Best 3d Printer Under 400 | Cr 10 3d Printer First Impressions – Less Than $400?

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Cr 10 3d Printer First Impressions - Less Than $400?


It’s Joel, the 3d printing nerd. I’d have next to me. This is the CR 10 This is the Cree ality CR 10 3d printer. This was the one that was voted that I had to unbox and put together next on my channel. In here, it sits and all of its glory and next to it are some models that work sort of one that worked and one that is is a cat-tastrophe cat-tastrophe cat-tastrophe cat-tastrophe. Let’s start from the very beginning. I was contacted by Gearbest and asked if I could review the CR 10 3d printer, it’s a it’s. It’s got a good specs. I mean, it’s 300 by 300 by 400 on the Z. It’s running a it’s got a melody board running. Marlin, it’s got an MK 10 I think extruder on it. It’s it’s a Bowden setup. It runs one point, seven five millimeter filament and people like Preston over at press reset and Clayton over and Uncle Jesse. They both love this machine and call it one of the best. In fact, our sealife on just did a review, and he pointed at it excitedly in the thumbnail and said this is probably the best printer for the price. I was worried like that I. I needed to get that out of the box and get it out of the box I did. I’ve been recently streaming on my twitch channel Twitchtv slash Joel telling that’ll get you to my twitch channel, so I unboxed this and put it together. Live on my twitch channel. I went like this. The box itself was in very good condition. Once I got the Box open. The pieces itself were in like a dual stack and it was packed incredibly well in a bunch of foam inside was the the printer and the bits all of this stuff that you could get in this box. There is a micro. SD card here are some screws and connectors a spool holder, a US power cord, a potato flipper brackets. These are the T brackets for the z-axis. I think printed instructions a guarantee, a USB cable, a very small amount of filament. This is probably a part for these folder, all the tools. I could ever need a spare. Bowden Tube and something to clean your ears out with the printer itself the the z-axi’s, the gantry. Whatever you want to call it this this riser here wasn’t attached, so the bed and the base were in one piece and this was the other piece, and then the control box itself was the third piece. There’s these. T braces on either side that you can attach and and that one’s loose and then underneath there are two screws going into these extrusions to hold it in place. The bed itself is glass, and it came pre-taped with this masking tape. It had a bunch of bubbles in it, so, of course. I just took it off. I put some PVA glue stick for this guy and for these. I’ve been using a trial of magic Goo. Once it was out of the box. I used some paper and I leveled the nozzle and then I started my first print. The print looked like this and there’s there some controversy surrounding this model on the SD card for the CR Ten. A lot of people say that the cat is corrupt on the SD card. And so when I showed this off this, this headless. Kitty people said you need to go. Download the Kitty G code from the CR 10 Facebook group, which I’m a member of a lot of good people in that group. I thought no no, I don’t think so. I don’t think it’s corrupt because I was looking at the model and other than it’s missing. It’s head! Everything else on it looks great. So I think what happened, is I? Wasn’t leveled properly and the bubbles in the masking tape caused it to fail so to reduce the chances of another catastrophe. I put down some glue stick. I real! Evald the bed and I printed this. Kitty, and it is darn near perfect. I was using this PLA batch number 17 Effie, 25 Go figure this is the PLA that’s included with the machine and I was told it was crap, but it did produce in your perfect model from there. I thought I should do what Preston does and print the rocket because Rockets are fun prints. I printed this and spiral mode, so it’s just one perimeter thick the entire way through and it did present a problem. There are these bulges in thin wall areas and especially at the top It’s ribbed and I I remembered seeing Preston’s video where he talked about people thinking it was a single lead. Screw going up on the that carries this up but turned out to be the fan. The fan right here. Blowing on with such high speed would actually flex this plastic as it was printing, however. I did actually print it again. This isn’t in the quote, Unquote crap PLA! This is in some orb polymer. Pla that I had laying around and it’s better because I printed with no fan. The fan was set to zero. I’m still getting some bulges here in these thin walls that go straight up, and it still has a slight ribbing, which I’m not sure why that’s happening, of course. I’ve got that CR 10 Facebook group. I can post in, and I’m sure you guys will leave some comments down below for me to help me troubleshoot. So, what’s my plan for this printer? Well, it’s a large build volume and invariably people are going to say. Is this better than the G? Max, and that’s just not a question I can answer at this point. I do need to give this a lot more time. I have thousands of hours on the G max. I should do the same thing on this machine. The build area is smaller than the G Max. The price is also significantly smaller. I think thanks to gearbest for giving this to me. It’s listed on gearbest. I think it’s less than 4 hundred. Us dollars so right now. Here’s my plan for this printer. I’m going to use it a bunch. I’m going to print some small things. I’m going to print some large things. I’m going to try and figure out the problem with single perimeter prints. I’ve got fan and no fan, so I’ll try some other variations to the print to see what’s happening. I plan to print some pieces to put together. I’ll do I’ll do some few other prints, but there’s so many people out there using this machine right now. I’m also going to lean on their expertise and reference prints that they have done in order to complete my review of this. So let’s say you’ve seen all these other reviews. And you’re like Joel. I already want this printer. I’m glad you’re showing it to me, but you don’t need to talk anymore because I’m going to buy it. If you want to buy the printer and you want to support the channel and you want to get it through Gearbest the people that send it to me, You can go to 3d TN / CR 10 And that’ll take you to your best and I’ll put a code down in the description that gets it for a sale price right now. So 3 DPN / CR 10 and that will get it a gearbest. I will get a small box of Scooby Snacks as a thanks for referring someone to gearbest. If you don’t want to buy it from gearbest, it’s that’s fine with me. There’s already so much out there about this printer. There’s not really much more that I can answer in this first impressions video, but my my first impressions of it are really good. The glass plate is flat. It’s it gets up to a decent temperature in a decent amount of time. I had heard rumors that the plate will only go to 85 degrees. C, which is not hot enough to do a reliable. Abs print. However, our sealife on was able to get a very good ABS print out of a CR 10 by doing a DIY enclosure to keep the heat in. So I’ll make sure the build plate gets up to temperature. I’ll try some various materials in here from there, lets. Just call it good. I’m excited to actually have this out of the box right now, and I’m excited to have some use on it because a lot of people have been asking me questions about this printer, and I didn’t know the answers because I haven’t used it myself now that I’ve used it myself and I know how to turn it on. I can start printing some more things, and I can give you my honest to goodness unbiased opinion of this printer. Hey, thanks for watching. I really appreciate it. I hope to bring you a lot more of this stuff. I’ve switched to my my makerspace studio, and I hope to decorate behind me, so it’s not just a bunch of pipes and a old CV CNC part. Daddy, print a big Thanks to my patrons who support me? Patreon, calm and thanks to everybody who lets the ads play. That’s a giant part of the revenue. I can achieve on my channel. Finally, don’t forget to hug each other more. I love you guys as always. High-five goodnight.

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