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3d Printing A 24" Black Panther Statue W/ The Raise3d N2+ | 3d Printing


What’s going on, you guys? Today’s video? I’m gonna predict a huge black Panther or statue on my race 3d in two plus and giving you a little bit of information about this wonderful three friend, lets. Check it out! [MUSIC] All right, so here’s the finished print removed from the printer. All of the supports have been removed. This thing is 24 inches tall. That is so impressive so impressive for a 3d printer just to give you a little bit of a comparison. My original 3d printer that I started off with my maker Pod Mini just a few years ago who only could print a 4 by 4 by 5 I believe build space volume and the race. The peds he can print up to 24 inches tall. This thing is super impressive. This file was provided me by the art of said Atom, and he actually modeled this after Corey Smith, an illustration that Corey Smith had provided and posted online and its very animated characterized version of Black Panther. And I think it’s really really friggin cool. So he actually sent this over and I decided you know what this would be a great file to actually test out the entire build space that I can print with on the race, 3d and -, Plus I’ve had that printer now for about a few months, and I’ve been printing a whole bunch of different pieces for an upcoming project that I’ll be sharing with you guys here, Probably in the next few weeks or maybe even next week. I don’t know, all depends on how much further along I get with it, but I’m really loving. The printer and it’s got an amazing interface with it where it’s got a touchscreen. It’s got wireless technology built into it, so you can go be on your computer. Sending files directly to the printer and working with it directly from there to spool holders this the n2 plus can actually support two extruder, so you can do all the whole dual prints there, which is pretty cool. So if you want to do some really fancy inter mixing of colors on the actual print, there’s some really cool options available for you on that for this one. I just went with a straight zeal tech gray PLA that I had on hand. I had some extra left over from a project that I was working on and decided to print this out. It took. I think 67 hours to print on the raised 3d again. I’m pretty dang happy with how it turned out. There are some layer shifting issues about halfway up the print and a little towards the top where I’ve got a little bit of a layer line shift there if this was like a helmet or something like that. I wouldn’t really mind too much since I’d be able to sand it. Smooth this particular print. I’m just planning on leaving as a display piece. I’m not gonna paint it or anything like that and just leave it as is. I think it’s really cool, as is one other thing that I ended up doing with this print that I’m not familiar. With is I ended up taking this into mesh mixer and applying a smoothing function to it since I scaled this file up drastically to print on the race 3d I needed to smooth out some of the pieces and thankfully maker’s Muse had a video explaining how to use the smoothing function in mesh mixer, so I’ll include a link down below to makers newschannel into that specific video. If you’re ever interested in, are they’re printing this super large or just in general smoothing out or needing to smooth out some of the files that you’re working with. Some of the details were lost a little bit in terms of the face or around the body, but again. I think overall for what I’m intending on using the score is just a really cool background display piece. I think it’s really really pretty cool Also. Just to give you guys some comparison of how this Black Panther print stacks up against maybe the Hulk print statue print that I did not too long ago. They are similar in height, but the black panther statue actually beats it out by about an inch or so, and this again was printed and a whole bunch of different pieces. I believe on the CR 10 and hour. Maybe the CR 10 mini and CR 10 and again this was printed all in one piece so super impressive. I should also mention that they. This was printed at three three millimeter layer, height and five percent infill as well, so I could have gotten a little bit better detail, potentially out of the print If I would have decided to let it print for maybe five or six days versus the four or so that I had it prints for this particular project again, absolutely loving this. I’ll have links down below to set Adam’s Facebook page as well as his Gumtree account where you can actually purchase this pile along with some other files of his that he is selling so again. Thank you to set a Dom For providing the actual file. I should mention as well that there are a few different poses that come with this. If you end up purchasing it as well as there is an optional base that you can print with the statue that I did not know for. I just went for the standard standalone here of him standing solo for this particular project, but again, a huge fan of the movie Black Panther absolutely loved it. You can anticipate. I will have at least two more videos around Black Panther projects that I’m working on very excited to share those with you. I just want to say thanks again to the folks over at Rays 3d for sending that over, You can anticipate a full review of the unit and the upcoming weeks, as well as a should be hopefully sharing a look at that larger project that works, which I will hopefully have everything finished printed and printing and actually starting some of the finishing work on that over the next few weeks, I might end up making those into a series of videos. We’ll see. I just want to say. Thanks again for watching you guys if you have an. Ari, make sure to. Like and subscribe, let me know down in the comments. What you think of this massive print and what I should do with it? It’s actually a little too large for me to even stick up here. All you’re gonna see is legs if I have them sitting up there. It’s too big to fit down here. I might end up just having this guy. Sit on my desk in my office. To be honest. Hey, thanks again for watching you guys and. I’ll see you next time. Bye now! Hey, that I mentioned. If you like this video, you can head down below. There’s a link where you can buy me a coffee and help support the channel. Pretty cool concept, right also. I have a patreon if you’re interested in taking part in that and joining it in the Patreon Club and hell again helping support the channel on a more monthly regular basis. Those sort of things thanks, guys.

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