Black Friday 3d Printer Deals 2018 | The Best Black Friday 3d Printer Deals 2018 – 3d Printing Black Friday Tech Deals!

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The Best Black Friday 3d Printer Deals 2018 - 3d Printing Black Friday Tech Deals!


What’s going on, you guys? Circle Jessie Here. I am super excited. It is Black Friday time. There are deals to be had. And I love a good deal. I did one of these videos last year and a lot of people were pretty happy about it so. I figured I’d do this again this year. Tell you guys about some upcoming deals that you can find in the 3d printing space since typically, they’re kind of scattered all over the place on where to find this information. So sit down, Grab some turkey. Grab some stuffing and let’s talk about some deals. [MUSIC] I’ve got a lot to cover, so I’ve got my laptop here again. The first deal that I really want to talk to you. Guys about is the folks over at printed solid, have probably the most insane deal out of all the vendors that I’ve talked to No offense. Anybody else out there, But pretty solid brought their a-game this year for Black Friday. All right, so let’s talk about the lulzbot collection. They have the tas six for $2000 and it comes with a free enclosure. The mini two is also gonna be on sale and it will also come with a free enclosure. There’s 25% off the Moorish rooder at the Aero Streeter version one and the task six single tool head will also be on sale. They have let’s look at this Under the filament section here. They’ve 25% off the printed solid daily. PLA Bam Tech PLA will be $13.50 the I see 3d PLA will be 50% off, that’s insane. I’ll be picking up some more of that. There, 60% off ninjaflex, cheetah and armadillo 40% off color Fab. That’s pretty awesome and 65% off the poly maker poly plus PLA. They also have a number of enclosures that are on sale, ranging from $10 off to $50 off $2,500 off, so there are a variety of different enclosures. I’ll have links by the way down below to every one of these guys sites, their social media’s except sure we’re best. You might be able to find out more details on these deals. They also have a number of accessories on on sale as well, so their bond textures of trunk are 10% off 20% off the e3d copper volcano eruption 10% off the E3D. All it sounds like the other. III, D products 25% off that P II. I sheets, that’s hard enough for me to say and 30% off the gecko tech sheets And while I steal that they sent over before I started recording. This was the mosquito hot end will be 15% off as well. Um, yeah. I mean, this just absolutely crazy. That sounds like there’s more deals that they’ll be announcing as well next up. I want to talk about matter. Hackers, comm. So the folks are banner. Hackers did their big annual blue Friday last Friday, which was a huge sale, but they have some additional deals that you can pick up over the weekend here, so 10% off the pro-series filaments 15% peopple e resins. That’s awesome again. I’ll be looking at picking up some more resin for my boy. The 20% off the Lolz backed has six 50% off the P Ah, Polly Moy. That also includes the assembled or the kit version of that and 10% off the Kraft bot plus, and they’ll also have 15% off the Sigma and Sigma X 3d printers. Hey, I also just recently Did a video on 3d gloop. The folks of our 3d gloop will also be running a promotion where they’ll be offering free. Priority Mail shipping for anybody that orders within the United States on Friday. I will be picking up some more 3d gloop because I’m absolutely in love with that product. Don’t forget that you can use the code. Uncle Jesse, to get 10% off your order as well. That does not work on kits, but it works on just the jars if you order those themselves, so that will again links down below for all of that fun stuff. Shapeways yes, shapeways the service that you can actually purchase. If you don’t have a printer and don’t go off and run off and print some crazy, nice, detailed prints for you, send it back to you and all sorts of different materials. If you have a file that you want to send to them and have them print, you can get 15% off with on. Black Friday With your rear printing your models through Shea boy’s. Pretty friggin cool! A lot of friggin is going on here! In the last few videos 3d prima 3d prima will be running a deal of 20% off their filaments and it also sounds like they’ll be running some additional specials on some of the 3d printers that they carry on their site so again details down below to where you can find out more info on that one. I’d also reached out to build tech bill. Tech’s not actually running any Black Friday or Cyber Monday deals. So nothing over the weekend here, but make sure follow them on Twitter. They said that they’re gonna be doing some early. December promotions. So you’ll want to make sure to stay tuned for that, so you can pick up on some deals either. The flexible build plate that they offer there or some of their awesome spatulas that I am using on all my printers as well. Also, the folks were Raziel, tech of a deal going on right now through Sunday that will give you 18 percent off all of their filaments, including my own. Uncle Jesse Pla with the code back in Stock 18 I’ll spoke with Tim over at H3D. He’s gonna be having a deal Starting next Wednesday. That’s right Wednesday, not Black Friday, not Cyber Monday, but next Wednesday he’s gonna be having a blue Wednesday deal going on where you’ll be able to get a discount on his easy mats as well as the Pei Sheets that he sells there as well as his easy out kits, so stay tuned for more details on that coming next week and congrats to Tim on the New House purchase and upcoming move. So the folks over at Capricorn are also doing a Black Friday deal. That’s the same deal that they ran last year, where it’s 20% off their cap tubes. These wonderful blue. Ptfe tube replacements that you could swap out on your different 3d printers. I picked up a ton of this last year and I’ve been slowly swapping this out on a bunch of my different 3d printers, and, yeah, so you can get 20% off with the code. BF2 zero one eight, also, the folks of our IC 3d by the way, love this t-shirt’s super comfy, super super comfy and they make some pretty awesome filament as well. They are gonna be running a deal where you can get 20% off all of their different filaments. You just go right over to their website and you can pick it right on up. No special code needed the wonderful folks over at filament. Ammar also running a black Friday through cyber Monday deal where you can pick up their filaments for 30% off using the code, black and Cyber 28 teen. That is a heck of a good deal and this is some seriously sexy filament that you can run off and print with, that’s right. I said filament it’s sexy because it’s beautiful. I love it and I love printing with it. I also spoke with Chris. Over at tiny machines 3d they’re gonna be running a number of Black Friday through cyber Monday deals as well ranging from a whole bunch of big savings across their Criolla 3d printers, the four bots 3d printer, as well as they’re full of cube. PLA filaments. They’ll also be doing a whole bunch of inventory discs. Roll outs as well and they are also have a new offering for the 300 super, which is a fully loaded 300 by 300 by 400 3d printer at a super low price. He’s also taking pre-orders on a number of the nuke reality machines that are rolling out very soon. He’s also gonna be doing some pre-order deals on some of the machines that he’ll be carrying soon. The folks over at Preusse are more than likely running some sort of a free shipping deal. It’s similar promo that they’ve ran the past few years so again, nothing confirmed yet at the time. I’ve recorded this But more than likely they’ll be announcing some sort of a free shipping deal on one of the model of their MK 3d printers. It also sounds like monoprice. Comm will also be running some deals. I think it looks like It’s about 50% off their 3d printers that they offer on their site which range from the I can’t remember the 3d printers to be honest, stay tuned, they’ll again be running some promos on their Street. There’s that they run over in the monoprice say this is very professional, very, very professional, very well rehearsed and researched and last, but not least is Amazoncom Everybody’s favorite go-to site for ordering everything and anything, including 3d printers and filaments over the last handful of days, they have been running. Lightning Deals on a variety of different 3d printers, so there’s nothing set in stone as to when or what deals will be available on which printers or filaments, However, I can guarantee there will be a number of deals to be had on that site so just stay closely tuned in to their actual website there in the Lightning Deal’s Black Friday section. Where you can check that out? I’ll have links again to all of the different suppliers here and all of their different deals. I so appreciate you guys tuning in and watching this. I hope you guys make some smart choices out. There shop wisely. Pick up as much stuff as you can support all of these awesome vendors that are listed here in this video. And I just want to say thank you again for watching you guys and happy shopping and have a great time with your family and loved ones and just relax and have a good time and print some really cool stuff. Also, if there’s any deals that. I’ve missed out did not list here in the video. Make sure to add them in the comments down below so other since IAM including my self, it shouldn’t say thanks again for watching guys, and I will see yall next time. Bye now! Alright, fun little fact about myself. I do not like going out to the stores at all anymore on. Black Friday used to love that. Absolutely love. That would get out super early now. Just online ice. It online deals come up, starting on like Wednesday night late at night for Black Friday deals. You can pick them up with you going to store even the door. Buster’s a lot of times you can pick up online. Just a little tip from the little cost-conscious guy over here.

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