Best Slicer For Anet A8 | Anet A8 Prusa I3 – Slic3r Prusa Edition How To / Usb Print (german)

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Anet A8 Prusa I3 - Slic3r Prusa Edition How To / Usb Print (german)


[MUSIC] Hello, people and I would like to invite you today. Introduce another head of program as a curate. I’ve just discovered that a little bit for myself. That’s the 3-series or slicer. Poser International is a service provider angular around. I found one. Setting mini really well. But now the Blues session has been around since at the beginning of the year. Now revision, 3 41 And I would like to do that completely. Then let’s go down to the Ms. I will also link the page below where this version can be found from. I simply have the situation here under learned conditions after with Ami 32bit or 64bit and then grabbed me. So you just got it the witch. And then the program starts and I am very satisfied beforehand. One with the print results, you are even better than what Kuranyi throws out Second. This program is incredibly easy to set up and, thirdly, USB printing also works with this program. But we do now go one. After the other in front of the only Manko for us spoke German since it can’t switch to German directly. I don’t ask yet found from the German 3 dear, but as little you adjust, It is also possible in English. The first thing to do is normal to Heil and so to prix France’s settings and there you can choose between are in mode or expert mode. I have now simply set up. The expert mode is here to show, but have hardly changed. Anything in the expert matters down here. There is this series connections so you can do it there endure. If you don’t want to use it in 3d printing over USB, then. Do you take families out then works? I left everything else. As it was before, so, the next one are here. The quint settings that is basically the settings with what the print settings clearly said the name on the main page now. Actually, everything is already, right. We put our desired one here. Layer thickness, 1 0 2 is so that I had a curve as medium 1 oclock a me. I already left it at 0.2 That was no different. The first the layers of the earth bigger then here so to speak. I just have it, let it be vertical joke because I didn’t turn anything on because of the base, but that you could do it if you want to print out something. For example, how many continuous stories loves is at the beginning and at the end like this and from above that, it means you don’t look into many but really are valuable. May I exaggerate? Set these things here. I have set that here, for example. We’re not a kind that is supposed to change the pressure. Some things are wrong. I just wore it then here. This text, it is on the market and the tech bridgewaters created the automated impression postpone himself during the print if he notices something, and that makes the quality appear a lot better. I haven’t changed anything down here because I could somehow overlook it. I know not at all. What is there in the other? Things are missing more. Clearly you can here again. The percentage of what you want to lead here, You want the symbol to look like that should. And how for top bake you can also lie here. The troops should. I’ll leave! Everything like that here? I haven’t adjusted anything at all. I haven’t attached anything so far. The only thing I’ve done. I also set three millimeters wide. Who got the water five seconds through? The width should do that that was before. I think on zero support material. If you need it now, you have it now. Hero data or just leave everything. Why should actually work the speed for quite relaxed as well? He has admitted for the poetic that was too and quick and to a good one quality led. I didn’t change anything at first. We don’t have a multiplex because of this weidmann’s disagreement. I haven’t changed anything options completely interesting for me, so I didn’t do anything there. Your bird name should still be your name. Your stores are always only in English teams. – es / Banco. I put the profiles there as a roof brings settings. I, of course, also in the video description as a link available. Then we come to the team and settings. Let’s go to the top. That corresponds actually for the most part. Always this sniffing set up to 1 2 off. Of course, here you have to set that. Our diameter is 1.75 an extra here. You can find the information from specify manufacturer. I have not yet seen where it calculates and here. Below the temperature you have to, of course, once adjust based on the manufacturer’s data supplied for your respective company is now the Flame, Pa, The settings so to speak. I will also make it available to you. Saved the last thing comes to the crash settings because I basically have to set. I’ll just have a look here on the page. Of course, if you are using USB. If you want to print a printer, then you have to select the correct scheme here and the right speed then works that can also work for everyone could deviate. But you click what you are looking for to region and here comes your first race down here, but that was already there and I have nothing else here. Then we have changed here so to speak. I have now just allowed the curve that is given here. It works for me. The pressure is pushed forward again in the end, but just stand and the printer moves to the side. You have to just take a look if you want. The printed image to the front is then threatened. You just get that from my Koran settings room. I am so happy to end up being sixth. Of course we have our standard with 0 4 mm. The minimum possible it is 0 1 maximum is then there is a maximum of 75 percent of the and down here. I left everything as it is. That was actually already the settings you have to make. It is really not much also the service, of course, turn off available so now we’re going to want to print something. Is someone here on the playboy? Then you look around. Samples are our items that have just been discontinued and then. I click here and load times to free the calibration. The dasding is also here. You can still have a look at the caps. I don’t have everything in front of me. I just printed it. Here now lives down here will now nothing more material from what costs or something or none time of day. How long it takes for the pressure that I have to have in the shop? You knows if you can adjust or see somewhere, it writes under it. Ambac has. But otherwise you need one. If you now say he wants print the SD card, then click here on export and then it opens. Save your exports. If you press here on then he would print via USB print. I will demonstrate that to you with the SB point. I turn on my printer that I turned off beforehand because mine says yes. I don’t know if you can hear it. So that it passed less was sent have to wait again post. I go to the controller or not, wait for us. Now again! We test once here was says printer works correctly is connected. We now go back to controller. Why complex Libya occurs. Now comes that as you can see okay here. You have the opportunity and again here is what would disappear if I said computer. After then, he and she throws the first data from temperature and supersoft now highest temperature that has been appointed. And if yours, he also here and here that wanted to print, often wears cheap, and then he starts with the print down here. You can give the commands and watch in nature here so to speak running bars would be displayed immediately. Even the printer itself in the display will then not be a percentage. Perhaps the world he is with the pressure is here now. Also, the medal will consume. The cost are here but still do not comment on the. Founding made that already more is not to be set here. I’ll show you an object printing plates again compared to my last one curve object, namely here on this No calculation flight. I’ll do the same again, Myvideo. What is behind the patient that the deadline, however, it has gotten better and yes, then. I’m looking forward to the next video with you as I said. The 3 the three things here. I have the profiles these here as the description. And then until first times and bye. This is the sphere vision you see here. Obama can recognize that so neatly because inside the cure and here, the is one thing super smooth. You look at you here. As a small one of the low costs filament surface down here down. That is smoother, but that is. I just think the other pressure because so he’s against the wall and then When the gate is filled with no, he has seen that, and you can feel it again. For comparison for comparison, the back for comparison that you like you see a serious difference? I am very satisfied with the result. I will have this here tomorrow too once. Put this pyramid in a circle had well-printed things down here. Everything is pretty smooth And the reprinted here. Searches have all turned out very well, but there is a small one in it, but the result is okay. [MUSIC].

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