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Cheap But Good Filament For 3d Printing | Zyltech | Cr-10


All right, let’s talk about bill tech filament and why? I like printing with it on my fear. Test [Music] all right, so I just want to talk with. You guys a little bit about the vo-tech? PLA that I order off of Amazon. This is actually recommendation that I’ve found over on the CR 10 Facebook page. If you are a CR 10 3d printing user, or if you’re interested in buying one for yourself and pairing with it. The CR 10 Facebook group is a great community that has just tons of insight on how you can calibrate the machine sharing prints that they’re using files, print files and profiles that they’re working with along with PLA recommendations. Or, you know, just what they’re actually printing with And one of these was a company called, Dil. Tech that I was not familiar with and haven’t really started printing with until maybe a few months ago when I first saw the recommendation, the first thing that caught my eye was that it is extremely cheap. The the cost of the PLA is extremely extremely affordable, which is great, which is absolutely great, especially if you’re planning on printing huge, huge projects with this particular printer, and it seems to print great with the machine as well, unfortunately. I am not actually printing with this particular brand of filament here. I’m using hash box was sort of my other go-to at the moment for printing, but a lot of the projects that I have done like the huge pickle Ric or the as I dropped the role of filament on the ground or the Batman came from manhole covers could remember the name of those were also printed with ill-effects. Pla and I have had probably I think a few other orders of stuff that you’ve probably seen in my videos that were printed with that particular brand of filament. What’s great again about. It is that they have a variety of different colors. It comes in a few different options. That ABS PLA. They get PLA wood! I haven’t actually seen their carbon fiber option before I might be interested in ordering that. I typically order this off of ebay. If you order, I think. Was it two or three of them. You get free shipping and they might even knock off the price a little bit if you or more than one roll at a time and the price of the rolls. I think is about 15 $15 I’m trying to remember my head. What the price is, but I probably should have looked that up before doing this video, but here’s a fresh roll that I just received comes very well Packed has a very cool looking spool holder. They’ve recently upgraded their spool holders to this cool little spiral design and it just prints really well with this particular machine. It’s not the best quality. Pla that I’ve worked with, But it’s very usable and workable, especially if you’re planning on printing something and then finishing it off. Anyway, it just is, you know, it’s a much more affordable option than some of the other. Pla, that are out there and especially if you’re being a little cost conscientious, If you will that, I know a lot of you are a lot of you have mentioned down below what you would do, you know what? Pla, would I recommend so here? Here’s one that I would definitely recommend again coming directly from the Facebooker, one of the things that they most recently included. Which is what sort of prompted this video as well is. I thought this is great. They included a little tips sheets with the PLA. Initially I’m just going to sort of talk about this, But it has print set settings that you might want to work with. Temperatures bed temperature options specifically to this. PLA also talking about retractions setting. They also talked about if you purchase in bulk, how you can get different discounts on their PLA. This is not sponsored by them or anything like that. I just am a fan of this. Pla, some of the other PLA is again that I that I also work with is make shaper. This is probably this neon green. Pla from make shaper is probably my favorite PLA to work with. I just absolutely love the color of the PLA it’s. This bright neon green. It’s really hard to pull up on camera here, but it is just an amazing color, and it prints super smooth on pretty much all of my printers. The other is obviously Hatch box, so I print a lot with Hachbach and this is again. Another roll of their hot pink. Pla and I tend to print with everything other than and white, which is exactly what I just ordered from. Zil tech, funny enough. I print with typically a lot of bright colors just because they show up better when I’m doing time lapses or videos or anything like that, but I just want to make this quick video and share my thoughts on this particular element. If you’re interested in picking up some of your own, I’ve got links down below to their eBay listing, typically, where I pick it up from. They also have an official website that you can purchase it through, but I think it’s a little bit cheaper if you order it through eBay, but I just want to share this with you guys. Hopefully enjoy if you get lucky enough to get your hands on the CR ten that definitely check that out and also I’m assuming it will work great with other printers as well. But, hey, thanks again for watching you guys, and I’ll see you next time. Bye now! I was going to use the handheld for this video since it was just me directly talking to the camera again. But the last time I did that. Everyone was coming that the camera was shaking all over the place. Because I tend to move my hands a little bit when I’m talking. Hopefully that was a little bit better for you.

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