Best Firmware For Anet A8 | Anet A8 3d Printer E3d V6 Fine Tuning In Firmware For Best Results

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Anet A8 3d Printer E3d V6 Fine Tuning In Firmware For Best Results


Hey, guys, if you follow me so far, then you know that. I’m really like this printer, and I’m putting a lot of time into this trying. This thing run even better and smoother and faster than before. So in this video. I’m gonna show you how you can fine-tune your extruder steps and make this thing run even better than before. So if you want to achieve this type of quality it for my previous video, then then follow me what you’re gonna do Is you go and open in Acura in this world, and you’re going to connect your printer to the USB cable. And then you’re going to end up with this window. This video is the basic result, Your printer and what I found is of this X Z and I measurements was fine, or let’s say movements was fine, but on the extrude line. I didn’t get really this D series that they claim. So we suppress here. You should get 10 millimetres of line, but not really so what you’re gonna do is first you hit up. Your your hot end, and and then way to this kick is to 180 degrees. So lets. Do this alright? We have our 100 degrees now. Let’s take out the tube now. The reason why dinner cut right, there is no. We cannot press this button. Wait a second now. We’re going to press this button and then we’re going to measure how much really material we’re going to get to soup right there, right there for five times. Emma’s real length, one, two, three, four, five, so five. Now we wait to confirm. It is really 50 millimeters or nothing before that. I change in a firmware. I get this 37 millimeter, So mine was 37 point 5 Not even know, sorry. Forty seven point five. It was not even close to 50 but I can say which line in a firmer you can change, and you can get even awesome, Better prints with it, so lets. Compare it to this. Alright, lets. Try to measure this, is it? I don’t know you can see in the camera, wait. This is it 50 so my length after my farmers after the change cause in a formal it. Exactly 50 check yours. If it’s not 50 then follow the next section, and now we are in the skylight forever. Version, 11.10 a configuration side and the language looking for is this default. X Steps per unit and mine here was 90 so 90 gives me around 48 or something 48 of filament and that was not 50 which this Cura train. So I calculated in mind that 93.1 was perfect for me, so what, I know I’m gonna show you how you can calculate yours so open the calculator, and now we are in a calculator and now we’re going to calculate how many steps or what type of number we should write here. Mine here was 90 and book yours. I believe is disabled. So if you’re here is an ID. Let’s say, and you did the measurement of the element, and you get some some value. Then we’re going to do like this, so you have. We asked for 50 divided by the number that you get. Let’s say you get 48 47 on one button and then equal. They took this number and now we’re going to multiply this with the number which was here. My was right here. Oh, yeah, so we go with a 90 and we can. I get this number and this number. I don’t know which will be yours, But mine was 93.1 but this line this number you can change right here, and then you’re going to go to upload and flash the firmware again after the flashing. Confirm where you cut your wire, exactly the same at the end here and then go back to the cura here, and then you extrude again. So click 1 1 then wait for 3 cycles or click another one next time, so don’t take like, 5 times in a second. Maybe the printer can get confused, so click here like 4-5 times and then do the measurement. If it’s not the same, let’s say if it’s not exactly 50 or maybe 50 point 2 or 50.3 you know, it’s still good, but what you’re looking for is you’re looking for first. Two digits has to be 50 and then, as the last two digit can be a little bit off, but 50 You have to have so 50 you ask for this -. You have to get after this. One adder this mode test your printer again, print the cube or calibration cube or some. And then you’re going to get this awesome result that I show you. So this is how you find unity of filaments in the Skynet forever after this v6 and go to extruder mode. All right, and then after you did the measurements and fine tunings, and you get your 50 then extrude a little bit more, you know, with a button here on a software or with the hard button. Excuse a bit more the filament and the way you install this, it’s pretty easy. You just ate the cinnamon finder. Find the spot a little bit there. Right, find what it is, and then all day pass inside. And then you get your filament. Of course you can press this button couple of times one or two and watch the filament going and the cube is in stock. One more thing important is how much this tube should go in. Its approximately 2.5 centimeters. Something, but you’re going to feel definitely tight there, and then you’re going to know that it’s and now the next thing is this heat bed holder then. I did this mode and honestly, I get a little bored with with the school journal all the time. So I print this mode. How you keep in mind that this plate or which? I did screw right there. It’s two point eight millimeters. So you have to drill this plate. Let’s say two three millimeters to make this disc rule. Go all the way, so the idea is you have the screw inside and you have one one bolt right there. You know, first one, and then you type the axle, this boat with this gold, and then you add a spring and then you have this plastic holder, and then you add this plastic bolt with inside. There is a bolt as well. So this is it after how you level your bed. It’s pretty easy. You just screw this in or out and you might find a dress little bit small, but need upgrade, and I forget to mention the last thing it’s small thing, but it’s pretty useful, so this cube usually comes with maybe 80 centimeters, so maybe one meter, so you don’t need that link, so you can cut small piece of art and you can install here. What this does is this show the way your filament and it’s going nice and smooth inside without any of these. No more and conveniently. This is formula for millimeters as well on this side, so it’s brilliant, so just put the small part of this No, like, twisted little bit, and you’re going to get a nice way all the way through your pattern until guys for small upgrades but useful. Take care and good luck with your printer. Bye bye! I’m definitely going to buy the new one tomorrow. I’m sick of this. I’ll okay, it’s totally bit up so bye. Bye, guys, take care.

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