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3d Printers Under $400 From Aliexpress


Over six months ago, here at tech. Yes, City. We took a look at an aliexpress 3d printer and honestly, it ended up being a bit of a letdown where it was just too difficult, especially if it was your first 3d printer since then, four other companies have contacted me and said Brian, you’ve got to take a look at our 3d printer because it’s better than the one that you took a look at in your review, and I said sure send it over, and I’ll take a look at it and today marks that day where we’ve got first of all the FL Sun Delta coming in with a shipping dimension of 650 mil by 360 by 165 and costing 340 USD shipped internationally. Then we’ve got the Sovol sv01 with its dimension shipping dimensions, Ill. Put them up here for you guys coming. In at 260 USD, if you’re shipped within the United States or 360 USD internationally shipped. If you’re in Australia, for example, then we’ve got the lot. Max Shark sc10 this one’s the most recent launch out of the four printers here and it’s got shipping box of dimensions that are similar to the other two comes in with 240 USD price tag within the US. Or internationally shipped 390 USD. Then last up here, we’ve got the artillery 3d sidewinder, and this has bigger shipping dimensions than the other three and it’s coming in at about 400 USD internationally shipped So without further ado, let’s start unboxing all these 3d printers and seeing how long they take to set up and that’s going to be the first criteria. We’re going to go through. Then the next set of criteria is ease of use, and then, of course, Lastly is the actual 3d prints and the quality of those 3d prints lets. Get it on and we’re back the next day late in the afternoon. After spending some quality time with all four of these 3d printers and straight away, there’s some really good news and that is the installation on all four is an absolute breeze. You can pretty much set these things up within an hour. All you have to do is pretty much. Put the tops of the printers on the base. Screw it in and then plug some cables in and you’re good to go. However, I will take a point off here on Solvol’s side because they pretty much had this manual where the diagrams and the parts on those diagrams didn’t match the actual parts you are installing. Since the manuals are most the time poorly written, you can usually just get away with looking at the diagrams and where the parts go and what screws and what orientation they are. And you can just eyeball it and it’s pretty much good to go. However, in the case of the so-vol, it did have different parts in those illustrations. So you’re kind of just left scratching your head and a little bit confused as to which way the parts went. Eventually you found your way there and it all worked out, so I will knock a point off on Sovol’s side just for not getting those pictures, right in the diagrams. However, the other three were an absolute breeze and it’s pretty much self-explanatory. You guys will have an easy time. If you’re in the market for one of these four printers, if you want to install it, however, we’re going to knock off one printer out of the race already completely so three of the four printers remain. And this is this, uh, printer right here. The FL sun. You can even see right now in use. It’s just got this bed error. One no ready, we’ve pulled it apart already once replugged all the cables in and then it started printing again, however, the print quality itself just wasn’t that amazing, even on the test print, it actually kind of gave out a little bit, then halfway during the print of a clock holder or a phone holder, it just gave out completely and the bed error came up again, so unfortunately for the FL sun it, it is clearly a faulty unit and that happened pretty much an hour after setting this thing up, so I just can’t recommend that to someone if they’re going out and spending quite a bit of money on a 3d printer, It’s just a terrible experience. You get this thing in. You probably have to wait a while for it to get shipped in. Then you set it up and then it just basically craps out on you. But for what it’s worth the led screen and the touch settings and the leveling, we’re all really easy to do so. Maybe if you’ve got one of these and it isn’t faulty, then you may have a better experience than what I’ve got, but one thing is, I’m reviewing these things on what comes through here, and unfortunately, this thing, just it’s gone, However, with all that bad news out of the way, there is nothing left, but good news and these three printers. I’m happy to say the Artillery x1 The Lotemac Shark sc10 and also the Soulvolv have just been producing quality 3d prints, however, let’s go through them each piece by piece and give you guys first, a breakdown on the scores for the quality of the print and also the consistency of the prints where we’re going to start off with the SC-10, which the moment we booted this thing up and set it up. We leveled it off and it was just so consistent. It does not miss a beat and the plate that it comes with. It’s got a magnetic plate. So after you’re done with your 3d print, you can just pull off the plate and then take your print off and then put the plate back on or clean it or whatever and the surface of this is extremely flat. We had no bowing at all, and it’s also coarse, So your 3d prints will stick super easy. However, one thing about the shark is it is the smallest of the three printers remaining. So if you’re looking for getting the biggest prints, then this one is not going to be able to do what the other two can, though. Let’s move over now to the artillery Sidewinder x1 This one actually at first had a bit of. I guess you’d say run in troubles where at the start the material, the 3d prints were just coming off the base and it basically printed out the test run absolutely fine, but when we started loading up bigger modules, they would just fall off and we put that down to leveling this thing off and basically, the middle was ever so slightly bowed versus the four corners so leveling. This off was a little bit hard, so if you do come into these 3d printers do check straight away that the basically the flatness of the bed is as flat as possible. So we got a little bit unlucky that this has an ever so slight bow, but that being said the detail of the prints coming out of the Sidewinder. X1 is the best here in the studio. It’s absolutely phenomenal when we did the boat phase benchmark, which has details underneath the boat and also details on the side and even just little riding at the back. This one gave out the most detail, so that was very impressive to see with the Sidewinder x1 as well as it being the biggest printer here, especially in terms of height. Where if you want to get really tall, thick prints? This will be able to do it. You probably have to have a one kilo pla. Wrap on the top of the printer. Now we were using PLA in all the tests, and I’m basically going to keep using PLA because it’s simple. It’s easy, it gets all the prints that I want to get done, but basically the nitpick. The Sidewinder came out with the lowest consistency. But now it’s got the best detail after we gave it a good run in and last up in the bunch. We have the sovol which I honestly. I personally like this. I think the prints coming out of this are just a little bit more detailed than the shark. However, the consistency was a little bit behind. We did have some teething problems getting this to work. Uh, fine from the get go. However, one thing about this is when you’re leveling it off. It’s important to get a two paper distance leveling on this 3d printer. Right here, the sew vol. As opposed to the other two. We found that one paper distance when you’re leveling and so basically, when you’re leveling the printer, you just want it to sort of not pinch it, but just have a little bit of resistance with the paper, and we found that two paper lengths in the sew Vol gave us a consistent prints after we did that and the run-ins it needed a little bit of running as well when we can see with these mega man little prints right here that this is what we’re getting out at the start, but now it’s sort of giving us out very consistent, solid prints that we just got to clean up a little bit and, yeah, that one’s pretty good to go too so one. More thing about the So-vol is that it does have a detachable bed here that is made of glass and the coarseness of it is somewhere in between the shark and also the x1 sidewinder. So now we’ve talked about the most important part, and that is essentially the 3d prints we’re going to go into the other tangents like noise and usability and build quality of the units themselves and straight away getting into the noise. We’ve got the shark, which comes in between the Sidewinder x1 which came in with the lowest noise and then we had this so Vol, which came in with the worst noise and I say the worst noise because it has this more high pitch frequency wind to it when it’s moving around and doing everything. The shark, as well also has a night mode, which it will keep the noise down, but it will work a little bit slower to account for this. They’re now moving over to build quality and all three of these units have phenomenal build quality. When you pick them up, they’re heavy, Nothing feels cheap and I will say that the x1 as well as the shark, they come out here with a few extra points because they’ve got touch screen user interfaces and it is a little bit easier and it does make it a little bit easier to navigate and save a little bit of time versus the so-vol, which has a more dated interface. But you can still get everything done and manually Set everything now. The last part in this comparison is to move on to the utilities and the tools included. And this is where the shark is going to come out big time ahead of the other two because it came with a lot of little extras. At least the kit that I got here came with two 200 gram filaments of both orange and green, and it also came with a different headset where you can have two filaments printing at the same time and on top of that, it’s also got an option to do laser engraving, which I’ve got to check out at a later date because I just simply don’t have enough time on my hands This month with the upcoming launch of RTX 3000 graphics cards and whatnot, but it has that extra utility And this is what I was told from the manufacturers. If you buy it from their website directly, then you get all the tools that you’re seeing in this video today. So you even get this like crazy cool pair of red glasses, which makes the world look red, and I guess it’s weird because I think the doctor disrespect live. Streamer uses red glasses And when I when I looked at it. Honestly, you see so much detail, just seeing things through red, so there might be some truth to playing video games with red glasses. Something I’ll have to try, but you get these glasses included, and you also get a heap of different tools, extra screws as well as all those utility sets to double down on the filaments two heads at one time or get the laser engraving, so that was really cool to see all that extra included, but then we’re moving over to the Sidewinder, and this one came in with just a standard base tool kit to get you started. It didn’t include any filament and then the so-vol was pretty much the same thing as the Sidewinder, except they did include some filament too, And so all the filament that I got in here today is doing the job fine. I’ve also got a one kilo roll at the moment, printing out this massive thing on the shark, and Lastly, in terms of utility, all the devices here will come with a USB reader or a USB to SD card reader that you can plug into your computer. And then those forms of storage will have the installation guides. It’ll also have the test modules and different settings that you can load up and speaking of the utility in relation to the software load. Max did have their own software, but I ended up installing the Cura Ultimate Air 4.7 and that has all the settings that you can load in with the different printers, and it was working phenomenally good, so I just stuck with the cura software because I found once you load it in all the settings, it was just easy to use and I had no problems after using those models printed out with this software, but now we’re on to the actual last point of these printers, and that’s just the leveling, which I found makes a huge difference in the time that I’ve learned 3d printers from that first aliexpres’s printer to the one here. Now I’ve found that leveling off The printers is super important, so you definitely want a good manual leveling system and all three of these printers here have good manual leveling, and then the shark also has the feature of auto leveling, however, we ultimately just settled for the manual leveling on the shark. Because it’s just one of those things where you just like to have physical confirmation or just I guess feedback that you’ve got everything level before you start printing. However, with all those talking points out of the way we’re finally at a conclusion time where I’m going to make a recommendation and I’m going to say straight away if you buy any one of these three printers that made it through the first trial of actually printing out something. Then you’ve made a good choice. I’ve got them all three of these just constantly going here because I’m making up all these cool little gadgets in the studio here that I could have never have made in the past with that. I guess that faulty 3d printer that I got in in the past from aliexpress. But since then I’ve sort of been introduced to the world of 3d printing properly now with these. I guess their budget 3d printers and they all do a phenomenal job. However, for me personally, I am going to pick one of them and that’s the shark. Even though, in my opinion, it doesn’t get the fine level of detail that the Sidewinder is coming out with and same with the so-vol. It does just consistently work. It just keeps going and it doesn’t. Stop the whole time! I’ve had it in the studio here. It just hasn’t missed a beat. We just set it up straight away and it just worked since then, and that I think is a really important fact for someone who wants to get into the world of 3d printing. They just want to get something. Set it up! They don’t really know what they’re doing, and then once they set it up. They kind of just want to get around that learning curve and have something that will consistently print for them and that’s where the shark just really stood out above the other two, which we had in the case of the Sidewinder producing excellent results. It did have a little bit of. I guess Run-in problems, which if look if it’s your first 3d printer and you have some problems like we had in the first video with that faulty aliexpres’s printer that took me days to get my head around and then I finally had someone from Coffs Harbor come up and said that there was something wrong with the head and they went and fixed it, but they had advanced knowledge of 3d printers and they knew what they were doing. When it came to that stuff, they had a lot of experience, so they wouldn’t have recommended that to a beginner in the first place, so the Sidewinder ultimately is going to give you very good detail. Its low noise, and it’s the biggest unit here, giving the biggest prints out of the bunch. So if you feel like you have a little bit more knowledge, or you’ve got a little bit more experience or you just want to jump straight into the deep end with 3d printing and you want sort of the best value for money just for raw, 3d printing. I feel like the Sidewinder is going to deliver that as well. As having a very cool aesthetic, we can’t look past that because it does have these ribbon cables, unlike the other printers all in the studio here, which didn’t just have your typical cables that are just just standard ketchup and mustard cables. And then last up here, we have the souvol and I poor soval he’s coming in lucky last, and that’s because in my opinion he in. Look, I’m just going to call it as it is. He came in last compared to these other two, where the shark was more consistent, and then the Sidewinder was bigger and produced better prints. The so-vol kind of did in between these other two. And so I feel like you’ve got the options here to go with the other two. You’re probably going to want to go with the shark or the Sidewinder, So the sovolt was solid. It was consistent and it was doing good prints and there it all is with the 3d printers. I’ve just finished making myself a little Minecraft. Hammer, hybrid pickaxe. Well, actually, not really, it’s a going to be for holding up motherboards and stuff for doing B-roll shots. I’ll quickly show you some b-roll to illustrate what I mean, so 3d printing is ultimately it’s really cool. I’ll put the links in the description below for all three of these printers, which I am really impressed with. I’m happy with all three of them, and it’s really good for me. Having a contrast between this and that first printer that I had come in all those months ago, It was just honestly for a beginner. It was a real big pain. The FL sun as well. I mean, they might want to work on. Maybe checking their samples before they send them out for review because that bed error one. I mean, it’s just something that shouldn’t happen and then everything else on. It looked like it was going, okay. It looked like it did have a few little run-in issues, but it was finally starting to print, but then it comes back into this bed error, and then it’s I guess crapping itself, which I don’t want anyone to have that kind of experience, especially if it’s their first 3d printer. Anyhow, with that aside, I’m going to be printing out a few more of these, because if I do like, for instance, multiple motherboard reviews, I like to have them all standing up for the the product shots and with that. If you guys have any real cool recommendations for 3d products to print out, that’ll help around, especially around an office or something like that, I’d love to read your comments. The comment section below as well as your opinions and thoughts on 3d printers. I know there’s the crealty and also the prusa. They’re very popular models that have had a really good reputation behind them and still continue to sell really well, so I’ll put the links to those two printers in the description below as well if you wish to check them out, but basically fast forward a bit of time into the future now with 3d printers, I’ve now been properly introduced to this world, and it is a wonderful thing. I’m definitely going to be using my 3d printer a lot more going forward, and I hope you guys enjoyed this video. If you did then be sure to hit that, like button for us, and if you stayed this far and you’re enjoying that content, you may want to hit that sub button ring that bell to get the content as soon as it drops here at tech. Yeah, city with that aside. We do have the question of the day here, which comes from David C. Norris, and they ask PC market is overshadowing consoles question. Mark in what planet? Because I definitely want to go there and this is on Planet Earth where the Playstation 2 if we just look at some simple statistics, the Playstation 2 is the I think the best-selling console in all history, and that was back in 2000 that was released fast forward to 2020 I think the Playstation 4s sold 106 million the Xbox One has sold 50 million. So you’ve got the numbers there, pointing to the fact that console gaming, even though the world population has grown and GDP per person in the world has grown greatly since 2000 You’ve still got the console market. Although it’s massive, it hasn’t grown anywhere near as much as PC gaming, which since 2000 to 2020 has had I just pretty much say thunderous growth to the point where now in 2020 there is so much tournaments there’s so much growth in the actual PC gaming side where I have a lot of people who buy Pcs off me. Personally, they actually buy Pcs and they’re coming from console as opposed to people who are on PC. I’ve never really heard them going back to console, so there’s. The difference there. I think once you become a PC gamer. You tend to stick around for a while, but of course, do take this answer as a very biased one because I have been gaming on PC for over two decades now. And I’ve got a whole tech channel. That’s built up around it on Youtube here. Anyway, hope that answers that question, and I’ll catch you guys in another tech video. Very soon peace out for now bye, and it’s kind of funny. We don’t need the BGM today because the 3d printers have provided all this ambient noise, And for some reason I I I really like it. It’s weird, it’s kind of like the electronic version of going down the beach and listening to that beautiful, ambient noise peace out for now. Bye [Music]!

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