trial error, kick it down, Just kick it down, 99 One percent and it will work. Fine, then there’s your two options here. One’s hollow ones solid. Um, either one worked. I printed both the stock. Oh, the stock. We’ll get to that here in a minute. Then you got your right ear pieces. These you can all print 100 They’ll work fine. Then you got the cap, so you got the cap that will go on here that the stock will go into here, and then this goes up to this and makes the longer piece That’s all fine and great. The stock is where we’re going to go. You can do this. Whatever infill you want. Everything worked out great. The stock is where I ran into a problem, so I’m going to clear my build plate and we’re going to talk about the stock real quick before we actually head over to the print this guy. If I didn’t print him 100 infill, it just kept snapping so 100 infill. Print this by itself, But also what I found that made this work, really. We’ll knock it down to 99 as well. That way, it will actually move really well within the socket and the end piece will really easily slide on to the end. So that’s my recommendation for the stock pieces, print that guy at 100 percent infill, so he is solid and strong, so that’s my recommendations and how I went through and did my settings to print the Boba Fett helmet. We’ll hop over to the time lapse here. Hope you guys enjoy this content. Hit that subscribe button if you are, and let’s get over to that time lapse and see what the printer does, and we’ll see you guys after so. So so [Music] [Music] [Music] all right, guys, that’s it sliced, uh, sliced printed. I’m really happy with the final outcome. I’ve got some sanding to do some finishing to do here on the back, but and some sanding all the way around a little bit of filler, definitely going to maintain the dent Because I think that came out really well got some clean up some smoothing different things to do like that. This is kind of soft assembled. The ear pieces are on, But this part all pops off the stock and that I can get off and clean up and I will down in the description. The same with my original mandalorian helmet. I’ll put the visor in there that I used to make the actual visor. Mine hasn’t arrived yet. Unfortunately, due to some winter conditions as I said, it was just slipped on there so final product. I will glue it on there, but all in all, really good print, really nice detail really clean, just from the print itself. I really honestly don’t have that much cleaning up to do to it other than some on the back here and a little bit of filler to get rid of the print lines, but that’s about it. So thank you guys, if you enjoyed what you saw, hit that subscribe button and we’ll see you in the next episode.

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