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Betrayal At House On The Hill Upgrades


Hey, everyone, this is. Justin, here at geek of all trades and today. I want to talk to you. How 3d printing can make your board game is better specifically. I want to talk about the trail at the house on the hill. So betrayal at house in the hill is a board game from Avalon Hill, who’s owned by Wizards who’s owned by Hasbro. It’s a cooperative or game. It’s a lot of fun, but there are a ton of little pieces to it, and then some of the pieces that came with the game are just a little awkward to say the least so what? I’m going to go through is I’m going to talk about some of the things. I’ve used my printer to help improve the game in many ways. So first I want to talk about character character cards. So anyone who’s played the game knows that keep track of your stats in the game on the card. You get these little like coffin-shaped pointers and they stay on it. Well, they don’t stay on and that’s. The point you a light breeze comes through and you lose track of what stats you have, and you have to try to remember. It’s just a pain in the butt. So what I got here is I found a little just fun little tracker. It’s got a little little slides here, and as you see, nothing changes still five, There’s still a 5 a look. Nothing changes keeps real good track of the the stats much easier to use. They fold away real easy, so you when you’re if you want to play. Is you know the character on the back side of the card? You just flip it out. Put it back in slide back. And you got your. You’ve now gone to profess. Oh, professor Longfellow. And it’s this is probably the number one single greatest thing you can do to improve your game. There are plenty of other markers online. You can go in search for them if you want. This is the one! I found to be my favorite so far and I’ll have links to this and and almost everything else here that I’m going to show you in the description below, and you’ll see why I say almost everything here at the end. So what else did I do? Well, as the game progresses there, a thing called a haunt phase. And as you draw omen cards, you build up, so there’s a little tracker that they have that comes with the game and I can try to get a little close up. There’s and I print out these two little things you can look, they sit on the table. Come on, auto focus, focus. Air goes with this. And what that you can do you use this? You keep track of the homing cards that you play onto or, and then in some of the scenarios, you also use this to keep track of time returns or all sorts of things. Is it necessary? No, but it’s fun and it’s and that’s what for games and 3d printing can be about so. I really like that and to go along with those. I’d also printed out some optional little character Little tokens here to go along with some like the omen or event cards like here’s. I think it’s a young maiden is what the card I’m going to finish these up and paint them eventually, the madman. So when you get draw the man that card, you actually have that tutor to take around with you. The dog, which is another one, the items you get and then as a demon dog, which is I think in one of the scenarios again, they’re not necessary, but it’s fun, and if it will make the game feel more involved that way and I so I really like that, so then then we have four more storage purposes. This I found on thing ever. It’s a storage container for all the tokens for the original game. It comes in, there’s three parts. You got this bottom here, which holds all sorts of these monster tokens with this in turn can click into place pretty well and keep it all your stuff together. Then the top section here opens up. It has the rest of the tokens in it, and they, you know, it goes on one way, little part. Stick out just a little bit. That’s fine, they don’t go anywhere and then. Oh, lid, um, there. Is you can’t? Find some customize the lid. I think this is betrayal on it. That can be a lot of fun yet again. I got this and everything else so far. I’ve talked about on Thingiverse with the links below Then next. I for Christmas. I believe I’ve gotten. I got the expansion called widows. Walk it! Has you know 50 more scenarios game? Really great, a lot of fun. The problem is is the original token holder that. I just showed you that I have printed out. Doesn’t fit all the new tokens, So I went searching and on my mini Factory highest owned from creator Adam Speicher. Here’s his widow’s walk token holder. It’s a lot of fun, it’s, um. I like the design. I like the shape. I like this little lid. It kind of pressure fits in the top, but well, you know, it should in the Box should hold everything together. Unless you’re throwing your box around like crazy. It holds all the new tokens like all the new little character that are like, really small circles, New Square. All that and then like. I said lit pressure fits in. You got this fun cross symbol on the top of it there, then. I really enjoy and I just had a couple fly out because I didn’t close it all the way that’s okay. I’ll finish putting those way later when I first looked this up, He didn’t have any he didn’t. Have it available to download online mini. Factory you had only way you could get a hold of. It was through his his. Etsy page called decked out 3d and I’ll also have a link to that below where he sells prints of some some of his own original prints like this one, or there’s. Also, he also just had kind of has a 3d printing service where he prints out other board game related models that he’s found on like Thingiverse or something, but so go ahead and you can check him out either. My mini factory or at Adam’s biker or decked out 3d and that’s great, but you know, I I looked at, I’m like that’s. You know that it’s great. I’ve so much was available already for the game, but I figured to see it felt like I needed more and that’s. That’s what’s fun about 3d printing is with a little work. You can not only just find and print out what other people have done. You can make some of your own, so that’s what. I started doing so what I have Here Are are the three different car types 3d printed into their own little deck boxes. You know, we got your vents items in your omens. This was kind of one of my my first. Real eye tries on modeling. I’ve done a mom fidget spinner before using meshmixer and you can. You can find the link to that video down below, but this was really my first attempt at a real starting to model something for real so and even though as you can see, even though there’s obviously not nearly as many homing cards as there are event cards. I made them all the same, so they just stack easier in the box. However, you want to put them they. They just they fit better. Um, cuz as much as. I like what I’ve already found. I have planned on. I want to try to make all the original stuff fit inside nicely into the Widow’s Walk Widows walk box, which is much smaller. It’s not the same around, but it’s lose. You lose about it. Two inches of height or inch something like that so. I’m working on them. These cards were my first step. You will not find the links to these below because I’ve decided that models that I’m creating are going to be available for my patrons over a patreon. So if you if you’re really interested in this file, these files for these card holders or any other files. I come up with in the future. Go check out my patreon page. Help support me. I don’t know how I’ve quite going to distribute these yet, but I’m working on it, but I’ll make sure that any backers who want these files will get a hold of them so and then I’m working on other stuff. I want everything to fit into one box, so I’m also posting this over here. It’s a picture, it’s really early. Preliminary layout stuff, but it’s got a lot of work to do, but that’ll fit not only the original tokens as well as winter walk tokens all in one single container. I also have plans on making a little-little essentially boxes to hold the the the roam tiles and then also design a little box of a whole all of these together and then hopefully it’ll probably be a two-part print online, but design a part, a pretty much an insert for the box that will hold all these individual elements nicely in the box, so I can just take them all out as need be so like I said any of those things that I develop in the future. I will be posting on my patreon if they eligible all my patrons, so as a thank you first of you know, for helping the channel and on that. I want to thank everyone for watching the video. I, you know, I’ve really. I really like what I do. Your support goes a long way to help me do what I like to do. I’m going to keep making content regardless, but you know, just watching the video through sharing liking, hitting the little notification bill to get future videos subscribing to the Channel. All these things really help. Craig, help me create more content that I can bring to you. And if there’s not enough content here, why don’t you go check out all my other sites at the Instagram, the Facebook and the patreon? They’re all be down below in the description. So until next time, see you later.

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