Best Pla Filament On Amazon | Who Makes The Best Pla? 3d Printing Youtubers Respond

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Who Makes The Best Pla? 3d Printing Youtubers Respond


Hey, guys, back today. With a unique video. I figured kind of everybody has their own preference on what the best. Pla is and who makes the best PLA? So I thought the best way to answer This would be to ask fellow 3d printing youtubers and see what they think. So let’s see how they answer. I will be including my own responses at the end of this video going over some of my favorites and some. I think you should avoid. What is my favorite PLA? Well, that’s a hard one. Because if you’re honest, the playing field for PLA, I said level off quite a lot over the last few years. Most of them are actually really similar, and many of them are even coming off the same production lines with just a different spool design as some colorful packaging. So I’m not going to recommend one specific filament, but I’m going with Marie Kondo here, and I’m gonna say choose one that sparks joy for you for me. That’s simple, being able to grab a spool and getting printing without any hiccups because I know that filament is going to perform exactly as expected. It can also be that you using a simple and affordable filament and enjoy knowing that you’re not going to break the bank with printing one extra prototype or it can be that you just found a color that you really enjoy printing, so whichever minds to do running. Make sure to pick a filament that makes printing fun and interesting for you, hey! I’ve been asked to give my favorite or at least most use PLA or the PLA that I go to, and you can tell that I have a lot here on my wall, but there’s actually three that. I kind of go to right now. Proto pasta because my high five blue. Obviously I like my high five flu. It’s a wonderful filament and I do print a lot of things with it. But also strong hero 3d I’ve been printing with a lot of his filament and it prints really well. It lays down great. I love the PLA! I love the the transitional PLA that he makes it’s all wonderful, and finally I’ve been doing a lot with the poly alchemy effects right now. The FX series, it’s printed a lot of really cool models that I’ve shown off. I got some really cool models coming up really soon with the poly alchemy effects as well. You’re gonna like it. I hope that satisfies your curiosity prints on what I’m 3d printing. I only print with the finest of filaments, and that’s why I print with Zil Tec PLA. Not only do they have a variety of filaments of for you to choose from ranging from PLA to abs to pet G to flexible filaments, they also have a variety of colors, and they’re all extremely affordably priced and not to mention they are shipped directly from here in the goddamn yesterday seriously. I love using Zil tech. This stuff just prints smoothly for me. It’s easy for me to get a hold of. It’s pretty affordable and it ships fast and they also have their own. Uncle Jesse branded PLA. Of course. I’m gonna print with my own PLA. Why wouldn’t I, but yeah, if you haven’t already checked these folks out? Zil Tech is an awesome, awesome filaments providing company that’s out there. There’s lots of other cool filament providers out there as well. But this is that my go to my go-to source for filament. Oh, hey, guys, and welcome to gear. Don for what with Ross Today We’re gonna talk about filament and when it comes to filament, there has been one brand that has proved itself to me time and time again and it just happens to be the only brand that. I’ve never gotten anything for free from, so keep that in mind, And oddly enough today, I don’t have any of it. I actually ran out a while ago and I haven’t restocked it yet. This brand has proved to be extremely accurate with their with their filament size and it also is always very dry and overall. I really really like it. I use hatch box Filament off of Amazon quite often, but recently I’ve actually been given a roll of another type of filament that I would put on the same playing field as hatch box. You see, this 3d fuel is made quite locally for me. It’s just in a tone, maybe about an hour away. So yeah, so no so now. I’m shilling for them. Hey, everyone! Chris man, Chris’s basement here. And what’s the best PLA filament for me? Well, it’s the one that fits my workflow the best. I don’t do a lot of creative modeling, creating these super awesome, flawless prints, but I do a ton of hardware and electronics testing and what works for me is inland brand from Micro Center stores. Even though they’ve recently changed their formula, it’s still the most cost-effective I can usually get it shipped for free. It’s fairly consistent and it’s readily available. I can actually drive to a micro center store and pick some. If I’m in a pinch, It’s definitely not my favorite filament to print with. But given the costs, consistency and availability inland, bran is still my go-to filament. Hey, guys, and thank you 3d print general for having me on your channel and the question was, what does my go-to or my favorite and a PLA manufacturer? Um, and I don’t know that I necessarily have a favorite or a go-to at this point. I’ve amassed such a filament collection that if I just need a random PLA, I just grab one off the shelf so most the time when we buy them now. It’s like we need a specific color for something in that case. We just search until we find the right color or everyone smell. Someone will come out with a new like shiny glittery. Pla that we really have to have so well. Grab that, so I think the best way I could actually answer. That is just looking at my collection and seeing what I have the most of and it looks like that would be filamentous so I’m gonna say that that is my answer for this because that’s what we’ve printed with the most, and it’s always worked extremely well for us, and they have a ton of beautiful colors, so I wouldn’t go as far as saying, it’s my favorite, because as they say, variety is the spice of life, so I like to have a ton of different options, but it’s definitely what I’ve used the most. So that’s my answer if you guys would like to see some of the stuff. I’ve made with said PLA. You can check out my channel Chaos, Kortek on Youtube and Twitter. And thank you again for having me. Hey, your pretty general glad you’re here. I’m just pulling a print off the da Vinci Color. It’s a cute little animal that I’m currently playing with. Try it out The full color ones. I’m pretty happy with them, but you had a question for me. Something about PLA, right, You know, it’s really difficult for me to pick a single brand of PLA that I would choose over other brands and the problem. Well, not that it’s a problem. It’s actually a very good thing to have. It’s very easy to get good. Pla these days mind you. Price is is always an indicator of whether you’re gonna have good or bad. Pla, I think ten dollars for a kilogram of PLA. You’re probably gonna have problems with it. Twenty dollars. You’ll be happy with it and the more expensive stuff they honestly do print better, but I can’t recommend in general that people buy a certain brand or go to a certain place because we are talking right now to an international audience and so that answer won’t be valid for other people. My suggestions are this always buy as locally as you can. It just makes sense for shipping and like. I said most PLA is good and secondly, always ask. If you can get the master spool, it’s sometimes dropped your price just a little bit and you’re saving the world. I still believe in the Master Spool. So I’m gonna keep on promoting it. Sometimes it’s just not possible. I think we’re gonna be stuck with spools for a long time, but if we keep asking and keep bugging people about it eventually, hopefully we’ll all be on the master spool one day, and I think that you should try it out. So that’s my answer. III hope that that helps your viewers, and I hope that that helps you. Thanks very much for asking hey. Sean, everyone pulley from Putin Printables here. Thanks, Rob with me on. So I come at filament from a few different perspectives. The first is designing mechanically oriented goodies, 3d print and the second is making 3d pen creations. When I’m designing new things, I usually go through a few iterations, so I use a cheaper filament. I have had success with a variety of hatch box. PLA colors as they are on the cheaper side and available on Amazon Prime for 3d pen creations. You need way less filament than for 3d printing, and you often want a large variety of colors. My go-to, for that has been this amazonbasic’s sample pack of 30 colors, which has been perfect for 3d penning Now, you know my? Pla secrets. And if any of what you see interests, you come on over to my Youtube channel and check things out hope. This was helpful and thanks again for having me shown now it seems. I’m a bit strange because I really like Amazonbasic’s PLA. It also seems that they don’t have much in stock anymore, so I don’t know if they’re running through it or what. But according to the reviews, a lot of people don’t like it, but I get great results from it. In fact, the majority of my prints that I do for fun Prints like this like Kong’s designed a Mysterio are actually done in Amazonbasics PLA. I I don’t know I seem to get. Even they’re. Colored filament looks pretty cool in my opinion, and then, as others have said hatch box. Pla makes some really good stuff. I used to use them exclusively when I worked with SD. 3d we kind of standardized to only using their material they are. I think a little bit more expensive than Amazon basics, and sometimes they seem to be completely sold out, and that’s really hard to get. I’m not sure if that’s still the case, but that’s how it was when I was using this frequently, but another great choice is hatch box, and then finally, I have used a I/O robotics 1/2 kilogram spools, quite a lot from my past videos and a lot of prints. It seems to come out really good. The only problem is, they seem to be upping their price a bit. I think when I bought it. It was $12 for a half kilogram and now it’s closer to $14 so it’s not exactly price effective. But if you have a machine that requires half kilogram spools or you just want a half kilogram spool? I really suggest checking out. Ai over Biotics. And then I’m actually also currently testing out Poli maker’s PLA so far so good, It’s been giving me really clean, pretty results. I just haven’t done enough with it yet. To say, it’s a go-to for me and then to close this all off. I’d like to tell you a little bit of some materials that I don’t suggest I personally have had bad results with Shax tin maker geeks and sane Smart. Now sane smart actually makes some really good. Tpu that I went over in a previous flexibles video. But there PLA was no good for me. I don’t know if it’s changed over the years, but a couple years ago when I was using it. I got really bad results well. I hope you guys liked this video links. – everybody’s channel will be down below as well as the products and filaments that they suggest. Thanks for watching. I’ll see you all soon. If you’re interested in 3d printing, don’t forget to check out my book 3d printing failure’s 2019 edition. This guy has been revamped and edited to include all of the 3d printing failures. I have ever experienced how to diagnose them and how to fix it. Check the description down below to grab yourself a copy you.

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