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Blender Dungeon Tile Tutorial | How To Add 3d Texture


Hey, everyone, welcome to. Kc 3d Sparks today. We’re going to be going over how to add textures to your dungeon tiles. So if you haven’t seen the video already? I will put the link in the description below. And, yeah, you can watch that how to make these beautiful tiles, but today. I’m going to be adding a step before you do that video. So I recommend watching that first. Even that, like it’s really quick, so watch out first. And then once you have down like, okay. This is the general process you can figure that out. You can try adding a textures to it before that and then doing the grid as well, so I’m just gonna go ahead and start with a fresh pile here, so that one can just look at our textures, so I’m gonna go ahead and delete this cube. There’s a couple ways we can go about adding textures to our tiles. So, of course, the first way would be just to get your mesh that you want which? I like to start with a plane for this one, and you can go in and subdivide it a ton and then sculpt it out, which sounds like a pain in the butt and it would take forever. And I don’t know about you, but I want something simpler and something I can just whip out really quickly before I have my DMV session So instead of doing that, there’s two methods I’m gonna go over really quickly and you can compare them and see which one you like better personally. The second option. I’m gonna go over. I like better, but that’s just my personal preference, so see what you like, and then you can go ahead, do that. Print it out and have fun so first one. I’m going to show you is just using the regular old displacement modifier. So what you want to do First is go ahead and go into edit mode hit. W subdivide and you’re gonna want to up that number of cuts. -, let’s just do 24 now 20 should be fine to have out of that, because that’s all we’re gonna do in edit mode. The rest is going to be over in our panel over here. We will go to our modifier panel tab thing a and we’re gonna go ahead and we are going to stop divide that even more. Just do like me four or so we’re not going to render it out, but I like to just keep the numbers the same in case if I feel like doing so then we will go ahead and add our displacement modifier, which is right here in the deform section awesome. Nothing happened. It just moved up off the grid because we haven’t done anything, so it’s gonna have a texture panel here, and I don’t have any texture set, so it just didn’t do anything what we’ll want to do is hop over to the texture tab and we’ll create a new texture from that texture, usually it’s going to be automatically on clouds, which is not what we want. Even though that looks kind of cool, we’re gonna go ahead and do image or movie for the image that we are going to do. I have found a website that has a ton of free textures. It’s called wild textures calm. I searched over here stone, and it comes up with free stone textures. So you can scroll through here find, you know, any stone textures. I’m going to be using this natural stone tile wall. But, of course, pick out what you want. Obviously they have brick and all kinds of other. Cool things that you can use so. I grabbed a ton of these while I was here the other day, but yeah, pick out your favorite one and I’ll go ahead. Open that up, so I just have it on my desktop here. And once you do that, it already got over into your displacement modifier, and it looks crazy. All right, look at this. This is actually kind of scary like. If you touch that either, her finger will immediately start leaving anyway. So once you have that, the strength is actually way too high. That’s why it’s going haywire, So let’s turn that down Point Five. Mm still way too much 2005 Better, okay, um, but still looks weird, right, It’s very bumpy and just not what you needed to be so. I wonder, actually if we turn it down. Even more point zero one. Okay, kind of looks like a brick foot. It doesn’t jut out, It’s still pretty flat, so we’ll leave it as is, and I’m gonna go ahead and go over the second method that I recently discovered. And hopefully you guys like it, so I’ll leave that there. I’m just gonna push it over to the side real quick, and I’m going to add another plane in, and we are going to start out actually relatively the same way, so go in here to edit mode, hit W Subdivide and up that 228 again. Okay, out of that of no, because that’s all we need, and we’re going to follow Still the same processes subdivision surface up that oops and a displacement modifier, however, for the texture for this, we’re not going to use the same texture as this one. We are actually going to go to a different program called crazy box. So this is another thing that I downloaded. It is free to download, but I guess if you want to actually like, use it professionally and use the textures for commercial. Use that kind of thing or personally. That kind of thing you can buy license. I have not bought one yet. I only I’m using the free version so far because I’m just going to, you know, print out some stuff and not sell them anyway. So once you have it downloaded? Just go ahead. Open that up! Go to your options! Real quick, make sure the y-axis is up. That’s the only thing. I’ve noticed that you actually have to change so once you do that, you can go over and click the. Open button. We’re just gonna do this first. One open photograph on file. Go to the stone texture that we want. Wait a second. I know it looks like it’s not doing anything, but trust me, It’s thinking so once that’s done, it’s gonna come up with two different options, so it’s just inverted differently. So once you’re like, okay, yeah. I want the stones out and the gridline’s no. The corral in, go ahead. Click that one unless you want an opposite for some reason now to come up on a ball. I notice it’s kind of hard to look at on a ball. Sometimes it’s easier to look at on a box since we’re gonna be looking at it on a flat surface. Anyway, so you can move it around kind of like, you know, just clicking, grab awesome, so all we are going to be worrying about is the displacement, so for that, go ahead and just up the depth of it really high, make it more dramatic. You can up the normals you. It kind of helps as well, but that’s up to you figure out where you want to have it, so I want it as traumatic as possible because my printer is not very detailed. I need it to be as dramatic as possible awesome, so once you have that figured out, we’re just gonna go to this. Save button hit, save displacement to file. Because we don’t need any of this other tab stuff going on. I don’t think about it. I’ll hit save awesome. Close that out because we’re done with it. Go over here to add a new texture again. Open up your displacement. It just adds, you know. It has a scene file name but adds a disk to the end and again it’s going crazy, but you can already see like, all right. There might be something going on. Go back over to our modifier panel and let’s turn on the strength again, so I did 25 first still way too strong point Zero Five. Okay, yeah. I see that actually looks like something. Honestly, though, it’s still kind of blocky. I think I want to go ahead and tab in and do another subdivide, yeah? I like that pretty. Dramatic awesome. Looks like brick. I mean, I know. It has some funky spots, but my printer is not perfect anyway. So this would be awesome to try and test print and just see what happens and this is the easiest way. I found, like, really, really quick and simple just to, like pop out a texture, print it out. See what happens awesome. You’re done so way faster than trying to go into sculpt mode. Carve out all these little grout lines. Add your stones to make them actually look like real stones and not just blocks. Blah, blah, okay so. I want you guys to test this method out. Let me know what you think. Obviously it’s not perfect, but it’s definitely a nice, quick and dirty way to get it done way. You can just start printing your tiles and having it ready to go. So if we go ahead and look at them side by side, you can see now. Why definitely like this one better? If you like this way, better, perfect, awesome. Glad it works for you that way. You don’t have to get crazy bump or anything like that, but personally. I’m gonna try this out. See what happens? If you guys have a better way, let me don’t let me know in the comments below and don’t forget to. Like, subscribe and just let me know what you think. Can’t wait to see you guys next week.

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