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Make More $$ Selling 3d Printable Files & 3d Prints Online!


Hey, everyone, Uncle Jesse, here. Nico, over at Nico Industries is changing everything up And this is gonna be wild. I love 3d printing. However, there’s one thing that I enjoy more than that, which is making money from my 3d prints. And now there is an even easier way for you to do that. Thanks to Niko. Over at Nico Industries, He has now opened up his website. So that you can sell your digital files that you’ve created and are looking to market out to folks looking to buy files as well as sell things that you’ve 3d printed that you have permission to print and sell. This is really dang cool. And the best part about it is the fees associated to this are incredibly low Compared to what you see over on things like Etsy. I did also want to mention that. This video is being sponsored by Nico over at Nikko Industries, and I am just a long time fan of his content and creations and files that him and his team produce. So this was a no-brainer for me to partner up with Nico to explain this. Because as some of you might know, I’ve been having some challenges with selling things over on Etsy and it not really being such a stable platform and plus something that really not a lot of people talk about is the fees associated to Etsy are crazy. You have listing fees, you have selling fees and then you have fees associated to actually shipping the items it all adds up well. Nico has really simplified this with his new approach for his site. Nico is only charging at least at the time of making this video an eight percent fee for anything that you sell through his site, which is crazy compared to things like again, Etsy game body or even other larger sites out there that allow you to sell your own digital files. The amount of money that you’re going to be able to take in from the sales through Nico site is just incredible compared to these other competitors. The other great thing is, Nico has such a huge, large audience that are coming to site daily to check out files and purchase files that you’re now going to be able to take advantage of all of that traffic to get more visibility to the things that you’re selling. Now, Nikos site is really known for cosplay and other miniatures or figurines type of things that are related to comic books or movies or video games. But you’re not limited to just that, so if you have other things that projects that you’re working on that you wanted to list there, go right ahead. And the best part is, it’s actually free to create an account and list your projects there. There’s already a number of creators that have already signed up and are listing their products and having sales make its way through his site. And in fact, I’ve actually listed two different things on his site as of right now, which is a court of Owls mask that I designed in blender, which is a 3d printable file that you can purchase from his site and download and 3d print for yourself as well as a 3d printed Loki crown. So this is something that I actually 3d print and currently sell on Etsy, but again those fees are insane, so I’m looking forward to being able to offer this directly on Nicos site where it’s going to end up, saving me some money as well as just being a better overall experience for users out there in the community now. Obviously you could set up your own site if you wanted to stand that up and sell your products through there. However, there are fees associated to that you’re going to have hosting fees. You might have fees associated to housing the files. Uh, depending on how you want to actually market that there’s going to be marketing fees associated to all of that, whereas working directly in Necosite is a cost free experience to you until you actually make a sale and then you have that eight percent fee that’s applied to your purchase and the payout structure is really simple as well. It’s all handled through Paypal, so you’re gonna need a Paypal account for that, and then you can choose whether to be paid out Weekly or monthly. Nicos also made sure to put some safety measures in place to help protect not only the buyers, but also sellers when it comes to actually placing goods or orders through his site. And obviously I’m gonna have some links down below where you can get started with setting up your own shop, so let’s take a quick look at getting your account set up as well as some listings set up on his site. So the first thing you’re gonna do is need to create an account. Once your account is approved, you can go on in and start creating your first listings from your dashboard. You’re able to see a quick summary of any products that you’ve sold or any items that you have listed, and if you want to add any new products, all you have to simply do is click on the add product link on the right hand side from there. It’s a simple process of just adding some details about what the product name is a product description. Is it a digital or physical product? If it’s a physical product, you’re going to need to add things like the weight of how much that prop is going to actually weigh once it’s packaged up so it can help calculate the actual shipping costs for the person that’s going to end up buying your product. Another great thing is when it comes to actually listing your pricing. You can have just a static price or if you wanted to list a official price and a discounted price, you can have that there as well so more or less you can run promotions on your own goods. Without having to contact Nico to update the website, also if you wanted to limit the number of downloads for a particular product or if you’re selling just a certain number of printed copies of a project, you can limit that in the actual listing as well. You obviously want to make sure to include some photos, so take some nice clean photos of the products that you’re planning on listing and including those on the website and once those listings are approved, you are good to go. And they will now be appearing on Nico’s website so anytime anyone goes to visit the site and is looking for things to either buy digital files for 3d printing or if they’re looking for 3d printable objects, they’ll be able to see your listings. This is really dang cool. And I’m really excited about this new experience that he has over on his website. I should also mention if you don’t have any experience with 3d modeling, and you’d like to learn. Nico has a class all about creating cosplay related items within blender, and it’s a fantastic course. I’m actually in the process of going back through it again because I’m a little bit rusty and haven’t practiced with blender here in a few months and going to be going back through it again so that I can create more items to have listed on the site. I am so dang excited about this and just having yet another place that you can list your files. That is already getting a ton of traffic and that 92 percentage that goes back to you. The creator for these listings is such a fantastic thing to see compared to all of these other sites that are out there. So thank you to Nico for sponsoring today’s video. If you’re interested in more information about selling items on his website, you’ll find links down below what’s wild to see is how many new and creative things are already listed on his site that haven’t directly come from him and his team. This is already starting to take off, and I just wanted to share out here with everyone else because again. I think this is such a cool concept, and honestly, I’m kicking myself for not already thinking of this. Hey, thanks so much for watching guys. Hopefully you liked and enjoyed. If you did leave me some comments down below, make sure to like the video and, uh. Yeah, I will be talking with you guys next time. Bye now!

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