Best Glue Stick For 3d Printing | How To Use Glue Stick For 3d Printer Bed Adhesion

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How To Use Glue Stick For 3d Printer Bed Adhesion


Hey, guys, today we’re gonna talk about how to use glue stick for build plate adhesion or almost any 3d printer and some of the best plays we’ve found to apply it. Clean it, etc, so gold! When you’re doing normal materials on almost any printer, what do you do? I have found that the one direction and then let dry a little bit. Make sure you have it done evenly. I’ll show you the plate. They’re coated evenly going back and forth one direction. That’s the whole thing where you’re gonna be printing deliberate, don’t. Just go out it on there. I mean, think about it. If you just force it down, you’ll get, you know, globs in certain areas. Your BL touch, Your inductive sensor can hit that. Get a bad set it and you got the whole thing coated in one direct now. I’m gonna let that dry a little bit. I don’t want it to go on completely tacky. Pla going down on there. When it’s sticky doesn’t mean anything, it’s about exactly the heat and chemical bond between the glass or the carbon or whatever you’re using and the actual material you’re printing while it’s hot, you can feel if it’s a little bit tacky. Still, once it’s dried, it’ll actually be a smooth, hard surface, and that’s sort of what you want to go for before you go and do the next pattern, which is once this is dry and you’ll know because it’s no longer tacky to the touch. You’ll be able to actually feel it when you go any other direction, too. There won’t be as much resistance. You’ll want to go in a perpendicular direction. So Crosshatch pattern is scientifically a crosshatch pattern where you go all the way down in one direction. All the way in the other direction is the best way to make sure you have maximum coverage and there’s no missing spots or anything like that deliberate pressure to be very precise with it. You’re being very deliberate, same amount of pressure over you wanna make hills and valleys, you know, glue and whatnot, and now it’s nice and matte, and once that dries, we look for a matte finish, right, It’s not shiny on the second layer, big textures. Yeah, yeah, it’ll, it’ll be a lot more full the overall finish once you go. Finish it with the crosshatch. And then this is pretty much ready to go. You’ll have a heated bed That’ll dry it out more. You basically just stick that in the printer and let it heat up and you’ll be ready to print right, absolutely. Yeah, now the process. I like to use to actually clean. The plate is to use a razor blade as well and our friend, water or Windex I like to use Windex Everyone’s a little bit different and alcohol by some quality blades and microfiber towels and have some paper towels. Around– spray. Once again you can with glue stick, actually, just use hot water and let it sit under the hot water for a little bit, but there’s an extra step that is very important. I actually will let this sit for a little bit right that it’s soaked, and then you’ll see it sort of start to change as it saturates with moisture. That’s what I use these disposable ones for be very careful with the blade. Obviously, if you’re 3d printing, you’re probably already being careful, cuz. You burned yourself a hundred times. Oh, yeah, burn burn, burn burn burn. That ammonia just eats away at it. Real quickly turns it into a goo, which the water does as well, which the alcohol will is well, but it will not stay on the plate. It basically just kind of melts it chemically to the point where you can then have a dedicated. This is important, have a dedicated microfiber rag or the Windex and one for the alcohol boom gone. Most of it gone most bit gone. And this is the most important thing I will tell people is that yes. You do have to use isopropyl alcohol to clean your plate before applications. You just need to be that extra bit thorough because you will be shocked at what the alcohol takes off. You want to start with a clean slate each time? It’s like waxing your car. If you never wax your car, you’re gonna have a terrible paint. A terrible pain after a few years boom. So this is what we have now looks pretty good, though, right. Can you see that you’re gonna see with this alcohol? There’s actually a lot left behind unless. I did a really good job. Oh, you thought it was clean, but I don’t know if you can see here all the corners. There’s so blue stick left behind. Yeah, yeah, you can see it. Gather thing, it’s still. If there’s still a lot of stuff left, beat these corners, that’s just what’s visible over time. There’s gonna be a lot of less residue left behind of whatever you’re using whether it’s. Pla Peji stuff just accumulates on the build plate. Whether it’s easy to see or not, and then the microfiber really helps a lot stuff. If it’s, I mean, it’s microwave playing super super fine fibers. It just really sucks out the extra residue. The next two things we can add is what it does, and it takes an extra minute or two. No, it doesn’t a couple seconds and it’s pristine. You’re gonna get better adhesion with your glue? Actually, the actual glue stick to the plate, which will help absolutely everything from there on out. You have to start with the absolutely clean build plate before you start anything else. That is my biggest tip. I can give you, yeah. The glue stick. Is some people absolutely swear by it? Yep, like it’s. You know, the the magic will cure. All it does work. It does work for lost, especially if you’re in a pinch, you can’t get anything else. It will work for most things with bigger parts and thicker parts. Just start to run into issues, so there’s a glue stick method. It works on a lot of materials. There’s also this. This is what we created. We didn’t have the time to do that. Every time for both high and low temperatures, it’s done that’ll work multiple times spray with alcohol. Clean it off, you don’t even have to. You can just reapply over it. It’s that simple go to our website and we will send you a free sample if you’re interested, but if you don’t have the budget, then glue stick will work for you it and you follow our guide. Thanks so much hit. Subscribe hit the bell leave in the comments below. If you have any questions or anything and we’ll see on the next video, thank you. [MUSIC].

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