Best Friends Forever 3d | How To Make A 3d Printed Best Friends Forever Ring From Spongebob

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How To Make A 3d Printed Best Friends Forever Ring From Spongebob


Tutorial in Spanish, Let’s start. The 5 pieces shown in the video were 3D printed. The link to my Thingiverse page is in the description there. You will find the files to print all the pieces. Base gear, cover shaft cover base cover (BFF) and ring are required. Also, 2 gears are needed to be pulled from a yellow DC. Motor. To open the yellow housing, you must remove the two screws and then separate the two covers. The first gear that we will need is the one that is coupled to the motor. Do not lose it. Now we will take out the second gear. On the metal shaft, there are 2 gears. We are interested in the one with the thinnest center. (in my case, it is the one below). Now we must cut the center and leave the gear completely flat. So in total, what we need i’s: the 3D printed parts, the two gears, a toothpick, a needle pictures of Bob and Patrick and a flexible hose. Now before I paint the parts, I’m going to make sure everything works. First we cut a piece of toothpick and put it on the axle cover. Then we put the small gear inside the base and put the tooth stick with its cover. Next we cut another piece of tooth stick. We place it in the center of the base. (it should fit under pressure so that it does not move) and on top. We put the large gear with the teeth down. When we rotate the axle cap, it should rotate the big gear smoothly. Now we put the cover. It is important that the cover is suspended a few millimeters from the gear and that it does not touch it for that. The hole in the cover must be the same diameter as the toothpick. Here I had a problem. The axle cap came off the toothpick. So I had to glue it with superglue? If you do be careful and make sure that the toothpick of the shaft does not stick to the base because otherwise it will not rotate anymore. Now everything works fine. When I rotate the axle cap, it rotates the big and small gear, but the cover stays still. Now we take the needle and use it to join the base and the base cap. Make sure that the lid closes properly and that it can be opened. If everything worked well for you so far, you can start painting. I’m going to use a bronze colored Posca marker. I do not recommend using acrylic paint because it will cause some dimensions to change and there could be problems. With isopropyl alcohol. They can clean stains from the marker. Now it’s time to make the Bob and Patrick figurines. We cut two images of Patrick and two of Bob. (they Have to be reflected). Now we will cut two rectangles from the flexible hose. The rectangles have to be as thin as possible. Use scissors. It’s easier XD. Now, with glue stick, we will glue the images and with superglue. We will glue the hose rectangles. It must be flexible. Now we will stick these figurines on the big gear with superglue. Here I was wrong and I hit them backwards. It is assumed that on the left was patrician and on the right Bob. Make sure the base lid can be closed without damaging the figurines. When they open the lid, the figurines should pop up. We have little left. We will cut the needle from both ends, and then we will strain a point of hot silicone on each side. This is so the needle doesn’t. Come out! Finally, we glue the ring to the base. And voila! If you have any questions about the process feel free to comment :), Thanks.

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