Battlefleet Gothic 3d Models | Free 3d Printed Tyranid Hive Fleet For Battle Fleet Gothic! ( Speed Painting )


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Free 3d Printed Tyranid Hive Fleet For Battle Fleet Gothic! ( Speed Painting )


Hey, guys, west with DND tonightcom. And today we’re gonna do something a little bit different. I’m working on a tyranid high fleet for Battlefleet Gothic. Now me and my partner have actually gotten really into Gothic over the last couple of weeks and the only fleet that we didn’t have was the tyranids and upon looking at their models on ebay and stuff. Um, they didn’t. They didn’t really age very well. Uh, so we’re going to use our 3d printer and using a couple files we found on thingiverse from a user called Bulldog UK. We’re going to print up a really really cool looking high fleet, and I’m going to show you how to paint them using just a couple of colors. We’re going to speed paint this. Honestly, the whole thing probably took me about hour and a half two hours tops. Stay tuned! [MUSIC] So [Music]! If you like the models that you see here today, you can check out Bulldog Uk’s profile and thingiverse. That’s where I found all of these hive ships and they came out awesome. He even has a bunch of pre-supported files as well. So the first thing that we’re going to do here is go over the entire model with pallet witch flesh. Now in the video, I’m just spraying the areas that I know I want to have that nice. White tyranid flesh color. I’m kind of avoiding the areas that we’re going to do purple later. All the carapace and stuff, and that’s just really to save paint. If you want to keep it simple, it’s not going to hurt it. You can just do a whole base coat. Uh, in the palette, which flash? And I’m using an airbrush here and I’m doing a couple of them with a brush. It’s just a base coat. You don’t really need precision tools for this. [MUSIC] [Music] so so [Music] [Music] so so [Music] so [Music]! The next color that we’re going to put down is actually an optional one. We’re going to take Drewchy Violet, and we’re going to mix it with a little bit of Lamia media. And that way we can kind of set up where we’re going to go into the Caribbean. Crimson Wash later. It’s going to add a little bit of a color variation now. I thinned it down with the lamian media because I didn’t want it to be too overpowering. I just kind of wanted like a subtle little transition area for where we’re going to put down a red wash later. The Purple and red actually mix really, really well together. Just be subtle with this and mostly focus it in the crevices and don’t try to wash too much because we want to preserve that nice white color from before [Music] so [Music] [Music] after that I’m moving on to the carapace and for that, we’re going to use a nice, dark purple color. I’m using nagarath night here, But any dark purple will do and painting over a white primer with a dark color like this. It’s going to require a couple of coats. [MUSIC] Once that’s done, we’re going to move back to our washes, so grab Caribou crimson, and we’re going to focus this in all of the recesses. I’m kind of avoiding the higher areas, and I just kind of want to tint the flesh all over with this. Now, I’m using an undiluted, and that’s because I really want to be strong here and don’t worry if you mess up a little bit, and you get it on some of those higher ridges, we’re going to come back in with that pallet, which flash a little bit later and we’re going to clean up all the little mistakes that we made. [MUSIC] DO [Music] [Music] [Music] do [Music] [Music] give it a little bit of time to dry between coats, but you can go back in on the mouth and the tentacles and add a second or even a third layer of caribou, crimson as well to really kind of differentiate the red tones. Additionally, on the tentacles, I like to add a second layer of caribou crimson near the base that way it kind of looks a little bit darker where they’re coming out of its mouth or out of the backside. [MUSIC] Like I mentioned previously, we’re going to go back to our flesh color that palette, which flash and we’re going to go back in and just kind of hit the high points of the model anywhere that we spilled over a little too much of the wash. This is where we’re going to go ahead and correct those mistakes. [MUSIC] Next we’ve got a quick and easy step. We’re going to use your Sharpie bone to hit all the teeth [Music] [Music] after that we’re going to highlight the carapace, I’m using game color blue violet here, but you can use any light, purple color. You want just something that contrasts well with the nagarath knight from before Jean Steeler purple is a pretty good one from games workshop, but this is the one I had on hand. So this is the one I’m using so for these smaller ships. I didn’t really bother going too in depth with them. I just did a nice small line because they’re pretty tiny. But on the larger ships, we’re going to kind of do a hatching pattern here and just kind of scratch downwards. Uh, as you go along the carapace, it’ll leave a bunch of little lines like this. That look really cool. So [Music] do [Music] so [Music] we’re just about done with these, but the last thing we’re going to do is grab some gloss varnish or our coat from ceradel if you have that on hand and we’re going to hit the mouth and the tentacles to give them a nice, wet look [Music] so [Music] and with that last step, the hive fleet is complete now. I had a ton of fun painting. These and I was really impressed with the model quality on these things and the pre-supported files work like a charm, so don’t forget to check out Bulldog Uk’s profile where you can find these and a couple of other, really cool things that they’ve made, and don’t forget to like, share and subscribe. We’re just starting out and it really helps this channel grow. If there’s anything you want to see painted or anything that you think that we should be focusing on? Just let me know in the comments, and I promise I’ll get some really cool stuff coming very soon. Don’t forget to check out Dndtonitecom. That’s the website that we run where we host our podcast and all these cool videos that were making here on Youtube along with a lot of other really neat stuff so again. Thank you so much for sticking through with this and happy wargaming.

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