Black Friday 3d Printer Deals | The Best Black Friday 3d Printer Deals 2019 – 3d Printing Black Friday Tech Deals!

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The Best Black Friday 3d Printer Deals 2019 - 3d Printing Black Friday Tech Deals!


What’s going on, you guys? Uncle Jesse, er. It is my favorite time of the year. It is deal season time. I am a huge fan of finding good deals out there. And this is the third straight year that I’ve been doing a Black Fridays. Deal video for you guys. We got a lot of stuff to cover, so lets. Jump right into it. Alright, so let me just immediately state that these deals that I’m about to mention might change or variations of them might pop up, depending on who the publisher is of those said deals. Also, some new things might pop up here over the weekend, so make sure to stay tuned online over on the Twitters and Reddit. And you name it there wherever you’re confined deals there, well be there, alright? So the first one on the list here is matter hackers calm every year. They always have a really big sale, and, as usual, they have some great deals going on here for the Black Friday weekend from a 3d printer standpoint, they have theyre. Creating machines are 10% off. That is really crazy Also should mention down below here. I’ll have a code that you need to use. Which is blk. Fri to get any of the discounts here that are being mentioned. You can find all these on their website and again. This is one of these companies that I’m sure is gonna have additional deals that go up The Ultimaker 2 plus and the 2 plus extended 3d printers are 500 off, which is incredible. The BC and 3d Sigma is 450 to 800 and $60 off. And one of my favorite resin 3d printers, its. A bit on the expensive side is the zuhr track inspire that is going to be 420 dollars off. It’s a really great deal on an amazing resin 3d printer. By the way the CR 10 S is on sale, specifically for 359 dollars on this deal. That is insane, that is such a good 3d printer and is still one that I use to this day very very regularly, so if you’re in the market for a new CR 10 I highly recommend that also they have a bunch of deals going on with filament and resins, so you can get their matter, hacker. Pro Series is 10% off fiber force. Pantone pla is 30% off and proto. Pasta filaments are 20% off, which is really really cool. Also, there’s a few different companies that are doing mosaic palette deals and matter hackers has a great deal going on where if you pick up the palette to the to Pro the to S to S pro, you’ll get the free canvas hub, which is sixty to a hundred and forty dollar retail value, which is pretty nice. Also, if you’re interested on a matter hackers t-shirt, those are twenty percent off. I would be probably buying another one of those for myself since I got super glue all over my last one. So the folks over at tiny machines Three also have a sale running this weekend. They’re also have some really great. Cree allottee machine sales going on through this weekend, so they’ve got the CR 20 Pro is on sale for $425 the CR 10s is 525 The CR 10 v2 is 525 the CR 10 s4 which is the larger of the Cr 10s is on sale for six hundred and fifty five dollars And then the CR Ten s5 which is the Big Daddy of the Ecr Tens is on sale for eight hundred and seventy five dollars. They also have the new recently released. Cr Ten, Max. As well, which is $1,025 they’re also gonna have some great deals on cyber Monday for the forum. Bot 3d printers again all of the companies. I’ll be talking about. I’ll have links directly down below. Some of those are affiliates. Which if you buy things through those, it helps out the channel. So thank you, my buddy pooch over at rep cord. Who is the maker of the rep box? If you are doing multi color 3d printing, you need one of his boxes. Yeah, they’re gonna be on sale as well here on Black Friday. So some videos that you can find is the base. MDF box is gonna be a hundred bucks. That’s the one that you’re gonna end up assembling yourself. And it also requires you to 3d print some of the pieces yourself, but it saves you a bunch of cash by assembling it and printing some of the parts for yourself. Also, you has the fully loaded acrylic box. That’s on sale for three $99.99 and that also includes a number of different parts pooch or kill me with all the details in this email by the way that also includes 3d printed parts, a sealed kit, a humidity hunter kit wall, mount extra roller set extra exit fittings and 500 great spools of ripcord film at 12 Did you yet, so if you buy the fully kitted one, you’re gonna get 12 rolls of filament that with that, as well as plus all that other stuff that I just rattled off. He also has a deal going on with the mosaic palette as well if you buy the mosaic palette 2’s standard edition, which is on sale for 5 $99.99 youll! Get a free base. MDF rep. Box, That’s the one that I mentioned at the very beginning here that you have to 3d print some of the parts yourself and assemble yourself, but that’s a great deal if you’re in the market for a palette 2’s standard and here’s another big list of awesome deals and this time coming from printed solid calm. If you’re the first 100 orders over $100 you’ll get a free maker box. That’s a really cool add-on to all the deals that I’m about to mention and have listed up here on screen. There are a ton of deals by the way, just some of those that I want to mention are. There are an absolute ton of deals going on at printed solid. I’ll try to include as many as I have here as I can’t on screen, but make sure to head up their website. They have all of their build plate surfaces or on sale for 20% off. This includes flex pay plates and Pei sheets. They have lots and lots of filament deals, so they have color fab. Filament will be 25% off proto. Pasta will be 20% off ninjaflex also 20% off. Bam TAC will be $10 a roll. I see 3d $10 a roll. That’s a great deal Poly. Alchemy elixir is on sale for 20 bucks. I will be picking up. Some of that for myself. Have been dying to try that. And also they have some printer deals as well, so they’ve had 500 off the ultra maker 2 and the 2 extended. Also all of their enclosures will be $50 off as well. The print solid enclosures. They also have some mosaic palette deals as well. So if you pick up the mosaic palette 2 you’ll get a $100 gift card to print solid if you pick up the mosaic palette 2 Pro you’ll get a 200 dollar gift card, man. These mosaic folks are killing me with with the names. I don’t know, I still hard for me to say this. I probably cut and re-edited this a ton of time. So, Tim, over at, eh? 3d also has a ton of deals going on, so this is a great place for you to go and pick up lots of different accessories or parts or add-ons to make your stuff print. Even better than it is today also has some 3d printer deals going on so the artillery AL for 3d printer will be fifty dollars off. Their new easy board light is gonna be ten dollars off and made a note here that this is the first time and likely only time that they’ll be doing discounts on this, so I’m interested in that more than likely picking up one of those for myself because it sounds pretty cool ever so popular, easy able kits are also on sale for 25% off the easy. Pi kits are 20% off. They have all of their hot ends. Nozzles extruders heaters are also 20% off their flex plates and they’re easy mats are also 15% off as well, So they also have Murchie as well. That would be 15% off and pretty much. Everything else is 10% off, so some really great deals there to have make sure to support your amazing Local businesses. The Capricorn Tubing Guys and Gals are having a sale for 20% off all of their stuff there with the code black Friday 19 That’s good through December 1st Rays 3d also reached out to me to let me know that. If you wanted to pick up filament from them, they have that 25% off their filaments with the code. Jesse wink, wink. That is me here on their website on Black Friday exclusively. They have some really nice filaments there as well. If you haven’t printed with, it might want to check that out. The folks over at 3d gloop. That’s right if you haven’t used 3d gloop and you’re printing big things and needed to stick it and tear together. You should really try this out. They are having a sale where it’s free shipping on all. US orders over $20 and you’ll also be able to get 20% off your order when you sign up for their news. So make sure to check that out. If you haven’t already bought some gloop for yourself. Bill Tech mentioned that they are gonna have some specials going on on Black Friday but did not have the details at the time of me recording the video so again. I’ll have some links down below to them. I love the Bill Tak crew over there. So make sure to check that out if you’re in the market for some new build plates or one of their awesome spatulas or whatever else they’re. Hauk, in these days. Alright, let’s talk about a few 3d printing companies as well. So the folks over at any cubic are having a big sale here on Black Friday, so they had the any cubic I. Three mega is on sale for a hundred and eighty dollars and one roll of PLA that’s included with that. They also have the photon on sale for two hundred and thirty nine dollars, and they also had the photon S on sale for three hundred and fifty nine dollars. Those are both really great. Deals for resin 3d printers. A photon being on sale for under 250 is crazy. That’s a really good deal. Also, the e pack’s resin 3d printing team emailed me to let me know that they also have some deals going on so on. Friday they have the x1 on sale for 399 and then on Cyber Monday. It looks like the x1 will be on sale for three hundred and seventy nine dollars. That’s a really good deal And they’re larger resin 3d printer. The x10 is gonna be on sale on. Cyber Monday for $1,099 Really good deals I also know. Nikko Industries gonna have a big sale on Friday as well where all of his files will be 50% off with the code. Thanks, that’s a really good deal. If you’re in the market for some really cool statues or replica props for you to do some cosplay in non 3d printing related SKS, props also has a sale on all of their. Eevee a foam where you can pick that up with free shipping for anything over $100 and one last deal. I wanted to mention because I’m actually gonna be picking this up for myself. Zbrush software is on sale until the end of the month. I believe it’s $100 off pretty much every purchase option. They have monthly subscription options as well six month. Options, that’s one. I’m going for here, which is going to be a hundred and forty dollars for the first six months, and then it goes back up to the regular price. After the next six months, or you can get a perpetual license, which is a one-time license for just under eight hundred dollars. So if you’re interested in learning 3d designing and sculpting which I am as well and I started on and never finished and are really continued with, so I’m gonna jump back into. Zbrush is also on sale, so I just wanted to say. Thank you guys so much for watching Ill again. I’ll do my best here to be posting deals that I find over on Twitter in the comments down below. I’ll be updating descriptions as things pop up, potentially. So thank you again for watching and listening to all these crazy deal. I’m hoping you guys are finding some really good deals out there for stuff that you’re interested in if you hear about other things and are looking for a place to share that, please consider sharing it down in the description below, also posting those over on your social media accounts. I mean, I’m gonna be always hunting and looking and sharing things over on Twitter. You guys already follow me. I typically shared lots of different tech deals that I’m picking up throughout the holidays here, lots and lots and lots of really good deals to be had. You just got to get out there and find some of them. So get back to your Thanksgiving meals and stuff in your faces while I try not to eat anything too. Carver, if Ik here.

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