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3d Printed Bendy! - Bendy And The Ink Machine


Hey, guys, welcome back to chaos. Core tech. My name is Gary And today we are gonna be creating bendy from the video game bendy in the ink machine so over the past few months. I’ve been getting quite a few requests to do bendy and the wonderful folks over there at polisher. Asked if we could create a model to send to them that they could use as shows and stuff like that to help demonstrate what the polisher can do so. I figured bendy would be the perfect subject for that type of model. So for this type of model. I think Zbrush is gonna work great. So without further ado, let’s jump into Zbrush [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause]. Okay, so I am done with the model. We are going to get it printing in just a second. I think we’re gonna print on the Robo art, too, because we’re kind of testing some things out on that printer, but I did want to talk briefly about some of the techniques I use when modeling it, so I mostly use primitive shapes and dynamesh to get most of the body there like I used a sphere for the main body, just kind of pulled it out. I use cylinders for the legs in the arms and then just started kind of pushing and pulling to shape those Dinah meshing as I go to make sure that the polygons were evenly spread out. Then when it came to the hands, I created those using Z spheres, just because that was a really really easy way to get the bends in the fingers and just get them all positioned before I turn them into an actual mesh and sculpt it on them. The face was mostly created by using a sphere and then a bunch of different, primitive objects thrown at it, using the new Boolean features in ZBrush for our 8 So that’s how I got like the notch out of the top of the head. The little triangle shaped notch in the eyes and all of the slots for the teeth. Those were pretty much. Just all boolean doubt. Those boolean features are amazingly helpful so once. I had the model completed. All I did was Boolean – the whole thing together, so it was one solid mesh. I used the Decimation master just to make sure that the Polygon count wasn’t too high. Then I exported out of Zbrush, sliced it up in simplified 3d so let’s get It Printing [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music]. All right, well! Here you have bendy. He was 3d printed on the Robo r2 and then polished in the polisher, and then Chelsey painted him up to make him look all nice and then at his side, we have a Kirby and a bomb. These guys were given similar treatment and all three of these will actually be going to the Polisher team and they will be putting these on display at their shows at conventions. So if you are at a convention and you see Poli maker, they’re showing off some other polisher models. You might see these guys and something that’s kind of cool about. Bo bomb and Kirby is that they’re not fully painted. This one right here. The black is actually just the filament. It was not painted so it wasn’t primed or anything like that. It was just printed and then polished, so Chelsey painted on the feet, the eyes and the little top here, and of course, the stuff on the back there. But the black is completely unpainted, just straight out of the polisher, and then for Kirby, the feet were actually printed. This was red poly, smooth and Chelsey just mashed that off. I believe using liquid latex primed the rest of it painted the necessary colors and then was able to peel off the liquid latex and leave that completely unpainted, so just like Pavan. The red feet are completely unpainted filament. So I thought that was pretty cool and goes to show you. How good things can look coming off the polisher. All right, guys, well here. You have the finished bendy Now. Of course, when I modeled it, I went for the cartoon. Illustrated version of bendy and not the monster form. I thought this one would come out Just a little bit better and look a little bit cleaner from the polisher. And besides, I just kind of like how unsettling he is, because at first glance, he just kind of looks like one of those old-timey cartoon characters, but at second glance, he just seems a little bit unsettling, and I really think it’s his hands. They’re just posed in a very creepy way, and I kind of like it. Alright, guys, well. I hope you enjoyed this video. I hope you found it a little bit useful. If you did make sure you hit that like button, get subscribed down below. Put out new videos every week and you can see other cool things like this that we’ve created. And then if you are interested in the Polisher, I will also put a link up in the I on the corner to my review video for the Polisher, showing off some of the prints and kind of what’s capable in the polisher. It’s a pretty interesting machine, and we’ve been using it quite a bit, so it’s worth checking out. Alright, guys! Well, that’s it for me. Thank you again for watching, and until next time, keep creating.

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