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Which Paint To Use For 3d Prints


Hey, guys! Seth, here to help you level up your fandom. Say you’ve got this nice 3d print. They’ve just finished in your single print color. But one color is boring. So on this one, we’re gonna check out paints. How are you going to finish it up? We’ve got standard acrylic. We’ve got some hobby enamel. You guys may be used to. I’ve even got some primer and spray paints and just because I had it lying around some interior paint. So we’re going to try them all out and see which one is best for finishing up your 3d prints. Thanks for sticking around guys now. I know I showed this sweet power Rangers belt buckle that I’ve been working on as my little intro piece, but this not only takes forever to print, but it’s also rather large, and I want something a little more uniform, A little smaller that we can just have a bunch of the tests, so I will be using this futuristic dice model from Thingiverse user Dr. Glass Dpm. There will be a link to this model in the description. You guys can check it out. Thank you a really cool little diced model. I like it a lot, so I’ll print up several dice and we’ll go over that. I’ll use this model to kind of deal with the details of the prints. What I’m going to be looking for is how it each paint will cover up the layers or make them less ignoring. Lee obvious. I will also be looking for ease of use color, vibrancy, all of that good stuff, so let’s start by talking about some of the paint that I’m going to be using. I’ve got acrylic here. This is basics by liquitex. Very good, very cheap acrylic paint. I like it because it’s thick. It’s very consistent. It’s nice paint for the price. I paid about six US dollars for tube like this 118 Milli. And that definitely lasts quite a while another thing. I really like about acrylic paint. Is the colors extremely consistent? You can see on this open-source. Hardware cufflink that I’ve got printed. The color is almost the same from what’s in the bottle. -, what’s dry, which is really nice? A lot of paints aren’t quite like that, secondly. I’ve got hobby acrylic paint now! This stuff is also extremely easy to come by. You can get it at the same place. You can get decent acrylics like this. Each jar is about a dollar fifty ish, Depending on the color, a dollar fifty a jar. It’s a quarter fluid ounce, which is 7.4 milliliters, and the colors produced our extremely vibrant. They’re almost 100% true to the color, such as enamel when it comes out of the paint or out of the jar onto whatever you’re painting, That color profile is almost exactly the same. The downside to enamel Is you need thinner. Unlike acrylic, which is water-soluble. And you can rent your brushes out with water a enamel. You need paint thinner to rinse everything out, which means that if you spill it on your pants or it’s on your desk. It’s going to be very, very difficult to get that paint out. It also means your paintbrushes are going to be a little more difficult to clean paint thinner as anybody who’s ever used. It can tell you there’s pretty nasty stuff. It’s like acetone in that same sort of vein. You don’t want it on your skin for very long. You don’t want to breathe it for sure it will wear through a lot of stuff. It’s definitely some pretty nasty stuff, but you’ll need it to clean and dissolve out that enamel paint. This jar is in the same place as these jars when you buy them and this one. I think cost me about two dollars, and this is plenty of enamel to last quite a while for thinner to quite a while next up, we’ve got spray paint. I’ve got here! Some primer spray paints really good because it’s about three fifty four dollars you can, but it provides extremely even coverage and very consistent coloring as well. What’s on the cap is pretty much exactly how it’s going to dry another good thing to note about primer itself is you can get something called high fill primer, which is generally used for automotive applications, but high FEL primer will really help to smooth out the layer lines here, so you can just spray this on. It’s very even and it will make a much more consistent layer profile for your 3d prints and then last, but not least just because I had it lying around the house. Were going to try interior paint. This stuff is interior. Semi-glos’s enamel. It’s an offshoot, so someone requested a color similar to this, but it wasn’t this color, so they couldn’t sell it, so I got this really really cheap as kind of a an offshoot kind of thing really handy, and we’re going to give it a try. One thing I do like about it is I can still use my paintbrush with this. So all the details of the models will still come through just like acrylic, and it’s even the same kind of consistency it dries about the same amount of time, so interior paint and acrylic will be in the same vein as far as paint style and paint itself. Ghost talked about the paints a little bit now. Hey, future! Seth, while you’re editing this cut to a time life right now well. I think I would have remembered doing that. Well should always listen to past. Seth, so time lapse. Okay, guys, were here in my little workspace to get the painting started now as you can see. These prints suck. I don’t know why these dice failed like, five times before I got a finish print out, and I’m really not sure why you can see these first. Few layers here just sucked all the way through the rest of the dye is fine. It’s just this first section here on all of them, They’re all terrible, and I really couldn’t tell you why, but I think that’s a good thing because we can use this to help illustrate what what the paints will and will not cover. And, you know, just the general coverage now. I’ve got four dice. Four method of painting. We will do one for each acrylic enamel spray paint, which will have to be done tomorrow and the interior paint, which is on the floor, there know. I’ve got a what is the color here? A flat red, which is a bright, flat red and a flat sky-blue. Yes flat sky-blue for the enamels for the acrylics. I’ve got similar colors, A cadmium red medium hue, which is pretty like it’s close to a primary red actual primary red acrylic paint. Looks like garbage, so cadmium. Red medium hue is where it’s at. I’ve also got cerulean blue, which is the same thing I used for my open source hardware cufflinks. So it lent this nice like flat kind of light blue color, which is about as close to the enamel as I can get for. The interior paints. We’ve got that same gallon that I told you guys about before. Which is something like this color. Not sure exactly what it is, but it’s like that, and I did not have any bright red interior semi-glos’s enamel. So we’re going with good old-fashioned purple, So one of these die will be blue and purple instead of going red spray paint. I’ve got standard blue and red. I will also be primering the spray paint one. Because that’s what you do with spray paint now. My setup is as follows. I’ve got my dice. My paint brushes got some assorted, random brushes that I use all the time paper towels in the back for drying off paint, brushes and stuff like that. I’ve got my thinner. I’ve got a little cup of water and my paints. Yeah, let’s get to it, okay, So first things first pick a die random. We’re gonna go with this one. I’m going to be doing acrylic first. So we’ll bring these out now. Each of these will be blue all the way around, and then I will go back and redo the inset of the insects here the recesses in the red. So don’t need that just yet. We’re going to start with the blue and then. I’m going to paint the entire thing, blue. Let it dry for a minute and then come back with the red. I’m also just going to be dipping straight into the tube because I think that that is an easier way to do small little pieces this that weighed on to put a bunch of paint on something and then go that way. This tends to be easier, Okay, guys, so as you just saw, we’ve got our dice here. I’ve got a little cheat sheet here. If you can read it. Just kind of overview a little bit as I’m talking here. Starting with acrylic? We’ve got as you guys can see here. It looks pretty good. It is my standard because it’s cheap and easy and all that good stuff, but it takes a while to paint with because you have to go over it. At least twice. You have to give it at least two coats and that it tends to be tedious. Next up, we’ve got enamel. This was the first time. I’d used enamel on 3d prints. I’ve used it for years on models and stuff as it’s intended, but as you can kind of see here. The flat sky-blue actually remained pretty glossy. The flat red is dead flat. It doesn’t quite look like it because of the hard lights. I’ve got, but it is very flat. The blue on the other hand is not you can also see. I only did one coat of each of these, and you can see how it’s kind of wearing wearing out like you can rub that off, so this will definitely need to be clear coated, whereas the acrylic you can definitely like, scrape it off and stuff, but it stays on against your fingers a lot better so clear topcoat on the enamel, but other than that it’s extremely easy to work with goes really quickly and, more importantly, it’s cheap and small. These little jars are perfect for little detail. Work like this because you don’t have to have some giant tub of paint to deal with it next up. We’ve got the house paint interior semi-glos’s enamel, which I was 100% shocked with you can kind of see my lines on the inside word terrible, honestly, because I was getting super hungry and this and that my answer was shaking. I had what was called programmer. Hands too much caffeine, not enough food, so you can see that the purple is very much not inside the lines, but outside of my terrible paint job, house paint is actually a really really good option. The coverage was amazing. I only had to do one coat of each of these. It took almost no time at all. Most of the time that was involved was stirring and and mixing the the paint cans. So I’d get a consistent color again like you have to do with house painting and mix it. If you tell you to use it really. The colors themselves are really nice. I’m a big fan of the Purple and Blue. Actually, so I think I might reprint this and paint it a little nicer. I really like the colors. Lastly, we have spray paint, which, for obvious reasons, and you know, you kind of knew going in. This was going to be the most difficult one to get these in sets painted because spray paint is a complete coverage kind of thing, so it’s really difficult to do lines and detail work. I did this really quickly, definitely not up to par with my standard quality of painting. So if I was to do this like as not just a test, I would spend a lot more time on the paint and, more importantly, more time on the painter’s tape covering and cutting out each of these inlets so that I’d get the proper amount of coverage that you can see here. This is missing to get the proper amount of coverage and the proper coating on the paint outside of my shoddy. Work my ship again, paint really nice spray. Paint has really really good coverage. Its completely consistent, color and everything will always kind of. Look that same sort of glossy, full print coat. Kind of thing. Spray paint is very good at exactly that so comes down to it, which one do. I choose. Well, that’s a difficult question because there’s uses for all of these, but I will be foregoing my acrylic. I won’t be using that as my standard anymore, and I will be switching, depending on the needs to house paint or enamel. These two were just such a pleasure to use that there are easily. The best paints for the job. The house paint was extremely shocking. How how much? I liked it. It was so easy to deal with. The colors were great. Everything about it was just incredibly nice water-soluble which is always good and the coverage was amazing every. I really don’t have anything bad to say about it. The only downsides to using house paint is that it’s very expensive like the gallons run in the thirty to fifty sixty hundred. US dollars sometimes, depending on the type of paint. Which is why I love. Home Depot after I did this review last night. So I painted this one last night. I liked it so much. I went home depot and actually bought some 100 mile-per-hour color, bright red house paint. Now what’s great about this as you can see? This is very premium. It’s a color sample, which is plenty paint. You can see the size compared to like, you know, mine, amel or or rather, whatever else you like, plenty of paint. It’s what seven and a half fluid ounces, so there’s so much paint in here. But since it’s a pennant sample meant to be mixed as a specific color and use just the test on a you know, section of your wall, if the color works out, they’re extremely cheap, so you can see how bright and beautiful that paint is so this sample, which will last me a long time, cost me exactly three US. Dollars, which puts it in the same price point as buying two of these enamel jars or a single thing of basics acrylic paint costs about the same as this amazing house paint and since its house paint, it’s meant to be really high quality interior paint. It’s extremely nice paint, which is also why it’s like 70 dollars a gallon, but for three dollars you can get any color, you mix or any color you want. Some swatches mixed into one of these at Home Depot and it, it gives you all the paint you could want for months so out of all of these recommendations. These dyes? I would definitely say, grab some house paint, go to Home. Depot $3 for one of these. I prefer satin enamel because it. It lends this like beautiful sort of almost flat finish, but it also gives you a much stronger paint now. When you do paint plastic with it, you will have to give it a top coat because as you can see, you can scratch it right off. As house. Paint is, it’s a completely separate layer. It doesn’t bond with the plastic at all, like spray paint or for acrylic does. So you’ll have to give this a good top coat? Alright, guys, so there you have it. House paint. One out is the best paint to use for your 3d prints. As long as you use a top coat. If you don’t have a top coat, go with regular old hobby enamel. Some really good stuff there. I will definitely be primary all of these before. I paint them as everybody should just to give it a really nice coat. Hey, and that’s it, guys. Thanks for sticking around to the end of this long video shooting the bottom hit. Subscribe if you liked it. Give me a thumbs up. If you liked the video. Leave me a comment. Let me know what you guys think of these long format like in-depth videos. And I’ll see you guys later.

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