Best Resin 3d Printer 2019 | Top 5 Resin 3d Printers In 2019/2020 | Best Sla 3d Printers 2019/2020

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Top 5 Resin 3d Printers In 2019/2020 | Best Sla 3d Printers 2019/2020


[MUSIC] Laser SLA 3d printing is the premium technology for best printing quality, but current laser 3d printers are either very expensive or require lots of DIY skills. That’s why we created solid maker the laser. SLA 3d printer with an affordable price for everyone solid maker is ideal for 3d printing enthusiasts, as well as professional users. It gives you endless opportunities to create whatever you can imagine with an amazing high accuracy. It’s super easy to use, and the printing speed is 320 millimeters per second, making a very productive and efficient we offer five types of resins in different colors for your creations. Solid maker is also compatible with third party resins. There are no hidden costs and you don’t need to buy overpriced resins. We are a professional team focusing on SLA 3d printing and have years of experience in designing and manufacturing. Our mission is to create an affordable high resolution printer for everyone that brings more fun to people and boost their creativity, so please join us today and discover new opportunities with solid maker. Your only limitation is your imagination. [MUSIC] You, this is the prism LCD SL! A 3d printer developed by a team of experienced industry professionals and award-winning creatives. The Prism is the ideal printer for makers and artists who want an affordable, reliable and easy-to-use 3d printer. The PRISM introduces new convenient features that make the printer easy to get set up and running these features include. Wi-fi connectivity to allow you to wirelessly manage your prism, automatic leveling and bed calibration. So you never have to turn a knob again. High-power para LED UV LED arrays for lightning, quick printing, a high definition two K LCD display to print your objects at very fine resolutions, a one-click resin finder utility that helps you calibrate your print settings faster, an open source software and hardware workflow that ensures that you are not locked into expensive proprietary parts and consumables, A compact footprint measuring 11 inches by 11 inches by 17 inches, The PRISM has been designed and rigorously tested in the real world by beta testers for a variety of common uses, including miniatures and gaming, dental, jewelry and fashion, and many more applications. The PRISM is a fully developed and real world tested printer. We need your help In bringing the printer to market on the first large production run, having years of industry experience in building and selling 3d printers and consumables, We understand exactly how to produce and deliver a quality product that consumers will love helped us achieve our goal of disrupting 3d printing back. [MUSIC] [Music] [Applause] When it comes to 3d printing resin printers provide higher quality printing results, However, the current SLA 3d printers on the market are either too expensive or require a steep learning curve. That’s why we made paladin an all-metal. SLA 3d printer that is simple and easy to use is made entirely of aluminum alloy for light, weight and strength. Its automatic leveling system makes printing prep easy, the auto refill, resin adds speed and convenience and its built-in air purifier eliminates bad odors and keeps the printing environment safer. In addition to its user-friendly features, Paladin uses a dual z-axi’s design for high-precision, accurate printing and reliable consistency. We provide three unique types of resins, standard touch and castable. Now you can have more options for your printings. Whether you are a beginner or pro, you will find. Paladin is super easy to use. Simply drag the printing file to the USB. Drive, plug it to the printer. Press the start button and it is all set. Then watch your creation, Come to life which paladin? Anyone can begin 3d printing today and achieve incredible results for design, prototyping, artwork or fun. Let’s make it together. [MUSIC] [Music] introducing Space 3d the most affordable large-size SLA 3d printer [Music] allowing you to create bigger prints for bigger dreams, higher, precision, larger printing size and all metal structure design, the ideal solution for printing enthusiast and professional users with the best value for your money [Music] space 3d uses a UV LED 140 watt high power light feed matrix distribution to achieve a uniform light source and faster printing speed. It helps you to be more productive and creative and opens up new possibilities for different industries, prototypes, architecture, models, medical components or design Mock-up’s space 3d is very versatile and allows you to build whatever you can imagine with an amazing, high precision. It is super easy to use with the printing speed of 40 micrometer per hour and an accuracy of 85 micrometer, making it the perfect tool to realize your ideas. We offer five different types of resin, but space 3d is also compatible with most third party resins that you can find on the market and you can use color paints to match any color you want. [MUSIC] We are a team of 3d printing enthusiasts passionate about the development of space 3d The design is very solid and stylish, so it will not only be a reliable tool to help you boost your productivity but also look good in any environment. Our mission is to create an affordable large-scale 3d printer for everyone that creates opportunities to people and helps them to boost their creativity. Please support us and enjoy bigger prints for bigger dreams. [MUSIC].

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