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Extruders - 3d Printing 102


[MUSIC] Hey, guys! This is the second video in my intro to 3d printing series. I know that college courses don’t exactly work in this one course. One number fashion. But I’m numbering these all so that you will know what order to watch them in. If you’re brand new to 3d printing In 101 we went over all of the different parts on a 3d printer and their functions, and in 102 we’ll be taking a closer look at one of those parts, the extruder, as stated in 101 Your extruder is one of the most important parts on your printer since it’s determining exactly how much filament should be put through your hot end 4 basics. Your extruder can be set up in two different fashions. Bowden or direct? I briefly go over this in 101 so I won’t make this long, But essentially you can have your extruder mounted to your frame and then feed filament over a gap to your hot end, which is called a bone and set up a direct extruder is when the Extruder and Stepper motor are attached to your carriage and directly feeds filament into your hot end. The majority of makers prefer direct extruders since the reduction in the distance, Your filament has to travel will improve quality and expand material options. When you print with a bounine setup, you normally have more difficulty with stringy prints, and you will also not be able to print the majority of flexible filaments. Any gap between your extruder and hotend will add to the difficulty of printing any material that isn’t stiff. The one major benefit to Bowden setups is the reduction of weight on your carriage, adding a stepper motor and extruder to your carriage will easily triple the weight when compared to a Bowden setup, which means that you will have more difficulty when it comes to ghosting when printing, it’s the same speeds, this is due to the added weight, having more difficulty accelerating and decelerating without leaving an echo effect. Or having your frame rattle so while you should be able to achieve faster speeds without an echo effect with Bonin. Its limitations normally make it a less preferred option, the majority of inexpensive printers on the market today run off of a Bowden setup, which will work fine on most applications. But you should think about printing some carriages to change it to a direct setup. If you want to print more materials and at a smaller nozzle diameter, the next biggest difference between extruders you can buy is whether they are geared or non geared. A geared extruder gives you a mechanical advantage, meaning you could add torque by reducing the stress on your stepper motor. I have actually gotten to the point where I just won’t print with the machine That has a non geared extruder. If I can avoid it, You may get good results on a non geared extruder, but it just seems that you’ll eventually experience. Some sort of Extruder Motor Skips [Music]. You could see that on a non. Deere Extruder. The Stepper Motor turns have a direct relationship to the amount of filament being pushed out the teeth attached directly to the stepper and push filament out directly based off of its rotation on a geared extruder. You have a gear ratio. This can range. But this bond tech has a three to one ratio That means that the stepper has to turn three times in order for the teeth, feeding the filament to rotate once without a mechanical advantage. It seems that the pressure put on your extruder. Stepper is just too much for standard, inexpensive 3d printers, which means you will experience. Extruder Motor Skips, which is when you hear a clicking noise out of the extruder. This is most likely to happen when your nozzle is too close to the build plate, or if there is a nozzle clog since your Extruder Stepper is unable to feed the filament through the resistance, there are workarounds via increasing the power sent to your Stepper motor. But working with a geared extruder should make these problems a non-factor, the standard non geared extruder. You get with Cree ality and other inexpensive machines only run about ten dollars. Getting a good geared Extruder will run you closer to $60 or more and I will spend that money on just about all of my machines that come with an inexpensive, non geared extruder. Not only should the persistent Extruder Skips no longer be an issue when using a gear directed shooter. You can also print with just about any material on the market, the added torque without any gap between the extruder and hotend makes it possible for you to print the softest of flexible materials. It will also allow you to print with extremely fine nozzle diameters, which is just about impossible with non geared extruders. The next important thing you should consider when evaluating an extruder is a fairly new addition to the market and that’s whether it’s dual drive or single drive. You see, just about every extruder that was on the market up until about two years ago would push a single tooth drive. It gets a free spinning bearing with the filament clasp in between the two, only having one of these drives leaves less grip on the filament and is less precise than one with a dual drive. Actually, the company. I used to work for SD. 3d made the first dual drive extruder that I had ever seen back in early 2016 but it was nothing more than a prototype. Vaughn tech seems to have taken the idea and drastically improved upon it. This bond tech. BMG Extruder was the first commercially available extruder with a dual. Drive this means that has two of those teeth drives, squeezing the filament between each other. This dual drive setup allows for a better grip and more precise extrusion. These teeth are not quite as sharp as the ones you find on the Titan, which means that you should get a lot less stripped filament, Even though the grip is better, the Titan extruder, while amazing for the time it was released, doesn’t quite compare to the bond tech BMG ever. Since Bond Tech released this greatest shooter, there have been clones made of it and other competitors are now following suit. In fact, III, D, who makes the Titan is now producing an extruder and hotend combo called Hermes. What makes Hermes Special is not only that it has a dual. Drive function. It’s also a hot end and extruder in one combo, Just as I said that a direct extruder’s preferred due to the lack of gap between the hot end and extruder, The Hermes is even more impressive. There is essentially no gap at all between the heater block and the extruder since there’s no real barrel as you would find on normal hot ends, The increased grip being dual-drive along with the lack of any gap. At all means you can print this extruder hot end combo faster and with more expansive material list than any extruder. I have seen in the past. Ninjaflex, which is known in the 3d printing community as a great flexible printing option, is also known for how slow you need to print it. Ninjaflex was one of the first flexible material options available for 3d printing, and it came with the need for a direct geared extruder, along with a slow 20 millimeters per second print speed for you to have any chance of success, this was before dual. Drive, Extruders or Extruder and hotend combos existed, and Hermes is able to blow those suggested print speeds out of the Water III. D has shown Hermes printing ninjaflex at over a hundred millimeters per second. If you do change the extruder on your machine, you will need to find New East Epps. East steps refer to the steps. Your stepper motor takes to extrude one millimeter of filament and it’s good to hone these in, regardless, If you’re switching to a new extruder or not as you could see from everything we went over. Your stepper motor has to take more steps in order to feed one millimeter of filament. If you have a gear ratio, This means that a geared extruder will have a much higher estep value than one that is not geared to find and set these new. East Epps isn’t a difficult process at all. And I will link to some videos down below on how you could do that for yourself. I will also have a video, made it for this series, explaining it all or you could just refer to the Over-and-under Extrusion chapter in my book. Having a dual drive geared direct extruder will allow you to print with smaller diameter nozzles, more materials have cleaner prints and have less failures. Which is why that’s the setup. Many makers prefer after having a sturdy frame. Your extruder is likely to be the next most important part on your printer. Which is why this was 102 in the series. Stay tuned for further additions to this video series designed to help those individuals Just now getting into 3d printing for the first time. I’ll see you all soon. If you’re interested in 3d printing, don’t forget to check out my book. 3d printing failure’s, 20:19 edition. This guy has been revamped and edited to include all of the 3d printing failures. I have ever experienced how to diagnose them and how to fix it. Check the description down below to grab yourself a copy you.

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